His creation, the Circle Pecan Weevil Trap, can minimize damage caused by pecan weevils by helping the grower time his insecticide application to Sort By. Although growers have become familiar with these traps over the last few years, many questions remain on how to best utilize the traps. Larvae or grubs are legless, creamy white and have reddish-brown heads which grow to 3/5 inch long. JF oakes Pro Pest Pantry Moth & Beetle Traps 2 Pre-Baited Traps. Larger orders might take longer. To harvest, a shaker is … INSECT UPDATE: PECAN WEEVIL. Adult pecan weevils were captured using four different pas-sive trap types, each employed to capture weevils at different locations on or near the tree. Also to be used on Mini, White Pine Weevil and Pecan Weevil Pyramid Traps. Wire cone traps and pyramid traps are on the orchard floor, which can complicate other activates in orchard floor management. Wire cone traps, pyramid traps and circle traps are used in the orchard for weevils. Contact us Add to Cart. Several studies conducted in Oklahoma over the years have helped provide some answers to many of these questions. coinside with the emergence of the pecan weevil from the ground. Edmund Circle, Tom’s grandfather, changed the industry in the early 1990s when he invented the Circle Pecan Weevil Trap. Pecan weevils are quite small, and the design of the pecan weevil trap can be modified to include a larger collection container to allow capture of high numbers of SLF. The invention catches the disastrous weevil and Tom says it’s the only trap recommended to be used in the pecan industry. Farmers began setting weevil traps this year as early as mid-June to carefully monitor for weevils. 2499 US HWY 400. The immature lanternflies (called nymphs) are often blown out of the canopy of the trees where they are feeding. Tack the top part of the seam with an office stapler so the SLF can't escape through the seam. Penn State Extension has a short video that shows how to properly use sticky bands. 6. A weevil circle trap posted on a pecan tree. After the initial application, take trap tops off for a period of 5-7 days, allowing weevils that have been hit by the insecticide sufficient time to die. 5 A) with a tunnel penetrated through the kernel and often a legless larva inside (Fig. 620-632-4382. Pyramid trap Figure 12. trap, and the Circle trap are commonly used. Circle Weevil Trap; Contact Us; Contact Details. Circle traps are useful for weevil monitoring, providing good indications of weevil presence and abundance within an orchard. They can be purchased commercially (search for circle weevil traps.) A physical trap designed to attach directly to a tree trunk or scaffold limb. ORANGE TRAP, 15/CS GL/GL-1060-15. pecan weevil Circle trap on a tree (Fig. 11. Once weevils enter the canopy and explore the environment for food and oviposition sites, if no pecans are found (due to alternate bearing, common in unmanaged, native pecan) weevils will fly to another adjacent The Circle trap has been widely adopted on pecan and other crops (Akotsen et al. US$ 129.03 . 99. Scouting Methods • Pecan nut casebearer – Pheromones, scout nuts for eggs and larvae and predators • Hickory shuckworm – Shuck, gall, and nut collection • Hickory nut curculio – Pyramid, cone and circle traps • Kernel feeding hemipterans – Watch surrounding crops • Pecan Weevil – Various traps Share 0 Tweet 0. It naturally funnels insects into the trap chamber at the top. By entering your email, you consent to receive communications from Penn State Extension. Other trees to consider are walnut and willow. Make sure the back of the screening is tight against the bark of the tree and the tunnel you've built is not blocked anywhere. Why do we need this? 3. A series of studies was conducted comparing the effect of trap tpe (pyramid, Circle and boll weevil trap top) and pheromone (boll weevil, pecan weevil or unbaited) on numbers of adult pecan weevil (PW), Curcurlio caryae Hom, captured in native orchards. The weevils are smaller insects, though, so the container to trap lanternflies needed to be bigger. Watch Queue Queue. adult pecan weevil activity include the pyramid trap (Fig. For those using the “Trap Index Method” to determine need for insecticide application for overwintering weevils, a density of 1 trap per 20 acres is required. If you are planning to use sticky bands this year, you should build a raised guard of wire or screening around the band to prevent other creatures from getting stuck on them. Also, remember to remove all parts of the trap at the end of the season. Wire cone traps have been used for many years to monitor adult pecan weevil emergence. Knowledge of this habit means that pecan growers . 8. One way to reduce populations of weevil is to use Circle traps on the trunks of pecan trees. They can be purchased commercially (search for circle weevil traps.) The traps can be purchased commercially — search for "circle weevil traps." One natural pest affecting pecans is the pecan weevil. Figure 4. Price per trap is $25.00 plus UPS Ground shipping. Although growers have become. Add to Cart. Therefore, the last week of July would be the ideal time to start monitoring for these weevils by deploying pecan weevil traps (e.g., Circle … Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 19. For more information on pecan weevil control and other research-based orchard management practices, consult OSU Extension fact sheets, available online and through all county Extension offices .
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