Performance evaluation of a v-groove solar air collector For drying maize (zea-mays) in lraq

Abstract in English: 
In this work a solar drying system was constructed, consisting of three parts (solar collector, drying cabinet, and air blower). Solar collector having V-corrugated absorption plate of two air passes, a single glass cover was used. The total area of the collectors is 2.04 m². The dimension of the drying cabinet are 1.06) x0.66x0.56 m) (width, depth, and height) restively. 38 kg of corn were dried, the moisture content was reduced from 21 to13% within four hours drying .The drying air temperatures at the inlet of the dryer were found in the range of (35-45 ºC.). The drying rate is reduced with the decrease of moisture content, Efficiency of the collector is very much dependant on air flow rate .
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