C. To check whether the schema changes has been replicated to all domain controllers. Test script. A. C. Contains expected results. The 5 process groups … Chapter 4 - Project Executing Processes Executing consists of the processes used to complete the work defined in the project plan to accomplish the project's requirements. A set of instructions for the automated execution of test procedures. Project manager 2. TOP, WHERE, and ORDER BY are not "executed" - they simply describe the desired result and the database query optimizer determines (hopefully) the best plan for the actual execution. Enter your email address to receive your 30% off dicount code: Project Initiation. Now, you may wonder about the knowledge areas and how they are grouped. The monitoring process group involves managing and tracking the project. This process group includes the basic groundwork necessary to create the project and define the guidelines and criteria under which it will operate. Put all the pieces of a project into a cohesive whole. Review - Quiz: 1. The executing process involves co-ordinating people and resources, as well as integrating and performing the project activities. Project plans are put into action. The separation between "declaring the desired result" and how it is physically achieved is what makes SQL a "declarative" language. You need all these process group to complete the project. B. So, you can see that the PMI has arranged the process groups in the way that the activities happen. Which of the following BEST describes an operational level agreement (OLA)? Every project is unique, and so the implementation of process groups will necessarily be molded and shaped to fit your project in order for it to be successful. CompTIA question 82595: Which of the following specifically describes the exploitation of an interactive process to access otherwiserestricted areas of the. - Acquire Develop & Manage the Team who will work on the project. Question: Which Of The Following Accurately Describe Wait Statements With Regard To How Process Execution Occurs At Initialization (the Beginning Of Simulation Time) And During The Normal Model Execution? C. A group of test scripts or test execution schedule. A. The Closing process group has only 2 processes - Close Procurements and Close Project or Phase. We recommend PMP aspirants to attempt at sample questions as much as … The process groups are horizontal, and the knowledge areas are vertical. The objective of this page is to help jump-start your journey toward PMP certification. In a process-oriented company, the flow of information and management activity is _____, in line with the flow of materials and products. Test charter. The deliverables are produced as outputs from the processes performed, as defined in the project management plan. There are 5 phases to the project life cycle (also called the 5 process groups)—initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and closing. The executing process group involves managing teams effectively while orchestrating timeline expectations and reaching benchmark goals. 8 Processes from Executing Process Group (PMP Exam) The Executing Process Group requires work on the following key things. A process consisting of determining objectives and strategic actions to achieve those objectives. A. As listed above, the Executing process group has several processes. Which of the following BEST describes the project manager’s roleas an integrator? 3. - Recommend changes, bug fixes, preventive and corrective actions coming from Planning, Executing and Monitoring and Controlling process groups. 30%. It is an agreement between a supplier and another part of the same organization that assists with the provision of services. PMBOK guide only describes Project management processes. These processes have lot of activities that need to be understood as well. 2. Which of the following describes the reason for executing this command? - Execute Project Scope. horizontal across functions Software ____ are individual programs that can be purchased, installed, and run separately, but extract data from the common database. C. During project execution, the project plans may change depending on the issue logs and change requests. But nevertheless, they are performed to enable successful project execution. Execution process involves coordinating people and resources, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the project management plan. The order for these activities is: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. A process consisting of determining objectives, strategic actions to achieve those objectives, the implementation of desired strategy, and the monitoring of that strategy. B. The purpose of the executing process group is to complete the work defined in Project Management plan and to meet project objectives. A. After you understand where the information that contributes to the project management plan comes from for the PMP Certification Exam, you need to know where it goes. This information is usually described in project documentation, created at the beginning of the development process. Do note that these are not actual Process names as defined in the PMBOK guide, but the actual work required. Help team members become familiar with the project. To create the Project Charter, the following inputs are required: Project Statement of Work, Business Case, Agreements, Enterprise Environmental Factors, and Organizational Process Assets.The following figure shows some of the information that is typically found in a Project Charter. Process Groups bundle together processes that often operate around the same time on a project or with similar input and outputs. 1 of 29 1. Monitoring. Get 30% Discount on All Your Purchases at PrepAway.com This is ONE TIME OFFER. D. Project plans are published. Initiating Process group: One of the most sought after skills in project management is the ability to initiate a project effectively. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing. It may not be in sequence, and you can do these activities in any order as they are required on your project. Which of the following BEST describes the Validate Scope process? The Execution phase is the real world application of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) Process.. Let’s start with a few basic things: What Is a Project? This is the SQL Order of execution of a Query, You can check order of execution with examples from this article.. For you question below lines might be helpful and directly got from this article.. GROUP BY --> The remaining rows after the WHERE constraints are applied are then grouped based on common values in the column specified in the GROUP BY clause. The Process Groups are the methods by which you actually do the project management. Which of the following is not typically a part of the scouting, entry, contracting phases? ... group composition, group functioning, performance norms: Term. D. Get all team members together into a cohesive whole. What is PMBOK Process Group? B. Which of the following describes the Executing process group? 4. Practicing sample exam questions is a key to passing the PMP exam. Project performance measurements are taken and analyzed. The execution review occurs simultaneously with program and budget reviews. Project Management processes are grouped into 5 categories viz. 29. Which of the following best describes a problem-solving approach that requires defining the scope of the system, dividing it into its components, and then identifying and evaluating its problems, opportunities, constraints, and needs? Test suite. To force replication of the schema changes between the domain controllers. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints. To prevent replication of the schema changes between the domain controllers. C. Put all the pieces of a project into a program. The execution review provides feedback to the senior leadership concerning the effectiveness of current and prior resource allocations. The Planning Process Group consists of those processes performed to establish the total scope of the effort, define and refine objectives, and develop a course of action to reach goals (PMI, 2013). The PMP certification exam is a 4 hour, 200 question marathon. The project management plan, including specific components included in it, will be inputs to processes in the Executing Process Group, the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group, and the […] An explanatory paragraph following an opinion paragraph describes an uncertainty as follows: “As discussed in Note X to the financial statements, the company is a defendant in a lawsuit alleging infringement of certain patent rights and claiming damages. A. It contains targets that underpin those within an SLA to ensure that targets will not be breached by failure of the supporting activity. Every project needs the 5 Process Groups - Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing. When the Executing processes are at their peak, the planning process group is winding down The executing processes begin after the PLanning starts and finsh shortly before the end of the project It provides assurances that the deliverable meets the specifications, is an input to the project management plan, and is an output of Control Quality. The executing process refers to any specific point during the activity or project as a whole in which the act of executing takes place, and the predetermined processes of getting to that point of accomplishing this action successfully. Learning about Process Groups and implementing them is not quite the same thing. Identify Stakeholders. B. Simply knowing these two processes is not sufficient for the PMP exam. The process in this process group can trigger processes in other process groups. Definition. Closing Process Group from the PMBOK ® Guide. Execution process involves coordinating people and resources, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the project plan. The application of a knowledge area can occur at any time within any process group. "S/He is responsible for applying the skills, knowledge, and project management tools and techniques to project activities in order to successfully complete the project objectives." 4. Differentiate the following test work products,1-4, by mapping them to the right description, A-D. 1. C. Project plans are developed. D. Quality of work life at the group level is an: Definition. Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time. B. A. Executing consists of the processes used to complete the work defined in the project plan to accomplish the project's requirements. What to do when, the order of activities, tools, materials and equipment that will be procured, the budget that will be spent throughout the project etc are all determined during the planning process.And these plans are executed throughout the project execution. These processes enable the completion of the work defined in the project management plan. Each of these project phases represents a group of interrelated processes that must take place. B. A. Test case. Subject: Integration Management (10) Which of the following statements best describes strategic management? Which of the following persons is described in the statement below? This page will help you focus on the essentials by providing you with practice questions and answers. What is one of the most important skills a project manager can have? B.
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