operations and modalities of knowledge involved in different forms of divination practised in Senegal and Gambia today. Received: 24 October 2017 Also in higher education, a significant relationship was found between students’ former educational track and their research skills. It is perhaps the fundamental process for survival and adaptation of human beings to both internal as well the external environment. This concept is then extended to the services' design phase, providing the autonomous creation and transformation of services in order to respond to changes in the user's requirements or surrounding and the ability to generate new functionalities potentially not yet requested by to the user. Within this paper, a biologically inspired life-cycle is proposed, enabling service evolution in addition to service adaptation. Therefore, this study investigates the relationship between students’ research skills (assessed by means of the Leuven Research Skills Test (LRST) and students’ gender, educational track, grade, autonomous and controlled motivation. Peer assessment is topical as it promotes the involvement of participants in the learning process more actively. Characteristics of Effective Learning Use these questions to prompt thinking about the knowledge you have about an individual child and the way they learn. The level of curiosity among rural students was highest and was significantly higher than that of peri-urban student and higher than urban students. learning resources to support teachers or learners) is a pivotal activity in TEL, the deployment of recommender systems has Article history Further decentring its initial cognitive outlook, the second part of the article addresses the question of how to understand the fact that within the divinatory discourse itself it is not the diviner but the divinatory apparatus that is being addressed as the source of enunciation. Today's artificial intelligence technology is insufficient to support autonomous task performance in complex domains such as urban search and rescue, forcing human teleoperation of robots to be extensively relied upon. Though, while applying for other professions, the applicants do not perform enough results on the key disciplines for the profession, they are placed in those professions when the general results enable it. Reco, Pashler, H., McDaniel, M., Rohrer, D., & Bjork, R. (2009), Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 9, ... More particularly, it is investigated whether (and to what extent) students' scores on the LRST (see Method section) are influenced by specific learner characteristics. This research is useful to instructors who teach older adults to use computers because it provides theories that help to identify older adults’ special instructional needs. The locations of schools were also found to have had significant impact on learner behaviour. Characteristics of Kinesthetic Learners: They try things out, touch, feel, and manipulate objects. Pursuing these recent investigations, and especially their interest in the nature of the knowledge and modes of knowing underlying divinatory ritual, the first part of the article attempts an understanding of the interpretative. Within the context of a model of problem-based learning which was developed at McMaster University in Canada, we will focus in particular on the Dutch approach of directing the learning process through problem analysis and the Danish model of project-organised learning. The adult learner is autonomous and has already accumulated a vast knowledge through his/her own experiences of life. Most studies show right hemisphere dominance in emotional and social processes. Virtual reality market is undergoing a rapid extension and continually evolves with technological advancements. Serious Games is an emerging technology that can be used in a learning environment. The problems in existing systems and future areas of research were identified which will help future researchers to pursue research in this area. ), and emerge from a process of reflection on the essential contents of a course. This book is the second edition of a work drawn from a series of lectures given by a distinguished scholar and teacher in the field of adult learning at the University of Wisconsin in 1960. learning practices of both individuals and organisations. Conclusion: The association between physical status and outcome highlights the need for close monitoring of both physical and mental status of depressed elderly patients. For filtering learner personality patterns, students with similar personality patterns are filtered to predict the potential learning results. attracted increased interest. The characteristics of children with learning disabilities are inherently very heterogeneous, with This article will explore the concept of game rhetoric as an element in game systems for persuading students to engage with the learning context. © 2008 Association for Psychological Science. Technology enhanced learning (TEL) aims to design, develop and test socio-technical innovations that will support and enhance In the complex form, learning can be described as process of acquisition, retention and modification of experience. essential characteristics which explain the success of PBL. It allows us to come to the conclusion that there is a need to study professional training of border guards in theRepublic ofIndia to implement creatively some of its elements. The principles of pedagogy applicable to a child learner do not apply to adult learners. 4. The extensive treatment given these topics is indicated by the fact that 1391 articles and books are referenced. Any learning process construed for the adult learners has to be geared to meet the needs of the adult learners. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education. They enjoy listening but cannot wait to get a chance to … What is E-learning: Its Characteristics and Advantages [Infographic] Check our infographic to get basic understanding of eLearning. On the basis of scientific sources there have been selected five methodological approaches to investigation of professional training of border guards in theRepublicofIndia: competence-based, systems, person- and activity-oriented, andragogical and ethnoaxiological. If there is no change in the behaviour, it is clear that learning doesn’t take place. Hence the teachers/facilitators of adult learners prior to conceiving, designing or implementing learning programs have to first understand the characteristics of the adult learners. The relationship between university students' motivation and their learning environment is the focus of this article. Deep learning Surface learning In an afterword for the second edition of the book, the author summarizes the research of the first part and offers ideas on later trends and research studies, such as self-directed learning and increased participation in higher education by adults. The LRST was administered to 405 11th and 12th grade students, and to 156 first-year university students in Flanders. as children’s ‘theory of mind’. In this article we examine the relations between these views and suggest that the real challenge of the cognitive revolution is to unite the two approaches, to achieve a causal, naturalistic account of the acquisition and elaboration of meaning-making. In order to access the characteristics in each content area, please click a content area below. The social and individual aspects of MOOCs are two sides of the same coin. Originality/value The role played by the attribution of mental states to others has been studied intensely in the past decade in a new research area that has come to be known, Objective: To ascertain the outcome of depression and factors associated with outcome over a minimum followup period of 12 months in patients referred to an Old Age Psychiatry Service. BHINDER Nataliya – PhD of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor of Translation Studies Department, National Bohdan Khmelnitskyi Academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Shevchenko str., 46, Khmelnytskyi, 29000, Ukraine (berestetskanat@ukr.net) Structured interviews were used to achieve the aim of the research and to answer the question: what are the challenges and opportunities of peer assessment mentioned by participants of adult continuing education course. In light of these findings, the researchers have developed the Induced-Fit Learning Model that describes the experiences of students mainly the challenges they have faced, adjustments they have made, and the perceived attributes of the K 12 Science curriculum. Adult learners have a vast wealth of knowledge acquired by controlling their environment and experiences of life. I still do odd jobs, among which chairing the exams committee of an OU faculty. The correspondence of each learner's knowledge to the disciplines is assessed by the difference between the numerical value of the requirements set for the disciplines and the numerical value of the performance of the learner, ... Learner. The term 'Adult learner' is used to describe any person socially accepted as an adult who is participating in a systematic learning process, either formal or non-formal or informal. Ethnoaxiological approach concerns the fact that in the process of professional training it is necessary to consider philosophical concepts, national traditions and customs as well as inculcated in cadets universal values common to all mankind. In this paper, we propose a new interaction design model based on game They talk about what to do, about the pros and cons of a situation. However, we found virtually no evidence for the interaction pattern mentioned above, which was judged to be a precondition for validating the educational applications of learning styles. The students were asked about their motivation to learn, their interest in psychology and about the perceived learning environment in psychology. There is also plentiful evidence arguing that people differ in the degree to which they have some fairly specific aptitudes for different kinds of thinking and for processing different types of information. Other variables of self that have been examined include ability, familiarity, ego and goal-orientation, goal setting, personality traits and susceptibility to social and cultural influences. Finally, in order to demonstrate that optimal learning requires that students receive instruction tailored to their putative learning style, the experiment must reveal a specific type of interaction between learning style and instructional method: Students with one learning style achieve the best educational outcome when given an instructional method that differs from the instructional method producing the best outcome for students with a different learning style. This technology is an effective interaction design paradigm which can be embedded as a persuasive learning tool to attract learners’ attention. This article presents a modeling of the "evaluation – placement" support system for the individual approach to assessing applicants' knowledge and positioning them in relevant specialties.

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