My favourite is my EBMM Sterling 4 string with Rosewood fingerboard. Maple vs Rosewood Fretboard: What's the difference and which is better? I had such a guitar custom built at one time, and it was a pretty good combination. Don’t forget that appearances matter too, so make sure that when you’re ready to say ‘yes’ to a guitar, that you think that the guitar you’re about to commit to is physically appealing. What do you condition a fretboard with? I've already found the correct spot for the Disc, so drilling it to fit into the Neck will be okay. Well, if you realy want a rosewood fretboard on your new Fender Stratocaster or Jazz Bass, then you had better be pretty quick! The lighter shade of maple can create a dramatic contract in the physical appearance of the guitar when paired with a darker body, Slick feel makes it easy to play at a faster tempo, Typically produces a bright and percussive attack, Depending on where and who you’re buying your guitar from, you may be able to choose different grain configurations, Drastic pricing difference depending upon if the fretboard is hard maple or silver maple, Finished maple fretboards will make it more difficult to manage string bending, The upkeep on maintenance for unfinished fretboards is more intricate and involved, Use 0000 steel wool to wipe down your fretboard every month to get rid of dirt or grease buildup, Polish your fretboard with a cloth dipped in Tung oil finish, Provides an excellent bite for ease of string control and string bending, Ease to maintain (don’t have to worry about finish wearing off of the fretboard), Brazilian and Honduran Rosewood are endangered, but some guitar companies violate restrictions in order to purchase these types of Rosewood illegally, It’s difficult to tell when a Rosewood fretboard is dirty, which makes it harder to tell when you need to clean your fretboard more thoroughly. Some players find maple too harsh and prefer the warmth of rosewood. Some fretboards require a little more care, where others are almost bulletproof. Indian rosewood was first introduced by Leo Fender in place of maple and from then on has become the standard, and is nowadays the most common wood used for fretboard construction. Many musicians, especially beginning guitarists, are under the impression that the type of wood used in the creation of the fretboard doesn’t have a drastic impact on the overall tone of the guitar, but this thought process isn’t entirely true. fretboard material matters. How to Clean and Condition an Ebony Fretboard. The best cleaner is what was mentioned prior, Naphtha. Ebony is a less common fretboard material, but still quite popular. Rosewood is a warm, sweet tonewood. So what about you? You may have noticed that the fretboard on your guitar is a bit darker than on the day you bought it, so the reason for the darker hues are because your guitar has been exposed to UV light and oxigen. Rosewood has a classic look to it and it is particularly paired well with more traditional guitar designs from an aesthetic standpoint, as it has a very woody brown look to it. Here are the takeaways: I am a huge fan of one-piece maple necks, as on a Fender Stratocaster. So they were plugged as well. Gibson ES 339 Review: Is It the Right One For Your Style? $15.00 shipping. The American Ultra Stratocaster features a unique “Modern D” neck profile with Ultra rolled fingerboard edges for hours of playing comfort, and the tape Guitar Indian Rosewood *note: All rosewood boards are East Indian Rosewood / Dalbergia Latifolia Unless otherwise noted. How to clean and condition a Rosewood Fretboard. There isn’t a specific style of music that is less or more suitable for musicians who play on maple fretboards, as the relationship that a musician has with the fretboard comes down to their specific playing style, technique, and what they feel comfortable playing on. Best Fretboard Oil for Ebony or Rosewood Fretboards. Your strap acts like a sponge and wicks up moisture as you play, so if you leave that moist strip of cowhide in your guitar case with an unfinished rosewood fretboard, you’re setting yourself up for a gross mess. So my gran recommended beeswax for my guitar. stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on October 07, 2015: Good article and great advice. Guitars. After a few centuries of design, innovation, and an industrial boom, contemporary guitar builders gravitate toward two favorites for unfinished fretboards: rosewood and ebony. You can spend a lot of time and money investing in an instrument that has an amazing sound, but you’re not going to want to pick it up and play it if the fretboard isn’t comfortable to hold or play on. China White Mahogany Electric Guitar, with Gold Pickguard, Rosewood Fretboard, Find details and Price about China Guitar, Electric Guitar from White Mahogany Electric Guitar, with Gold Pickguard, Rosewood Fretboard - Weifang Huiyuan Trade Co., Ltd. Guitar Gopher (author) on February 08, 2016: I know what you mean about those worn-out Strats and Teles, Wesman! Rosewood is a slightly more complicated topic due to recent laws and regulations introduced to protect the species. I already found a 1979 Serial Numbered Maple Neck, so this one is also good to go. There are two ways you will most often see maple fingerboards incorporated into a guitar build. In guitar manufacturing, the most commonly used breeds of Rosewood are: A fretboard comprised out of Brazilian Rosewood is going to be extremely hard to find, although it is highly prized due to the rich, deep color of the wood. Mighty Mite Neck for Strat Guitar, Compound radius, Indian Rosewood fingerboard 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Mighty Mite Neck for Strat Guitar, Compound radius, Indian Rosewood fingerboard A rosewood fretboard requires occasional conditioning to keep it in good shape. When I went to demo the strats at guitar center the other day, I found the maple lacquered fretboard to be almost unplayable. Rosewood. Brazilian (Amazon) Rosewood set #2. Master Grade Indian Rosewood: Best of the best! The most common fretboard choice by guitar manufacturers, Maple has a bright, snappy quality – much different than rosewood – though not quite as bright as ebony. 11 of them are Rosewood. For that one, I say it's an earlier model because of the way the Pickup cavities are shaped. With the second way of building a neck with a maple fingerboard, the neck itself may be maple, mahogany or any other tonewood. Just really enjoyed your hub so much incredible information for all those interested in guitars, very helpful and informative. Item Name: Indian Rosewood Guitar A/A- Mix Item Number: Price: $14.00 Ebonizing a Rosewood Guitar Fretboard: You can make your rosewood fretboard a nice piano-like black in a few easy steps. Regardless of the species, Rosewood is an open-grained wood, which isn’t as smooth-running as Maple in ample boards. Now the Body pretty much looks & weigh's like it did before it was sprayed in a Fender Red. It’s one of the things I really love about the Strat, and in my opinion, a maple fretboard on a one-piece neck plays fantastic. In the context of a guitar fretboard, this means precise, articulate notes with good bite and a tight low end. Ebonizing a Rosewood Guitar Fretboard: You can make your rosewood fretboard a nice piano-like black in a few easy steps. Just like every other aspect of your guitar setup. This means that when you’re playing the guitar, you’re actually playing on the finish of the fretboard rather than playing on the actual maple wood itself. ♣ Beautiful Appearance: Delicate workmanship with good texture of Guitar Fretboard, has 21 frets and white dots inlay, can easily match for your guitar. My Fender deluxe jazz 5 string has maple fingerboard which I found to be better than the Rosewood on the low B string and the pups of course. Some versions of the ESP-LTD EC-1000, select Schecter guitars and the Ibanez Iron Label Series are a few great places to start. I have a few guitars owned from new that have never had any fretboard oil on their rosewood, and some of the cheap ones lived in the loft for years too. Minor age appropriate finish wear etc but in very good-excellent overall condition for its age of almost 50 years! But saying the rosewood NEEDS something on it is simply sales nonsense. I'll stick to my rosewood for my acoustic guitars. And this 100% depends on how the board was finished. Rosewood Fretboards. In addition, each neck is made in Mexico. twitter: instagram: link to everest: The fretboard on my ibanez is rosewood, and I like how easily I can move across it. Nothing. If you are going to choose one over the other you need to understand the pros and cons of each so you can make the best choice. Everything built into a guitar plays a part in the vibration that goes through the pickup, and that includes the neck, the fretboard, and how it is all put together. Or should you skip them both and go with ebony? In this case I want the rounder, fuller notes made possible by rosewood. And, if you’ll search on the internet, there are a lot of tonewoods used to make a guitar, but only three for the fretboard — maple, ebony, and rosewood. $20.00 shipping. The four main types of hard maple grain configurations are: It’s not very common to find a fretboard that has obvious grain configurations to it, mainly because the grain patterns aren’t very easy to work with on a fretboard. Looks good but for this guitar, I want to go with a Maple Neck with a Rosewood Board on it, mainly because I say it looks way better with a Rosewood Fingerboard instead of a Maple. Yes. Even Fender has switched from rosewood to pau ferro for their Player-series instruments. [Publisher’s note: This article by law professor and frequent FJ contributor John Thomas originally appeared in the Fretboard Journal #11 alongside an article about Brazilian rosewood. In many places harvesting the best-quality ebony is now illegal, and the sources have become more and more scarce. Single typically 5/16" x 2 5/8"-3" x 21" nice A grade, air dried and aged 4 yrs *some are tapered and may be 2 3/8" on the narrow end) *note we have a $30 min order: USA only. It is also important to realize that you may come to prefer different fretboards for different styles of music. Honduran Rosewood isn’t as endangered as Brazilian Rosewood is, which means that Honduran Rosewood isn’t under as a restrictive watch as Brazilian Rosewood is. However, this is a costly measure of maintenance and can lead to excessive wear on your fretboard, leading to a need for an earlier replacement. I'm crazy about fender's Red Finishes so it'll probably be how it originally was when it was still at the factory. What does rosewood do if you don't put fretboard oil or conditioner on it? If this is the sound for you or if you are looking to ‘warm up’ a brighter sounding guitar then rosewood … Some say it matter, others say it makes no difference. This is a classic Fender design seen in guitars like the Stratocaster and Telecaster, and basses like the Precision and Jazz. Best Baritone Guitars: 5 Top Picks That Should Be High On Your List. Storing the strap and guitar in separate compartments is another great way to avoid getting the guitar filthy. Ebony is the brightest wood out there, rosewood one of the warmest. It is a naturally oily wood which results in a richer fundamental tone than maple due to the unwanted overtones being absorbed into the oily pores. It’s easy to spot what guitars have Rosewood board by the dark red-brown hue but is also commonly found on Paul Reed Smith, Ibanez, and Gibson guitars. Use a dry part to buff out the polish. Structurally, these are some of the densest and hardest woods, making them ideal fretboard material. Here’s a quick glance at what Maple fretboards have to offer and what Rosewood fretboards have to offer as a comparison, just in case you were looking for a quick glance. 1 viewed per hour. The warmth of the tone is super sexy. The rosewood takes a bright guitar and mellows it out a bit. In this video, he compares a one-piece maple neck with a neck that has a rosewood fingerboard. This is my preferred neck for classic rock, old-school metal, and blues. A healthy fretboard is going to extend the life of your guitar and just looks better in general unless you happen to be someone who enjoys the broken and cracked look on their instrument. You will NOT have the option to choose maple on the vast majority of guitars in the Les Paul-style, Jem-style, SG-style, PRS, Jackson, Gretsch, Dean etc. 00. If this is the sound for you or if you are looking to ‘warm up’ a brighter sounding guitar then rosewood … I prefer them as well. Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth. With the changes Fender made, I knew it was a 79 before I ready the listing with it. For heavier metal, shred, jazz and anything else where I need a warmer, deeper tone, I go with one of my rosewood fretboard guitars. Guitar Gopher (author) on October 09, 2015: Linda Robinson from Cicero, New York on October 08, 2015: Hello Guitar Gopher very nice meeting you. If it was finished in a high gloss polyurethane, the feel is smooth. This keeps the wood grain healthy and in good condition. I love maple necks on Fender guitars and basses. It’s very important that if you’re playing on a Rosewood fretboard to take a close examination of your fretboard every few weeks to ensure that there isn’t an excessive buildup of dirt or grease. Of course many guitar companies today feature necks and fretboards built this way too. I mean, places like Warmoth still sell Fender replacement necks with rosewood boards so it's not like people can't get them, but if I am understanding correctly you have Fender factory-made necks, so I'd think they'd be a little more sought after. Its creamy, natural white color can identify the use of a maple fretboard, but if you’re more familiar with the of historical guitars, maple fretboards are commonly used on the Fender Standard Telecaster and the Stratocaster models. Darrell Braun decided to put the matter to a test. Those mod's: Used a Router & removed the Pickup Cavity dividers & turned that area into a Bathtub. Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on February 07, 2016: When I was a kiddo buying up those guitar magazines to read about the heroes and find some new ones - i would see pics of someone with a strat or a tele with a maple fretboard and see the sweat or wear stains on the thing - and I thought that was the absolute coolest thing in the world. Rosewood is the most common fretboard wood that you are likely to find on a guitar. These offer a more standard understated visual effect and are similar to what you would find on most vintage instruments. The most common fretboard woods for electric guitars are maple and rosewood. As always, we recommend going to a guitar shop to test out different fretboard types to get a better understanding of the different relationships that you have with individual wood types. Indian Rosewood Fretboard Blanks Grading. Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Yinfente Guitar Neck 22 fret 24.75 inch Flying V Electric Guitar Rosewood Guitar Fretboard Binding Headstock (bolt on) 3.9 out of 5 stars 26. You'll notice that guitars with an ebony fretboard tend to have a very noticeable "snappy" attack. F-ONE Unfinished Fretboard Care Kit - Oil, Cloth, Brush. We take our job seriously. Before you get down to the nitty-gritty of choosing maple or rosewood, there is one more contender to throw into the mix. The warm tone is also a favorite amongst blues players. As a newbie, it may not seem to make a difference whether your fingerboard is made from maple, rosewood, or anything else for that matter. Rosewood Fretboards : go to Ebony Fretboards: Guitar Indian Rosewood *note: All rosewood boards are East Indian Rosewood / Dalbergia Latifolia Unless otherwise noted. Remove that consideration from your head. By Alizabeth Swain Next, wipe the excess oil with a dry cotton towel and you are all set. guitar honey or lemon oil to the fretboard - or should the 02 solution be enough to restore it. Fret Wire : Martin Rosewood **note as of 1 -25-2012 the scale for standard Martin is 25.344" American Ultra is our most advanced series of guitars and basses for discerning players who demand the ultimate in precision, performance and tone. @Arvid - Re: Most non-Strat guitars having rosewood fretboards, I think that is slowly changing. Clearly this is not a decision to be taken lightly! G&L USA ASAT Classic Guitar, Rosewood Fretboard, Butterscotch Blonde. Because you will probably end up buying a second guitar one day and that guitar will most likely have a RW fretboard. Yeah, the person stripped it as well & sanded it down to bare wood but, I'm not gonna leave this one Natural simply because the Body has been repaired by Fender during the CNC stage of the manufacturing part of this guitars life. Engineered rosewood is a composite of organic material that has been engineered to have the look, feel and characteristics of natural rosewood. Have a look around the next time you visit a guitar store - virtually all non-fender-style guitars have RW fretboard. Stella, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Floyd Rose Tremolo. There is a big difference visually, but sound and feel are what matter the most. Rosewood is used in guitars of virtually every brand from Gibson to Ibanez to PRS to Fender. A separate maple fretboard is then glued in place. Brazilian Rosewood is a highly endangered species, which means that there are many restrictions on the saleability of this wood. Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. Monty Daniels from Oakland County, Michigan on August 25, 2019: Guitar Gopher, Hi, ***Let me say this right off the bat first. Strings & Accessories; Sheet Music; Recordings; Blog; Events. Now with the replacement of Rosewood by Fender, with the new, ''Pau Ferro'' Fingerboard, will that cause the prices of Rosewood Necks to go up in value? Well probably if it's replacement doesn't go over that well, with the PartsCaster Market & if Fender does choose to stop using Rosewood all together, maybe I should keep 3 or 4, perhaps more if I decide to keep building my own Strat's. If electronics were all that mattered, to use an example I used in another post, you could slap a Gibson PAF humbucker on a vintage Martin acoustic and they would sound exactly the same. Hopefully, this article helped you straighten a few things out. Brazilian Rosewood is a highly endangered species, which means that there are many restrictions on the saleability of this wood. Rosewood helps to produce a warm tone. Just like a finished maple fretboard, you’re going to want to wipe down your fretboard with a dry cloth after every few hours of playing (or every playing session), but you’re also going to want to use steel wool on your fretboard every month to remove any dirt and grime that has built up on the board. The only difficulty that comes with taking care of a Rosewood fretboard is that because the board is a darker color, it’s more difficult to see when (and where) there is a buildup of dirt and grime that requires a deeper cleaning. When she’s not writing, you can find her fashion blogging on her YouTube channel or creating new products for her cruelty-free cosmetic company. Rosewood helps to produce a warm tone. I find it much easier when I can locate the correct spots for the top 2 Bolts, when it's done this way, then I will measure & check both sides so they're the same distance from the Bridge Plate. Humbucker vs Single Coil: Which is Best for You? GIbson was experimenting with baked maple a few years ago. Featured on guitars with many different kinds of necks. Guitar Gopher (author) on August 26, 2019: Hi Monty. Your guitar’s fretboard is where the action happens. The nut and the back neck can be various types of woods, with the rosewood layered on the fretboard. A Grade Indian Rosewood: Nice blanks, Good color range closer grain. To eliminate as many variables as possible, he uses the same Fender Telecaster semihollow guitar body with each neck. And, the latter shows dark red tints. Indian Rosewood is the wood that many guitar manufacturers are switching over to using Indian Rosewood because it’s a lot cheaper than both Honduran and Brazilian Rosewood, as it’s a lot more plentiful. Maple was later replaced in 1959, it seems for marketing reasons, ("The Fender Stratocaster - A.R.Duchossoir.") This fretboard needs a little TLC. Your fretboard material will impact your technique as well as the way the strings ring through the pickups. Rosewood Fretboard Sound and Care. About 12% of these are Stringed Instruments Parts & Accessories, 1% are Guitar. A fretboard comprised out of Brazilian Rosewood is going to be extremely hard to find, although it is highly prized due to the rich, deep color of the wood. The strings on a Rosewood fretboard tend to be a lot easier to control when attempting to bend the strings. The necks that feature rosewood fretboards are usually made of two parts/types of wood. Rosewood contains … Our writing team has deep experience in the musical space, specifically with guitars and “other lutes”. Fret Doctor Bore Oil is the only thing I put on my rosewood boards now I used lemon oil for years - just make sure it's not furniture polish - was will fill the pores with white residue. It is workable with traditional tools, and accepts the same oils and other treatment materials that rosewood does. $18.00 shipping. Models that are produced in Indonesia and China typically sport silver maple but don’t let that make you think that guitars that have silver maple fretboards are of poorer quality than guitars that use hard maple. $419.00. Guitar companies like Martin, Gibson, and Taylor have made strides in the smarter sourcing of tonewoods, as well as developing alternative tonewoods. Good luck with your guitars! The rosewood is there,it would be utterly ridiculous for anyone to buy an old guitar for it,s rosewood, unless the guitar was in very poor condition. Fender Jaguar® Bass, Rosewood Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst The Jaguar® Bass is back, now with the addition of a smart new Cobalt Blue finish.
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