Satai Delenn is a fictional lead character in the universe of the science fiction television series Babylon 5. Neroon is a Minbari character in the Babylon 5 television series. The Earth-Minbari War began in 2245 when Earthforce expeditionary fleet damaged and destroyed vessels in the Grey Council's fleet, killing Dukhat. As Draal returns to his body and removes himself from the Machine, he also notes that. [5] However, their unique biochemistry means that they cannot imbibe alcohol without suffering a drastic psycho-chemical reaction. Their homeworld is the planet Minbar. [3][4] This at least partially stems from a very robust metabolism and high levels of endurance that allows Minbari to breathe in relatively low oxygen atmospheres and can typically go without food for as long as two weeks. Minbari are bipedal humanoids in appearance with a distinctive bony antler-like head ridges that grow from the temples, wrapping back around to the nape of the neck and up to the crown. The series 4 poster for Babylon 5. Sought to place the Minbari Federation under the sole rule of the Warrior Caste. During his time as head of Babylon 5, he came to remember more of his strange experience during the Earth-Minbari War: at the Battle of the Line his fighter was taken by a Minbari cruiser. your own Pins on Pinterest The Babylon Project is a FANDOM TV Community. Those that consume even a small amount suffer from sudden and extreme psychotic impulses accompanied by violent, homicidal rages. Minbari of Note. Working for generations, they create a legacy for themselves and are ready to sacrifice their lives, their blood, or their honor for others. Except when they can find loopholes or justify it some different ways. Also, their ears are smaller and located behind their lower jaw; Rules Lawyer: "Minbari Do Not Lie" & "Minbari Do Not Kill Minbari". He was portrayed by John Vickery. Delenn: Minbari Ambassador to Babylon 5. Lying is absolutely forbidden except to save face for another person. GURPS 4 Babylon 5 Books: The Minbari Federation Fact Book: Adjustments to Mongoose Publishing The Minbari Federation Fact Book: Ooh! She was originally Minbari, but from season 2 onwards, … Like Minbari in general, Delenn is polite and well-behaved until she leaves you wondering how you abruptly ended up in Medlab. An accusation of lying is a deadly insult. Minbari have a longer life span than humans do, living as long as 120 standard Earth years and, in some cases, even longer. by Neroon's dying conversion from warrior to religious. Though Minbari reproductive organs are essentially similar to that of humans, Llort, and Hurr, their internal anatomy is significantly different. Each Minbari is born into a particular caste but may join another if they feel strongly that their calling in life lies there. Jeffrey Sinclair served as Commander of Babylon 5. The ridges grow in stages, each stage advancing another few millimetres and do not fully develop until child is approximately one cycle old. Alfred Bester was a senior Psi Corps officer and one of the more notorious Psi Cops in Level 12 Investigations. Minbari are a fictional alien race featured in the PTEN/TNT science fiction television series Babylon 5. He is generally considered to have been the most evolved and wise soul of all the Minbari. Babylon 5 is a US science fiction franchise that premiered in 1993. Though Babylon 5 is chock-full of supporting characters, the definitive main character is arguably the commander of the… When a Minbari introduces him or herself, they bow with their hands in the shape of a triangle. There is a common saying that while Minbari do not lie, they do not tell the whole truth either. The Soul Hunters believe that because of the Minbari's hesitance to let their souls be preserved they are letting their souls die needlessly. The Minbari are humanoid in appearance. The workers, although given equal representation in the government, were often caught in between these rivalries and forgotten until Delenn reorganized the Grey Council in favor of them. Retrieved from "" Within the ridge structure itself is a veiny layer of very raw and tender flesh, akin to the quick under fingernail. Dukhat. Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998) is a science fiction television movie set in the Babylon 5 fictional universe.It was written by J. Michael Straczynski and directed by Michael Vejar. This is a listing for characters associated with the Earth Alliance that appear in the Science Fiction series Babylon 5. Minbari consider sleeping in the horizontal to be tempting death, which is why Minbari beds are tilted at a 45° angle that, while uncomfortable for other races, can be mastered with practice and proper mediation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Delenn's old mentor and teacher. Minbari are bipedal humanoids in appearance with a distinctive bony antler-like head ridges that grow from the temples, wrapping back around to the nape of the neck and up to the crown. A warrior would be seen wearing an elaborate black uniform with many buttons or badges, while the religious and worker caste outfits are much plainer but varying in color depending on their purposes. The Minbari never tell anyone the whole truth.Juphar Trkider, 2261. Tall and large, Minbari are completely bald, possessing very little body hair beyond eyelashes, though in a slight oddity some males have been known to be able to grow beards. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Some males of the other castes also adopt this more rough hewn style, but not for the same desired effect. The Minbari are undoubtedly the most feared of the Young Races of Babylon 5. Pale; bloodless. The Earth Alliance The Determinator: The Human-Minbari War is filled with this. He was first introduced in the episode Legacies. Shiny! Minbari fashion is usually an external expression of one's own caste. [18], True Seekers are held in very high regard by the Religious Caste. The Minbari are an advanced race, who are a galactic superpower just like the Earth-Alliance. Physically similar to Humans in most ways, the most obvious external difference is the "head bone" or crest, originating from the temples, and covering most of the back of the head. [6], Minbari do not perspire the way humans do and instead secrete a kind of fluid while they sleep that serves a similar function. Sinclair is of special importance to Delenn, and though she hasn't fully explained why, it's likely he carries a Minbari soul of some stature. Minbari earlobes are small compared to those of humans or Centauri and are located at the base of the neck, just below the mandibular angle. This may be a simple genetic throwback or ethnic variation as even on Earth, certain groups are themselves less capable of facial hair growth. Rangers (Minbari: Anla-shok) are a fictional class of warriors that play a prominent role in the science fiction television series Babylon 5.. History. The first commander of Babylon 5. This category is for questions and answers related to Babylon 5 Universe: Characters, as asked by users of Rather, they understood and were told what they needed to know from those higher up in society or from one another. As a result, Minbari do not bathe to maintain personal hygiene but instead ritually use a chemical that strips away the outer layers of their skin each day, as a symbol of being constantly reborn. Babylon 5 1 Main Characters 2 Supporting Characters 3 Recurring Characters 4 The Gathering 5 Ambassadors of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds 6 Crusade 7 Legend of the Rangers 8 Novels Biology. About Babylon 5 He finally revealed the answer out of nowhere on Twitter in 2018: he sacrificed himself to save Lyta during the Telepath War. Dukhat first met Delenn while she was acolyte, when she acted as his guide and protector while he was in The Dreaming, and he soon began to suspect that she might be a descendant of Valen. to watch Sinclair if he ever came to remember his time in Minbari custody. By that time the two soft ridges should join at the back of the head and harden into a firm exoskeletal structure. Asgard Character(s) (Stargate) John Sheridan; Minbari (Babylon 5) Fix-It; Quantum Mirror; Summary. Valen, a Minbari not born of Minbari, was the most significant figure in Minbari history. Minbari babies are born without a crest, as it only develops later. From a cultural standpoint, it is akin to the Human and Centauri practices of cutting and styling hair and nails or the Narn practice of buffing their spots. The war is over! Before that, there was the right of denn'Sha, a duel to the death in which invoking or accepting the challenge is considered to be accepting responsibility for one's own death, absolving their opponent of the murder. Screw the Grey Council I'm Doing Whats Right. This practice of body modification is broadly similar to the ancient Chinese foot binding or Mayan head shaping once practiced on Earth, but is by no means as crude or damaging. Characters of babylon 5 Jeffrey Sinclair: The commanding officer aboard Babylon 5 for the first Season, Jeffrey Sinclair is an old fighter pilot from the Earth-Mimbari War. [8][9] Culturally, psi ability is considered to be as a gift and a calling and by tradition, telepaths are freely trained, fed, clothed and otherwise provided for so that they are able to openly offer their services to those in need.[10]. as well as her backstory even more tragic. Because of the repercussions of the Earth-Minbari War, some Humans hold some hostility toward the Minbari. The Human fleet commander misinterpreted the Minbari warrior caste's tradition of approaching a ship with gun ports open as hostile action and fired on the Minbari vessels without provocation, from the Minbari's point of view. the reason why they surrender at the Battle of the Line after discovering Sinclair is the reincarnation of Valen: Minbari souls are reincarnating as humans. Look into their eyes and see nothing but mirrors-infinities of reflection.A Soul Hunter, The Minbari have beliefs opposed to that of the Soul Hunters. Every Minbari understands the languages of the other castes, at least in their pure official forms, if not some of the regional dialects, however it is considered a taboo if the warriors or the religious castes speak the language of the workers. [16] Since the time of Valen, the three castes lived in peace with one another, though at times there has been friction, particularly between the religious and warrior castes. It was produced, directed and mainly written by J. Michael Sraczynski. The binding itself is done with strong moulds (sometimes made from native Minbar crystal) applied to the bone at a key developmental phase and kept under continuous pressure, though care must be taken to keep pressure away from brain and neck. While a small empire by the standards of Star Wars, they are arguably large and powerful enough to threaten the Federation if sufficiently motivated. Visit here for the main character index. He was the Chosen One, the leader of the Grey Council. The First Ones were a group of ancient races that were among the first to achieve sentience billions of years prior to the time of the Younger Races. [15], Minbari society is segregated into a caste system. Female warriors on the other hand tend to adopt the same style as male warriors. One hand is curled inside the other, while the thumbs point to each other forming the apex of the triangle. Humanoid in appearance, the Minbari are apparently mammalian. Bester was born in 2189 at a secret location while his parents, Matthew and Fiona Dexter, resistance leaders both, were in hiding. His death by humans hands lead to the Earth-Minbari War. 1,001 is deemed a fantastic, unreachable age. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Officially, he's on the Minbari homeworld as Earth's ambassador, but his main function is as the head of the Rangers. Related quizzes can be found here: Babylon 5 Universe: Characters Quizzes Born in the early 23rd century, Neroon became a member of the warrior caste. Babylon 5: Minbari Belief & Language I've been meaning to make more B5 meta posts for a while now, and I finally typed it all up today. During the time-frame in which most Babylon 5 episodes are set, Earth warships and fighters (such as the [u]Omega[/u] destroyers) are shown to be inferior in speed, maneuverability, and firepower to Minbari warcruisers and fighters. [2] In addition to these three basic languages, Minbari have 97 dialects and sub tongues. Babylon 5 Universe: Characters : Did you know? [12][13] It is unknown if this is a result of the genetic hybridisation itself, a side effect of the transformative process of the Chrysalis Device or merely a fluke or coincidence. Non-warrior females, especially those of the Religious Caste tend to favour smoother, much more rounded and elegant styles. From birth to adulthood, they are taught to be selfless and learn the importance of service to all aspects of life. Public disgrace can be effectively countered by. Other races sometimes perceive the Minbari as humorless and unpassionate, but this is not true. Among Minbari, the number three is considered sacred, and it appears throughout their culture. The castes are divided into clans which have their own leaders and family houses, or "Fanes". The females do not menstruate. As a Ranger, he has a choice of either helping Sheridan live or, Marcus Cole fought him in a denn'sha duel, then invoked Valen's name as he was about to die—this made Neroon realize that A) Marcus, a, "I was born warrior caste, but I see now that the calling of my heart is religious! He was captured by the Mimbari, and in doing so stopped the war. Babylon 5 - The Minbari Characters. Fifteen years before the initial setting of the television series Babylon 5, Earth becomes involved in a deadly conflict with the just-discovered Minbari race. I posted it to my (locked) journal, but I wanted to have it publically available for discussion, too. The final binding ritual is considered something akin to coming of age ritual that marks a passage into adulthood. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Members of the Warrior Caste almost exclusively favour a rough, jagged look, that they like to think makes them appear ominous. Honor is everything and they generally do not lie, except to save another or to help another save face. Unlike humans, Minbari are generally bald; however some males are capable of growing facial hair. [21], The Minbari have three basic languages one for each caste; Feek, Lenn'a and Adronato, the language of the religious caste. Captain John Sheridan - Bruce Boxleitner The commander of Babylon 5 and representative of the Earth Alliance. Minbari however choose to style and sculpt the ridges into certain styles, a process achieved through laborious carving and ritualized binding. The Minbari are more advanced in terms of technology than the [u]humans[/u]. In its natural state the boney structure is smooth, interrupted only with subtly layered ridges in a pattern that resembles the growth rings of trees or antlers. They seek conformity and enlightenment above all. Once the bone is set, it will essentially hold its basic shape for the rest of its life, though adult Minbari will continue to carve to keep it looking neat and symmetrical. It was set mainly on the collabaratively built space station Babylon 5, and featured many alien species. She can command a battle fleet without even wrinkling her robes! The +2 Strength (p4) in the d20 system does not describe the occasional incredible feats of strength shown in the series. In 2258 he was in pursuit of a powerful telepath named Jason Ironheart, and first arrived on Babylon 5. When Dukhat was killed during First Contact with humans, even Delenn called for Earth's destruction. Vorlons: a race of ancient, vaguely squid-like, translucent, glowing, highly intellignet beings that maintain a large territory in the Galaxy, even after they actually departed (due to networks of artificial intelligences). Hence, Delenn and Sinclair are identified as Minbari in the present era because Valen's appearance in the last war introduced a tolerated variation into the measurement. They have light-toned skin and a large external bone crest on the back of their heads. During Human-Minbari war, Boneheads reapetedly commited warcrimes. Plot. [11] Strangely enough, the combination of human and Minbari DNA appears to be conducive to increasing the lifespan of a given subject well beyond what either race would normally expect; Delenn lived to well over 140 years old, as did Valen (counting his years as a human). The leader of the Minbari Grey Council when humans made first contact with the Minbari. As well as Na'Kal and Na'Tok shown above, he played Hedronn in Season 2: "Points of Departure" and "All Alone in the Night". Feb 25, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Cynthia Reinhart. JMS post on - 5/1/1996, JMS post on - 5/15/2000 8:40:00 AM. Discover (and save!) Delenn later reveals that she knew the Shadows were helping the Centauri but couldn't say anything as that would've resulted in the Shadows killing everyone. [20]. Carving too deeply or carelessly will cause a substantial amount of discomfort and bleeding which is why carving is kept to the outer edges only. Season 5 "Movements of Fire and Shadow" "The Fall of Centauri Prime" Note: Robin Sachs played several roles in Babylon 5. Minbari physiology is extremely resilient and able to keep functioning even after suffering substantial blood loss, multiple amputations, or other injuries that would easily kill a human. The Minbari's distinctive head bones are actually two separate and distinct ridges. The facial features of a Minbari, aside from their crest, are remarkably similar to those of Humans; although their ears sit lower on the head than on Humans, inste… The Minbari are one of the oldest of the Younger Races and originate from the planet Minbar in Sector 120. He also played the Minbari character Coplann in the Babylon 5 movie: "In The Beginning" Minbari are a relatively long lived race, typically living over a century, with the record being somewhere around 120 years. Rubber-Forehead Aliens: The Minbari look completely human, except that they have bony crests at the back of their heads instead of hair. Minbari images, Minbari appearances Partly, this was due to respecting the privacy of the affected individuals. [14], The Minbari are a deeply spiritual, highly ritualistic and disciplined people. Character Creation. An Asgard Mothership is investigating another Quantum Universe when it is attacked by a species unknown. By tradition the moulding process takes place during adolescence, in a developmental period when the bones undergo rapid growth. Used underhanded tactics (like luring earth ships into the cone of Jumppoint, shooting from far beyond Humans range, using stealth) and claimed it was fairplay. He was held for a time and then mysteriously released. One of the more notable differences is that Minbari females do not menstruate, at least not in the same way as human women. Valen and his descendents changed the definition of what should be identified as a Minbari soul. One wonders how often they resorted to this before, It doesn't help that their honor system makes no sense to humans, seeming to be elements of internal honor codes and external honor interacting at apparent random. In fact, she cast the deciding vote (four voted in favour of war, four against) that led to the near genocide of the human race. Babylon 5 Universe: Characters Trivia Questions & Answers: This category is for questions and answers related to Babylon 5 Universe: Characters, as asked by users of Lying is hugely dishonorable to the point that an accusation of it could easily lead to a fatal response... unless it helps someone else save face, in which case it's a highly honorable practice even if caught. The Minbari sense of taste is not as dev… BTW, Minbari are pa [7], The Minbari are one of the many races known to have been altered by the Vorlons to produce telepaths which, while not as powerful as their human counterparts, are nonetheless in typical Minbari fashion highly trained, extremely disciplined and easily capable of working in harmonious groups. Appearing mysteriously in the midst of the First Shadow War, aboard a powerful new battle station, he is credited with uniting the fractured Minbari Castes and leading them … At birth, Minbari infants posses two very small, soft ridges that sprout from the temple and grow and close at the back of the skull, forming the appearance of a single structure. [17], Minbari didn't produce and consume news and information in broad terms. Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski named the planet and race after the Islamic pulpit known as a minbar. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Tall and large, Minbari are completely bald, possessing very little body hair beyond eyelashes, though in a slight oddity some males have been known to be able to grow beards. Through the information it gathers, its captain decides to teach the Minbari a hard lesson. Minbari humor is based primarily on puns and on failure to achieve enlightenment. The leader of the Warrior Caste. Lennier ; See Also. Related quizzes can be found here: Babylon 5 Universe: Characters Quizzes This war nearly leads to the extermination of the human race, but it is mysteriously halted at the last moment by the Minbari leadership for reasons that remain secret for over a decade. They first appeared in the pilot episode of the series, "Midnight on the Firing Line". And then the civil war broke out and the Warrior Caste, in particular, dumped that rule pretty fast. The three castes are the Worker Caste, Warrior Caste and Religious Caste. Babylon 5's characters are as interesting and varied as the situations they encounter. Minbari have ears similar in shape to human ears, but smaller and located just above the neck on each side of the head. Listen to her!". He takes over as the heart of the Great Machine on Epsilon III.

babylon 5 minbari characters

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