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Kitab Al Sawa’if (Al-Mostakhraj) by: Mohammad bin Aa’id Al- Dimashqi

Title in English: 
Kitab Al Sawa’if (Al-Mostakhraj) by: Mohammad bin Aa’id Al- Dimashqi
Abstract in English: 
The paper is concerned with extracting scattered narration from the encyclopedic work of ibn Asaker (d. 571 A.H.), The History of Damascus. According to Ibn Asaker these narration is attributed to Moharnrnad Ibn A’th al-Damaski (d. 233 A.H.), who wrote a nonextant book called ALSoua/ 1, (Summer and Winter Campaigns on Byzantine and Armenia). The scattered stories have been collected, matched with each other and historically arranged in order to form a coherent work. It is also introduced with a study about the missing book. The important of this study lies in its attempt to reconstruct the original work, which is still missing, especially when literatures about these kind of Muslim campaigns are rare. Moreover, these narrations are unmatched in the other sources, since they contain detailed stories and depend on eyewitness accounts close to the events.
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