Therefore, I recommend you to start conducting daily & weekly meetings in your organization. Example: If you're preparing a SOP template for employee onboarding then you can use this template to create checklists for each new employee. What's the best thing(s) you like about [your company name]? Focus on continuous improvement. May be because that helps them to look more corporate. When does a team win?. Isn't it frustrating?. 1. Each of these tasks can be divided in sub-tasks. She's smiling less & trying to avoid people. What makes staff members happy is going to vary from person to person and a manager or company owner is often going to be left wondering how to motivate staff. Employees prefer companies that not only pay & treat them well but also enhance their subject skills. #socialmedia power users are more productive at work—but finding balance is still crucial. Meaning, the outcome of the meetings should result in creating & assigning tasks in the Wrike app. You want your employees to do more in less time, don't you?. When not writing on Bizain or running his businesses, Vishal likes to travel & explore places. If your people are happy with your company, they'll most likely give their best performance. If you celebrate the success of a particular employee & denounce a failed employee, then in fact you're doing more harm by reducing the morale of a failed employee further. They're supposed to help us communicate better. No, I'm not going to talk about their food. When Training Your Restaurant Staff … Imagine yourself working on a key project & suddenly an email lands in your inbox asking for a document. Yes, they taste good. What signal will that send to Y?. That's where you need to tweak your delegation process. Whatever stage you’re at in dealing with an employee’s poor performance, one-on-one meetings are vital to their improvement. All you need to do is create & assign tasks like venue, speakers, tickets, catering, advertising, sound & lighting, etc. Example: Instead of setting a sales target of $100K  a month, simply make sure that your team is visiting or cold calling at least 20 clients or probable clients a day. 5 Ways to Motivate Staff to Increase Productivity. It's not easy to motivate & influence employees to do better. Hire Talent to Build a Perfect Team Communication is a two-way street. No, you don't need to fire people for this. We need to work on it. Improving the level of productivity can only be done by improving the quality of work. 2. the right performance measures, and as a result design better employment contracts and improve productivity, policymakers and managers need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the available metrics. Only becomes payable when an employee does well (no commitment), Helps employee to do their work accurately, Keeps the employee updated with the latest developments in their subject fields, Motivates employees to do more for the company, Allows employees to innovate & bring new ideas, Helps companies to attract & retain best talent, Inform all employees that strict actions will be taken against those who're found to be a part of workplace politics, Ask employees(through feedback form we discussed at point #11) if they feel they're being targeted by a cartel of employees, Appraisal reports should be thoroughly checked & verified, Conduct an interview with all outgoing employees. Recent studies on how to improve staff performance and productivity have found that employee wellbeing is a key contributor toward productivity, not just for the employees, but for those around them too. Imagine a workplace where everybody knows what tasks to complete & by when. Example: You checked records & found that one of your employees, despite having 21 days paid-leave credits, hasn't taken a leave since the past 6 months. Give it a try! Example: If your present internal control system for sales is: Sales order created by sales executive > Sales order approved by sales manager > Invoice raised by accounts executive > Invoice approved by accounts manager. But, here in this post, I want you to focus on their SOPs. Effective communication is a practice that makes you certain about things at work, learn new and improved ways to achieve better results, and finally, improve overall work performance. That'll help the CFO avoid micro-managing the cash flow & at the same time allow the team to focus on their work. In long-term, these little breaks will help improve the staff performance by avoiding burnout. Stress is two dimensional. Here are 8 strategies to improve team performance before it’s too late. However, there's a big demerit of an internal control system – It eats up time & affects productivity directly. Related: How To Stop Employee Theft and Fraud; How To Hire Employees (10-Points Checklist) What do you think of the aforesaid tips to improve staff performance & productivity… Following are 7 practical suggestions - steps management can take to improve productivity by putting employees in a more productive mindset. Isn't it? 1. Step 3: Create the task by entering details like title, description, assignee (employee who'll be executing the task), due date, approvers, sub-tasks & dependency (other tasks depending on this task). You can also check the tasks assigned to you by clicking on the 'My To-Do' link on the home page. Multiple management tiers often delay communication flow & disrupt the movement of critical information. Most of the times, assigning happens orally or even over phone. Although meetings have a bad reputation in terms of performance, you definitely need them to share information … Yes, this kind of training can also be given to your existing employees. They're nothing but procedures documented for each activity of your business. Yes, that results in wastage of your precious time. Don’t let meetings ruin your productivity. Anything over & beyond that should be eliminated right away. Employers have to implement wide spread changes in their setup to improve the productivity of their work force. A sad state-of-affairs indeed. Keep an open mind without jumping to conclusions. Therefore, you need to balance internal control with productivity. In fact, as per a stat, more than 23% of the employees reported to be feeling burned out regularly during work. In my company, there's no place for individual or group targets. I hate targets. And, the worst part?. Some can handle work well but not their emotions. That's it. You can’t fix it without knowing what to fix. Many companies fancy a complex management structure. Everything done & dusted. Therefore, I suggest you to replace criticism with encouragement. She marks the task as complete. Change your onboarding process in Process Street/Wrike & you'll see a difference in the coming months. Just like how they've in schools. As per a statistic, only 14% of the employees feel that performance reviews inspire them to do better.
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