Welcome to Klog Chat, a series where we ask you to tell us how you do skin care and beauty. The reason for this is that you want to let the Retin-A penetrate for as long as possible before diluting its … If you apply it in the evening you do not need to moisturize at all, just use the Retin A and be done with it. The difference between the two is that moisturizer before will block/slow some of the absorption into the skin as you have created an additional layer on your skin that tretinoin … Put them on dry areas after creams — as a rule, oils can penetrate moisturizers, but not vice versa. Your skin is more prone to burn and will be sensitive. Apply tretinoin, gently massaging into skin. If you cannot avoid exposure to the sun, use a light sunscreen of SPF 15. But if your face is really dry, rubbing in Differin (at least the gel) seemed to cause more flaking when I used it that way. (Yes, guys, this applies to you, too.) Retin-A needs to be applied to clean, dry skin only. Also, you just can’t use any moisturizer you have on hand. If you wear a sunscreen, you do not usually need to put on a moisturizer. Since your skin is clean now, you only need to apply about half of what you normally do. If the moisturizer is oil-free, put it on before the oil. If flaking occurs during the day, use a washcloth to remove it and apply more moisturizer, or just apply moisturizer. Wait about 1 minute then apply moisturizer (if it's your daytime moisturizer, make sure it has sunscreen contained within it. Yes avoid using tretinoin two weeks prior to getting anything waxed. Stop using Hydroquinone 2 days prior to procedure. So now you know; you can apply your topicals before or after you moisturize and it won’t make any difference. Yes she is right, Moisturizer should be applied first, then leave for 20 minutes & tretinoin last. If your results are less then stellar try differin first then moisturizer. As mentioned above, the nutrients in the gel are often not able to penetrate skin that’s been saturated with a thick, heavy moisturizer, especially if the cream, oil or serum isn’t water-based. The sunscreen usually features a moisturizing base, which can provide all the moisture your skin needs. Although sometimes I put a soothing moisturizer around my mouth, either before or after, to prevent irritation from the tretinoin creeping towards my mouth. Wait 20 to 30 minutes before applying this medicine to make sure the skin is completely dry. A few things to consider: As mentioned above, up to half of the moisturizer you apply is absorbed by the flakes of dead skin. Choosing a moisturizer that is oil-free and noncomedogenic will help prevent new blocked pores, and one that is fragrance-free and made for sensitive skin will be more soothing to … If you must use makeup, mineral-based ones are preferred. Before I went back on retinoids, I did a lot of research. I hope this answers your question, “Do you apply SPF before or after moisturizer?” Now that you know the answer, adjust your skincare routine as needed for better skin. Weak acid the day before tretinoin. This will seal the deal and shield your face from the sun effectively. My regime has me using a toner type product first, then eye cream then the retinol product, no other moisturizer. In the morning wash your face with … However, for best results, wait one hour in between if possible. I say if it's working this way, to continue to put it on after the moisturizer. “If you are using a cream-based or lotion-based sunscreen, which most people do, you want to put that on after your moisturizer,” Isaac said. Do not scrub your face with a sponge or washcloth. Press the oil … Just wait a while after you do to put on the differin I'd recommend if you insist on the Witch Hazel that you don't use it on the same nights as the Retin-A. Hydroquinone 4%: This cream/medication should be applied twice daily after cleansing. OK, but seriously, should you put on your SPF before or after moisturizer? nothing to be applied after you apply retinoids. Learn more: The Best Skin Care and Face Wash Routine for Acne Prone and Oily Skin Use a mild cleanser. In fact her suggestion was wash face + moisturize with Sebamed Clear Face Gel at 8 pm & then apply tretinoin at bed time. Then pat dry (don't rub). You can put the oil before the moisturizer, or the oil after the moisturizer – whichever way you find works better in terms of how well they absorb. You can put moisturizer afterwards if you wish. Some doctors say to wait 30 minutes after your retinoid to put moisturizer on, others say wash your face, apply moisturizer, wait 30 minutes & then apply a pea size amount to whole face. Tretinoin is usually applied to the skin once a day at bedtime to clean, dry skin.
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