Best Time to Visit Spain To avoid the summer heat and winter cold temperatures, high season prices and tourist crowds, travel to Spain during the spring and fall. All of these places are must-visits, especially Sintra… and Grenada… and Madrid… I think adding the day trip to Segovia is brilliant. Just published my travel guide to San Miguel de Al, Matchy matchy for one last park run + picnic befor, What’s a mummy’s favorite type of investment c, How is everyone’s summer going? Lisbon has some amazing seafood spots and charm, but also a sad air of neglect to the magnificent tiled apartment buildings. Pls send me a contact of a travel agent who can help me with the train and other bookings. […], Hi! I’m planning a trip for 4 adults in February. And can u please help me to customize an itinerary including how I get from one place to another. Where to go, how long to stay, should I do this city or that one. The pictures looks absolutely fantastic!!!. Have a fantastic trip! Each day trip option would take 1 full day though, it’d be very tight to squeeze 3 different cities in a day trip :). I’m a bit overwhelmed with the planning. 3. Ah, thank you for the nice comment! Most visitors tend to visit Spain and Portugal during the summer months, but late Spring is a wonderful time to plan a trip there as well. There's so much to see in Barcelona (and the city makes a great base for nearby day trips in Catalonia) so budget at least 3 full days! Do you recommend doing the tower at the Sagrada Familia? I will fly into Barcelona and out of Seville. You can browse last minute Spain hotel deals here. In spring, blooming flowers add extra colour to the cities already brightened by pastel-painted buildings, while autumn is the time for harvest, meaning the wine season. Hi Sher. I am travelling with a 4 year old so looking to cover both separately on two dates…. Spring is a time for celebration with many important festivals and holidays taking place and adding an extra splash of liveliness. Any input would be grateful. The streets are narrow, the apartments all have beautiful shuttered balconies and the charm is everywhere. It's difficult for non Spanish users to book. After thoroughly explored Spain's capital, we headed south for a loop through Andalusia. The tapas bars were my favorite – they have some very authentic “stand at the bar and order” type of tapas bars and more modern, fancier tapas restaurants so you could easily spend the full 2 days eating! We had a long enough trip to Spain / Portugal that we wanted to see as much as possible, and so for us, a mix of trains, flights + bus were good. i loved it, sintra was unreal. I haven’t been to Fatima unfortunately, so don’t have any advice. Hotels, restaurants, flights, sights etc – it just depends how luxury or budget you go :) You can get an idea upfront by booking your flights and hotels first. We were thinking of driving. Hi Regina – thanks for the kind words! Any insight you have would be wonderful!! Tks. Great pics!! check flight schedules for your dates here. Hi! Either what I have found it extremely expensive or seemingly too inexpensive for what is being offered. Don't Miss: a night hopping from bar to bar sampling tapas and pinchos. i am overwhelmed by the choices, Aerobus, Barcelona train, taxi, Uber? I loved La Boqueria too – had a great seafood brunch there. Don't Miss: a relaxing retreat at the Arabian baths, or Hammam Al Andalus. Thank you! Your photos are stunning! This is WONDERFUL! If you do go to Lisbon, I highly recommend Sintra! We got lucky and timed our visit for their spring festival, the Patio Festival! I noticed that you don’t have separate posts for Madrid and Barcelona unlike the 3 Andalusia cities which you discussed very thoroughly (you even included day to day itineraries!). I’m not sure how we can make this work. If you are visiting in the fall/winter its probably less important to book ahead. I’m planning on landing in Barcelona in March and plan on spending a month, so it would be nice to get your advice on how the wife and I should break up our time in Spain and Portugal. When do you think is best to insert Fatima for a day or a day and a half? Whereas airports are outside the city so they require additional transportation to & from, plus I need to factor in at least an hour to go through security and if I have carry on suitcases, domestic airlines will often charge extra per piece. my kind of welcome drink: grapefruit palomas! Portugal comes out on top for its slightly balmier coastal weather, though Spain’s larger size means you’ll find a little more variation when trying to navigate shoulder seasons. Porto and the Douro River valley in northern Portugal is wonderful, but you can't do Lisbon and that area as well as the north. Hey Sher, loved your pics and your details so useful. Hi Marcie! Here's a summary of the Spain and Portugal itinerary that we did. Seller of Travel Ref. How long did it take you to plan this trip? Likewis, did you spend 3 days in Barcelona and then 1 day trip visiting Montserrat and Girona in the same day? Hi Sher! This is an amazing itinerary! I spent all my time/money at the bars when I was younger but re-visiting Lisbon this time, I spent more on sights and food. view all itineraries ⤍ Broadly speaking, the best time of year to visit Portugal is spring (ie, from February) or early autumn (September–October), when the weather is not too hot, the sea is warm and the summer crowds have thinned out. Hi Mona – Not sure what your specific plans are but you could fit it in before or after! b) Morocco Day Trip from Costa del Sol to Tangier Heard that Zara is all over. The city deserves 1 full day – unless you're in town for the Cordoba Patio Festival when you won't be able to get enough with even two or three days! The Anacapri Granada is located in the heart of Old Town and also conveniently near the local bus stop, should you wish to explore Granada's farther sights. from Seville to Lisbon. Shoot me an email with some more details about what you’re looking for specifically! Love reading your post before planning my travels. then from barcelona did you fly to lisbon? That is incorrect. I found a great blog when searching ideas for this trip, which helped me craft my […], We are two couples from India who are planning to visit Spain and Portugal during September. I hope you continue to do and that you get to travel the world. There'll be less crowds and more comfortable temperatures! We decided to do a Spain getaway at the last minute and then added on Portugal at even later minute and found it helpful to read Rick Steves, Lonely Planet, forums and blogs to ultimately decide which cities to linger in and which to skip altogether. Hotel Alfonso is located in a prime spot next to Seville's Real Alcazar. If you have less time, say 10 days, then concentrate on Madrid and Barcelona in Spain! From Madrid, I took the high speed train down to Cordoba and then again the train from Cordoba to Seville. My friend and I want to spend 14 days in Spain and Portugal end of the year. I’ve heard great things about Portugal’s beaches but haven’t personally been. Practical tips for traveling to Portugal, from social protocols to guidance on money matters, with a link to the latest government travel advice. Thanks so much for the kind words. So, we did Madrid, train south, flight to Barcelona, flight to Lisbon. We decided to fly after hearing unimpressed reviews of the overnight train service. Thanks!! Are there any tips you can give me. Description. She even advised me considering either of Barcelona or Madrid as they both are very similar. Or you might want to visit Cordoba on a day trip when you’re in Seville. Beautiful photos, thanks for the insight into such spectacular places! There are some colorful palaces and mansions there which are really unique.

best time to visit portugal and spain

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