For many years, the float was under the leadership of Pua, who was held in high esteem by the Pridelanders and the inhabitants of the Pride Lands. The three crocodiles attempt to do so, but their plan is discovered and thwarted by the Lion Guard just in time. 1 Episode 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. “No,” he said. At the mention of the word ‘meat’, a multitude of hungry hyenas came pouring out from inside the caves. Jasiri smiled, then drifted off into a deep sleep. Gotcha. The Lion King Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. !” Chungu shouted. Or, if the challenger loses, the challenger is banished from the float, as was the case with Kiburi. “Give us some excitement! The Lion Guard proceed to direct them to a new watering hole. Pua is a male elderlycrocodilethat resides in the Pride Lands. Two crocodiles fight in order to determine the leader, whilst many other animals watch as spectators. Janja put a paw over Cheezi’s mouth. Wajinga scooted on his steamy rear end, muttering a few “ow”s as he tried to ease the pain. “You were missing all afternoon.”, “Yeah!” Cheezi shouted. Hodari tries to remind Kiburi that he cannot be leader without calling for a mashindano , but Kiburi ignores the gecko and continues to … The guilty hyena turned to look at his superior. It takes place after the events of the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and shows the continued adventures of Kion and his friends in The Lion Guard. “Us, Janja! Whilst Makuu is still grateful for the compromise, Kiburi challenges him to a Mashindano for leadership, to which Makuu agrees. “Not this time,” said Janja. “Well then, looks like it’s a good thing I was gone!”, Janja walked over to Wajinga and began to circle him. Personality. “Stuff it,” he muttered. He wheeled around, using his rear legs again to strike at Wajinga’s flank, making him skid across the rocky ground into a steamy geyser. “You’re jealous.”, Janja gave a high-pitched laugh. The Lion Guard is an American animated TV series that first aired on Disney Junior on 15 January 2016. He smiled. Pua is very patient and slow to anger. Meanwhile, in a den across the Outlands, Jasiri was laying down on the warm ground, trying to think up an idea of how she could sneak out of her mother’s territory and go exploring the next day. The group turned and saw Pua , the swamp-green with a dull green underbelly large crocodile with a long snout, swamp green scales and a dull green underbelly with several green scales running along his back, and several green spots. Won’t you, Waji?”, Janja motioned for the other hyenas to gather around him. Things in the Pride lands are normal, until a mysterious new crocodile shows up, heralding a new age for the kingdom, will the Lion Guard be able to protect the Pride Lands, or will their home be over run by their enemies? Take us!”, “Fine, Cheezi and Chungu will come with me. The hippos and the Lion Guard all laughed at him as a voice called, "Basi!" “What?” Wajinga asked, letting a small smile show. “You were out eatin’ while Janja, Chungu and I were gettin’ our butts kicked by The Lion Guard!”. “Oh well,” he shrugged. He bared his teeth. Try me.”, “Very well,” said Janja. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. Chapter 5: The Mashindano! Oct 13, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Karen Cantero. “You can go back fellas,” said Janja. He is the villainous leader of the crocodiles in the Pride Lands. He was originally a villain and served as an enemy to The Lion Guard.But in the episode "The Savannah Summit", he reformed and became a good character. Also, like Makuu at first, Kiburi is shown to believe that crocodiles deserve the biggest and most fish-filled water holes in the Pride Lands. Kids. Wajinga fell off of Janja and backed up, ready to charge at him again. your own Pins on Pinterest The Lion Guard. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Usually the crocodiles are the one who came out with their tradition of the mashindano But when Vitani called for the mashindano The show who’s the better leader, I was disappointed when kion didn’t want to fight and he gave ups his leadership so I just wanted to draw this is how I imagine if Kion accepted her challenge , this is how I imagine it. But Janja made the first move. He is a former member of Makuu's float, he later serves as Makuu's arch-nemesis and the leader of the crocodiles living in The Outlands, that served under Scar, before reforming after Scar's defeat. I like how sleek Kasi looks and I love Vitani's eyes. "The Mashindano is a physical challenge. Kasi and Vitani inspired my original lioness character. He also serves as a major antagonist of Season 2 and as a supporting character of Season 3. Wajinga laughed. They are led by Makuu and formerly led by Pua. What good is experience and knowledge if you can't pass it on or share it? Buy The Lion Guard: Vol. This b… Like Mufasa, he is a firm believer in the Circle of Life. Disney. Makuu Vs Pua Mashindano Lion Guard Fight Scene HD - YouTube
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