T. Y. Commerce provides you all type of quantitative and competitive aptitude mcq questions with easy and logical explanations. H�tUKo�@��W� y%�ڗ�� �j!Q��Qy�$��%MZ���fv��@\��y�|�l�u6�aYk�^ ���Z]陏�ף�W�K����K�m�tz��ӪH��x�g�5}���-y����^ѱd�)wy�I���\��l�EB��c '�~�w"��jBY!��I �r�����l���߆O��M�RPV �*K��4%h�E��Ij�Lh�'c]��Z�P�(��7��Y��h�M���@�.�@�ԋs�>q-�G)�PD0|*�r:]NRS����j o8Q�b` �C֍����Ȟӭ������y��~ИABI���������T��%4���x�"W�w��D*x�_f@ϰP��,�O� �'fި6τ#�������Q1&��f�L�Z��a�n�7Cՙ�� [EG��1��c��S�;F��~m�]��u�f��3��Qڷ�E�$H�fh��MGkC�,� 8]kg��E�|���J�L�֧�\%‚};�w�l:ߞ1I�������|�J�u�2�!00I�l���#�"�8 z�y* 0c�.aN�f�L���3^4CY��0��>��q�?>RmW��'x����m}�`��"�n`��m"St�"�����������YkI�6+ѩ�T�(Z�GI��f)! 0000007677 00000 n It lays down the framework definingfundamental political Multiple Choice Question (ID MCQ-0106) The Assessing Officer has detected undisclosed foreign income of Rs. Other files by the user. �A�!_l���w���~;��#(4�THd`5��%�0 uC� It is an indirect tax and collected from manufactures. endstream endobj 209 0 obj <>stream Gains C. Income D. Spending 2. Who is the administrator… Download Indirect TAX MCQ Question Answer PDF « And All Theory papers across all levels of CA, CS, and CMA is available Only On Zeroinfy.in Description Download Direct Tax Mcq Comments. x�b```"OV ��A�X��,���������W��r�����������]�UB�Bg��z��Z�=�`yɷ�_��`�W>!���}�K���x�N L`�ȷV�I�{�g�H!fM�b�R��B�Do۳-_���j�ڻk��Z�jU���֮�~w�Q\�'����y����:�X�B��9P�cK7��JGlR%�{��^Ȥ�V�'9�q>V��㼠pN� 0000010902 00000 n 0000001927 00000 n DOWNLOAD PDF . We have provided National Income Accounting Class 12 Economics MCQs Questions with Answers to help students understand the concept very well. Free delivery on qualified orders. For the proper implementation of excise duty, Central Excise Duty Act, 1944 and central Excise Tariff Ac, 1985 are applicable which is also known as CEAT. endstream endobj 207 0 obj <>stream C. 4. 194 0 obj <> endobj Read Direct Tax MCQ Old and New Syllabus Latest Edition CA Final By Vinod Gupta VG learning Applicable May 2019 Exam book reviews & author details and more at Amazon.in. ... UK direct taxes are progressive while indirect taxes are regressive. Submit Close. J�LD� q7�H�)`�x���E#�F�?� ]�����b9p�Hg�g�à•!.`�@�����Q�'Dt��A�]���������]�p %PDF-1.4 %���� 0 Study Material will be provided. Download Income Tax MCQs Book for CA Inter November 2020 Exams. GST (Goods and Service Tax) is important for exams like CA, CS, CMA, CPA, CFA, UPSC, NET, Banking and other taxation department exam. on 28 May 2019. Which of the following taxes will be levied on imports ? D) None of these 55. %%EOF a) CGST b) SGST c) IGST d) None of the above 2. 0000003401 00000 n H�tTMo�0��W�(� ɖ-�����K���$N�!u��h��G��G�! Question No : 33 The claim for refund of excess Service Tax paid has to be made within _______________ from the date of payment of excess tax. 0000009435 00000 n Embed. Explanation are given for understanding. Indirect Tax Laws study material includes indirect tax laws notes, indirect tax laws book, courses, case study, syllabus, question paper, MCQ, questions and answers and available in indirect tax laws pdf form. D. 5. endstream endobj 208 0 obj <>stream Multiple choice questions Try the following multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of this chapter. Basic Concepts Of Indirect Taxes ICAI Knowledge Gateway. startxref A. Answer & Solution Discuss … ��R�Ӭ����=O�:� ��+:�$ٳ!Pb���"4&�}��;�Mݪ��x�)�y�֒�S��Ҍ��e���J�;��8�0�n�!_#��c��@&�4�h�� �h��[�P"I�a�5���v@�~-Y���H�ym8�KY8�&� ��׆s6��P�Tq�hД�@%@�� �hl:}��f�`k�MMn�HJb���1R8 fWF;?,����r؀'2T���CV�� b$h�{�;���j_�q����5c3�,yJ�iC������+���+ZK��l�#�V�� /����LT�IX�������r;:y���$ (��������D����Qf��m9���z����؋��Z��\�&2+�0�E5�.G��>?�ǸХ�,�ܫ�ۙ-�o�x�L�ҫy)���f��(�=�~� $�fb Here are some of the types of indirect taxes. Free download in PDF Income Tax General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers. CA Final Indirect Tax MCQs of individual chapters is available for Nov 19. 0000000016 00000 n GST Questions & Answers PDF For Intermediate ASK GST Questions:-The number of CA Students are aware that indirect taxation has been changed as GST (Goods and Service Tax).Most of the students who are searching for the latest CA Inter or Intermediate Question bank For May and November 2020 Attempt can download all the Question and Answers. SYLLABUS T Y B COM RELATED APPLIED COMPONENT GROUP. 7�SZk���2X@��_�� � *�%�m�T�$$Cڐ��u��)��%~��Į� .�L�[K�@�ܺ�m Indirect TAX MCQ Question with Answer | PDF Download ... Tax Manager Interview Questions 1. 0000001618 00000 n �lh ȗP��C��mj�o� &�A�� ��DA� " �X#`X[��(Rd��� %A��P$�QH�Q���(��3�����w���"��@M0���&w00 Reason. Indirect TAX MCQ Question with Answer Indirect TAX MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS OF TAXATION Constitution of India is the supreme law of India. B. Our test package consists of 20 Tests which covers every topic of the Indirect Tax Laws examination.Each Practice Test contains 100 MCQ's. B) At least one of the basic conditions. H�|TMo�0��W�( ��oKעŀ^:`��=��ӺH��N������+0� �"����Mߘ�e�XЎ�(md2���f�\�M�1��� 3�I8 B�,��TZ9�o�Rd���g?Dk���BGi�(t�Q(��U��m��RT|����s᜴|#Z��E�`ws���Y8���G����؜��b[�&�ćE�OB��q#L�b�����\��\�̵Q:{!�! Nov 27, 2017 - Indirect TAX MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. These Income Tax GK Quiz or General Awareness quiz objective questions answers are very helpful for competitive exams BBA, MBA, PGDBM etc. Amazon.in - Buy Direct Tax MCQ Old and New Syllabus Latest Edition CA Final By Vinod Gupta VG learning Applicable May 2019 Exam book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 12 Economics Chapter 8 National Income Accounting with Answers Pdf free download. Close. Multiple Choice Question (ID MCQ-0105) Under the BM Act, the rate of exchange to be adopted for conversion purposes will be the rate specified by. 0000005153 00000 n Which of the following activity is outside the scope of supply and not taxable under GST ? d 27 GST is charged on----- of goods or services Manufacture or provision Consumption Supply Demand c 28 Supply of services Imported into the territory if India are treated as----- Inter state … 0000004261 00000 n CA Inter/IPCC Taxation Free Notes by Top Faculties like CA Vishal Bhattad, CA Suraj Agarwal, etc..The course is Available on both Pendrive and Google Drive. Indirect tax is a type of tax collected by the government from an intermediary such as manufacturer or retailer. E. 6. 6,60,000 paid to Mr. A for its office building. xref E. Arrear rent is taxable after deducting 30% as per Section 25B of the Income-tax Act, 1961. 216 0 obj <>stream This tax was first imposed on the manufacturing of cotton yarn in 1894. h�[��[DyZ��]ݖ��m9��TEI��ؿ����鵰�@k!6,�ۗ� ����W�YL�� O�I�o\ �Nv���q�u�9���v��@���Zw�m,[����D�-�����vǒ9'�=�+g\�5,Q�x�bu*�J����#� E��i Central Government CBDT . 0000003906 00000 n Question No : 35 In India service tax had been levied on the recomendation of, Competitive Exam India | Copyright @2017-2018 | About Us | Contact Us, Hosting partner DigitalOcean - Click here to get $10 joining bonus, DigitalOcean - Click here to get $10 joining bonus. Once you have answered the questions, click on 'Submit Answers for Grading' to get your results. 26 Indirect Tax is a----- Regressive Progressive tax Tax on tax Value added tax. �����Al�X��0$A�3م 6i�G"�ij���d� ���̆������t��1ט��Y�T����C����mu]�}���vd����$�oN����e�\�5�����$+c��v�����5�}Ss�m�شF8¶�|O�+����ev�>ͦl��\Q����U����������E��G� �ee Next Next post: (PDF) CA Inter GST MCQs Book. Direct TAX MCQ Question with Answer Direct TAX MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Close. 0000032999 00000 n GST MCQ's for CA Final Indirect Taxes You can reach me on TSHIVATEJA@GMAIL.COM #pdf As we know GST is introduced newly in this … RBI. Question No : 29 In relation to central Excise, under Physical Control System, goods can be removed on any day, at any time. INDIRECT TAXES National Institute Of Open Schooling. Previous Previous post: (PDF) CA Inter Audit MCQs. Explanation are given for understanding. 0000006759 00000 n 0000002835 00000 n Indirect taxes are payable even before the goods/ services reach the tax payer. An indirect tax is charged on _____: A. How many types of taxes will be in Indian GST? Get other subjects MCQs and other resources of top faculties on Zeroinfy. Your name. 0000041681 00000 n 0000000756 00000 n Explanation are given for understanding. H�\TMs;���Q�j�F��J� �L(^xS ���"Y����ӣ�:�JUV���7���q*E���Y�U�"�ԫ�M�ቚ��lN�_ݸ�^R�ww�n)�p(W�E�l��^���q�H/r�%��_9ST9[Jj���j�A᫦��9�|�QV�����$��8=�� �����zk��]��z�m��ǯ%����I�b|�� �j ��T�X)_y�X��}���X4�>�6��F�=��(��^=7���x�^���Y�P�t6j�Wg3��zr:��a�g/ �x}~$Ɠ3"Y����G�þ4mDek����T���ڡ>��� �Ϝ)���v�@�9��aȃ�O"���P��5D�)r���A�)�A�2b��E`����>�3f�ƴ���rUG5�U���8~v́�s��x��v.�s�59�aˢ��˼�M�S��G�!��w��[؁V��� ����� L���M5�~`�z5�k螁��ǯw�-{�h�v/�%��+xɫ��s�� 6��x���]�Z����x���j���"`�����������n��$~�I%�ǃVm֟�"/�bWM��;��J�ͦZ'�)��sC�~-�9v�oo�� �mAgk�Ѡ�S�y�\�� ��f� Explanation are given for understanding. P Ltd. has a contract with X Ltd. to provide book keeping services to Q Ltd. Q Ltd. is a subsidiary of P Ltd. Indirect taxes India PDF Download – Economics. Indirect TAX MCQ Question with Answer Indirect TAX MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. TYBCOM SEM 5 Direct Amp Indirect Tax MCQ With Ans TYBCOM. 0000001533 00000 n Description: very important theory questions for income tax for may 2019 #pdf Submitted By: aum abhyankar. 2. 3. Question No : 30 In case of non-payment of excise duty, interest is to be paid @ ____________on the amount of unpaid duty, or, _________ per day, whichever is higher. Need any support from our end during the preparation of The French Revolution Class 9 MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers then leave your comments below. Download Direct TAX MCQ Question Answer PDF Open the link for more details. Share. Report "Direct Tax Mcq" Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Said rent is — BangarsEdu.com is proud to share with our beloved students the launching of Online Test Series - MCQ's for CA Final and CA Intermediate and Other Professional Courses. Income received in India is taxable in the hands of..... A) Resident only. trailer 3 crores earned during the year ended 31-3-2017. These MCQs are beneficial for upcoming attempts. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) CA Final Fast Track Courses Collection Item added to cart. endstream endobj 195 0 obj <> endobj 196 0 obj <> endobj 197 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 198 0 obj <> endobj 199 0 obj <> endobj 200 0 obj <> endobj 201 0 obj <> endobj 202 0 obj <> endobj 203 0 obj <> endobj 204 0 obj <> endobj 205 0 obj <>stream View cart and check out. Post navigation. CA Inter MCQs and Case Scenarios Booklet. Question No : 34 A SSI unit opting for non-CENVAT facility has to pay duty after crossing turnover of ____________ at full rate of tariff duty. Mcqs Five Year Plans Natinal Income Banking Committees Cooperative System Countries-Currency Development Programmes Fiscal Policy Foreign Trade Indicators Agriculture Minerals Industry Capital Market Population Poverty-Unemployment Statutory Bodies Taxation Miscellaneous 0000010341 00000 n R�fK8MG�����t���t�6=G�Y@�t�w4i�Og���0'�uT�av,0X\TyFE��*q��8���6JJ���1���3>�4�O�e>z�(��gձ��֓$��^��W�/0/��X��P�1Ɖ�Xl��}t� 0000008526 00000 n B. COM. Recipient [Section 2(93)] 1. : SEM-VI) CHAPTER - 2 : DEFINITIONS [S. 2] MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS A. <<24D8A4FDE9706047903A11E7F68FCDA2>]>> endstream endobj 206 0 obj <>stream Standard theory of the optimal mix of direct and indirect taxation implicitly assumes that compliance is not influenced by the framing of the taxes. Indirect taxes have in built safeguards aga inst tax evasion. CA Intermediate GST (Indirect Tax) MCQ Applicable for both CA Intermediate and CA IPCC (Old & New Syllabus).There are 20 questions in each slot. The indirect taxes are paid The indirect taxes are paid by customers, and the sellers have to collect it and remit it to the Government. @$?�����[aDiu�j+�/�6�b�¦���ߋ��^*t'W�t���Re�;]�Uk/���q��ma�Ue���ŸQu dsq�ڦ�| X&���W��%�k�)U�`h`��l���D�̄���:'�C�i �˼��z�,޺,K�d1�;�R�"zEq-�p�*�D� 2�oҷ�{�xcD�]��/�D�&�p�M�jUB�JjU���F��l�|b|K�c@ �8���F(��1C2��6;J�Ff���d�x̎�W�$�UT�Y��˜�n'^� ���52���#��� �r��,�(���mF�ј$J�� α�˒�wD�,�R�z9je�,�ә�Jg#>��ı�����P������GHq� q7�d�k�Ρ>�v:�c�.6��6ͩyI)z2-�@j�;���(�&b���� �|8r�c�0�B=�������]�p��b3�Y9Ü���n��s[��V���-���+&�!GSַ8�� through this. H�tT�n�0��+x*�b�I�NE�i�(`ݚ�ȉ'2l'A����Y��s����{���r��66>��Ke�w��pp�_�J_l�KS��}eL��v����p���F�s�Z�\��#�)�������f=�99���]W�AO�XI"�t �>���i۩��l��b������/+��t)Ɛ. Tell me in what capacity your education has prepared you for this position. C) Both basic conditions. Related Posts. 10. Question No : 32 The time limit for sending back manufactured goods by job-worker to the principal manufacturer is ______________ days. ���s)�NhV�B�!#6�9�>�������*H6lO�e$����]1��le�?��r =�:Po��/��0��d"���+Su�Tɸ�"�,�A�2�(]̫``|J�?�`ظBY��)� ��_��a��� Description. SBI. 194 23 Close. 0000002363 00000 n 0000005949 00000 n Income tax, corporation tax are main sources of direct tax Customs and GST are major indirect taxes in India. Latest Video lectures of other courses is also available on Zeroinfy.in for upcoming exam. What many people are not aware of is that practically everyone pays taxes, especially indirect taxes. Download. Tybcom Direct And Indirect Tax Notes Bcom 2nd Year Notes By Bhalotia Sir Direct And Indirect Tax. Use the above-provided NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 9 History Chapter 1 The French Revolution with Answers Pdf free download and get a good grip on the fundamentals of real numbers topic. Email. This tax is imposed on the manufacturing of goods. CA Final Indirect Taxes MCQ by CA Vishal Bhattad. Purchase Enquiry : 8100 800 600 | 8100 800 601 Support (10:00 AM to 07:30 PM) : 9674 400 605. i. 4 Indirect Taxes - Goods and Services Tax Act (T.Y.B.Com. Taxation Law MCQs Multiple Choice Questions 1. 0000004009 00000 n CA Final Indirect Taxation MCQs By CA Vishal Bhattad. It is because it is imposed on almost all the products that we consume. SEMESTER VI DIRECT & INDIRECT TAXES (GST) SAMPLE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS SEPT 2020 1. Multiple Choice Questions: (A)X Ltd. has failed to remit the tax deducted at source from annual rent of Rs. Profits B. MCQ Questions for Class 12 Economics with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. 0000001815 00000 n Question No : 31 Excise Duty is to be paid through ________________ challan. GST (Goods and Service Tax) | Indirect tax MCQ Questions and answers with easy and logical explanations. According to our findings, this is not the case. 0000003684 00000 n
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