then spent the waning hours of our week in Chile at the Pre-Colombian art museum. One week in Chile: Day 2. Why visit Santiago Chile for a full week? And just like that our week in Chile was over and our airport lounge fresh fruit binge was about to begin. It’s also apparently where all of South America’s dogs go to breed. What a lovely experience you got there. Patagonia itinerary: 1 week. Even Forrest Gump got shot in the buttocks. As a non-wine drinker, I particularly love Bocanáriz because they offer a menu of wine flights so you can taste a variety. All others went to the West to eat bitter potatoes beyond the sea.” Just how bitter were the potatoes in Pre-Colombian times? A One-Week Itinerary to Chile: Santiago, Valparaíso and Atacama. Ok that’s not true. This 12-hour guided hike includes hotel pickup and dropoff, lunch, and all at a “medium” difficulty. Day drinking wine. Backpacking Chile 2 Week Itinerary #2: 1 Month in Patagonia. Famed for his passionate poems written for a string of lovers, his Valparaíso home, La Sebastiana, is a place to delve into his love of whimsy and childlike décor—as well as admire some of the finest views of the city and harbor from his living room. An early, two-hour flight heading north to Calama Airport, followed by an easy airport shuttle (no need to book; they leave when full from outside arrivals), brings you to northern adventure capital, San Pedro de Atacama. I spent two days tasting wines in two very different ways. So within a short distance of Santiago are two of Chile’s most popular wine regions. ─ On the way back to Valparaiso from Cachagua, we made the snap decision (there was a lot of swerving off the highway that day) to visit the town of Horcón to see the Puente de los Deseos. 1-week patagonia itinerary Patagonia is a vast region, so we won't lie to you that one week is a long time to explore all the highlights, but it is for sure still better than nothing. You should – Chile is the best! Valparaiso | Read hotel reviews on Tripadvisor then go ahead and book your room here! We recommend focusing your one-week Patagonia itinerary on one main location within the region. A llama. The perfect itinerary for 2 weeks in Peru. Regardless of how little time we would have in Chile, it was mandatory for me that we cover all the bases, i.e. We started the second day of our week in Chile with cappuccino and avocado toast at Vilapert (#BasicBrunch) and then our group split up. (Spoiler alert: They did!!!!!!) Before my trip to Chile I read Culture Smart! We spent two days just legit wading through dirty street mongrels. Chile Itinerary 1 - The grand tour - 3 weeks. It’s a 24-hour bus ride to San Pedro from Santiago, which costs around $100 for a return ticket. Those apartment views were ridiculous, right? **, **Also if you don’t lose your luggage claim ticket mere seconds after stowing your suitcase in the undercarriage. Some of the below are affiliate links and I’ll earn a percentage of the sale if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you. We left New New York and flew 50 years and one time zone into the future before landing in Chile. I’ve never wanted to hug a statue so much in my life. If you flip it horizontally, Chile just about covers the entire width of the United States and you could fit three United Kingdoms inside its terrain. So naturally I got sorbet because I pay all the attention. It was suggested for its stellar stargazing by one, for its famous Chilean wine regions by another, for its mountainous, outdoorsy options by another, and I was like, “WTF ever dudes. Wine tasting in Chile One article even says, “This bar may have sticky tables and the odour of a frat house on a Sunday morning, but it’s something of a rite of passage.” Y tho. So do with that what you will. However, it was delicious. It would also be the only day during my week in Chile that not even a single wine glass would graze my lips. I took a few sips then spilled mine all over the table. Stretching 4,270 kilometers (2,653 miles) from north to south, Chile is one long, lean, and epically diverse country. This itinerary starts in Santiago, Chile from here you need to take a flight to Puerto Montt. Patagonia itinerary for one week of travel: Perito Moreno and hiking in Los Glaciares National Park . Eventually we opted for a late lunch at a random find: Hotel Fauna. A day without penguins or alpacas. My stay in Chile, for example, was just over a week – far too short for a country with 4,000 miles of coastline. Life is like a box of chocolates drinking in Chile—you never know what you’re gonna get! Here is how to hike Torres del Paine independently in one day. Make sure to try such Chilean staples as empanadas pino (empanadas filled with a mixture of ground beef, olives, onions, raisins, and hard boiled eggs) and machas (clams covered in Parmesan cheese). Start with a surfboard in Iquique to sample the swells of Playa Cavancha and Playa Huaiquique, then jump off a cliff on a tandem paragliding jaunt. Peru’s Colca Canyon: a photo story. The first day is a day to acclimatize. The attractions are located far from town and with plenty of tour agencies in town and online, group tours are the most convenient and cost-effective way to explore Atacama. I’m a sucker for viewpoints so I admit that the breezy hilltop lookout was what drew me to Santa Lucía Hill. Places to Stay The Best Boutique Hotels in Chile. Book onto an afternoon speedboat tour with Fiordos del Sur out to Magdalena Island, a 97-hectare reserve with some 120,000 resident Magellanic penguins between November and March. Steph Dyson. Feel free to cut one destination out to have more time to experience the others. First stop: desert town <3. I like to think it was just an unfortunate coincidence of a faulty iPod and not a subtle hint for the gringos taking pictures of the bathrooms to get the $%^& out. Stretching 4,270 kilometers (2,653 miles) from north to south, Chile is one long, lean, and epically diverse country. You’re supposed to write your wish on a ribbon then tie it to the bridge. Santiago Start – Week One; Valparaíso Visit – Week One; Lively Lakes – Week Two; Patagonian Panoramas – Week Two to Three; Atacama Adventures – Week Three ; Coastal Chile – Week Four; Keep the Travel Dream Alive in Lockdown… Join Our Newsletter! It’s an ambitious plan for just a week and you’ll be covering quite some ground, so expect to rely on Chile’s network of low-cost flights to transport you across vast distances. You can also visit Puerto Natales in Chilean Patagonia and hike the Torres del Paine trail in one day if you don’t have 2 weeks to spare. I mean, Forrest didn’t set out to become the ambassador of a ping pong paddle brand. Adrenaline junkies will not want to miss the adventure mecca of Pucón. Day 1 – Travel to the Atacama desert. ─ Santa Lucía Hill. The leader of an entire nation lives and works here—so the building is worth a swing-by. Read on for my ultimate guide to backpacking Chile and the best itinerary for 2 w eeks in Chile. Expect to get up-close-and-personal with this chattering mass of birds and their newly-hatched chicks thanks to pathways that allow you to roam between their nests. (Spent an entire day there, drank all the things, still had to Google this.). They serve beef casserole. I regret nothing! It gets the gold medal, the blue ribbon, an EGOT ‘cause why not?, a Heisman, a Nobel Prize in pisco, AND it gets to go on Ellen. but rather, a bare-minimum starting point for you as you plan your own trip to Chile. Buses to Valpo from Santiago run, I kid you not, every five to ten minutes or so. We hiked for miles and miles, hours and hours, to an elevation of over 10,500 feet—the highest I’ve ever been. You’ll regret nothing. Santiago de Chile … After settling into our insane Airbnb situation (details to follow), our group simply walked around Valparaiso aimlessly—taking it all in and dodging land mines* like our lives depended on it. Because Tim did it all. According to the display, “Chiefs and great warriors were sent to the East to roam among the volcanoes. The trash thing happened, not once, but twice more while we were there. Restaurants The 10 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Chile. This Chile and Argentina itinerary will hit all of Patagonia: the impressive Andes mountains crowned with glaciers, waterfalls, glacial lakes and … Don’t be put off by the sheer length of Chile and its countless opportunities for sightseeing and adventure. *…and their friends who are beer drinkers but are still DTF – down to freaking drink more wine because, whatever, it’s still alcohol. however, the secret to making the best chile itinerary is to take at least four weeks to really make the most. In the category of Most Awesome Under-the-Radar Travel Destination, the award goes to… envelope please… one week in Chile! All in all, the perfect day. Here at the Plaza de Armas you’ll find some important historical buildings, excellent people watching, and relaxing places to drink beer in a beautiful, palm-laden park setting. Valparaiso is Chile’s third largest metropolitan area, one of the country’s most important seaports, and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take plenty of water for the dry desert air and warm clothes; when the sun drops, the air quickly turns cold. Atacama desert. My favorite wine of the night was a variety called País—the first grape brought over to South America from Europe. Santa Lucía Hill is a small hill in the center of Santiago—what’s left of an ancient volcano, actually—and is a cornucopia of many ... La Moneda Palace. We participated in a formal wine (and cheese) tasting then self-toured the property. On this two-week trip, you’ll visit many of … | 29d. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Conveniently located next door to Bocanáriz was our next stop: Chipe Libre, the undisputed authority on all things pisco. I highly recommend considering travel insurance before you attempt any hiking in a foreign country. We spent a few hours walking the coastal walk between Cachagua and Zapallar (sounds like Futurama space-talk if you ask me) spying on the penguins, sea lions, and otters, exploring the tide pools, and really pressing our luck when it came to big waves crashing into big rocks. Loved reading your post. It will take you through breathtaking & dramatic landscapes of Patagonia all the way down to the remote part known as Land of Fire. best travel guidebooks for culturally aware travelers, Small Group El Morado Trek + Hot Springs Day Trip from Santiago, Cajon del Maipo 8km Hiking Day Tour in the Andes from Santiago, 7 Worthwhile Ways to Spend a Weekend in Dallas, Texas, 9 Delightful Day Trips from Clearwater: Florida One Tank Trips, Day Trip to Courmayeur From Chamonix: Quick & Essential Guide, 2 Days in Fort Myers: Itinerary & Guide to a Fun Florida Weekend, 2 Days in Florence: A Jam-Packed Itinerary + Helpful Tips, 3 Days in Sarasota, Florida: Relaxing Itinerary, Info Guide, and More, what looks like just pieces of castles here and there. Photos here were taken with: Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark II w/ 12-40mm + 40-150mm lenses & Google Pixel XL You now what else is no joke? After all the members of Real Blogging World: Chile showed up, we grabbed dinner at the only open place we could find , a Peruvian restaurant serving seafood in big seashells so, good news everyone, I’ve got a new sea bra. The free audio guide is a must to understand the house and its famous former inhabitant. According to Wikipedia, pisco is a brandy produced in the winemaking regions of Peru and Chile. The museum has collections from Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, the Amazon, the Andes, Easter Island, and an awesome exhibit on textiles. Here’s a 2 months itinerary for Chile and Argentina. You will see countless mountain peaks, glaciers, wildlife and explore life and mountains in the southernmost city in the world. Hello! Typically, I’m more of a hotel-stayer myself, but when traveling with larger groups it’s always fun to rent a big house. But they grew grapes. Today our group booked spots on the Maipo Valley Little Wine Bus. More wine it is. Timely Read! If you’re beginning your two weeks in Chile after arriving from Bolivia, you’ll be arriving into San Pedro. (Probably.). You'll need a 4WD and plenty of food, water and extra gas. Besides that, it’s a pleasant way to spend the avocado-toast-digesting period between breakfast and beer. You’ll pack up your group and head skyward three stories to continue your night while looking down (heh) on all the sidewalk diners. Here's our itinerary (days can be cut out here & there): Day 1: Fly overnight US to Santiago. They’re meant to reflect the spirit of the deceased and assist them in their journey to the afterlife. if you want to make the most of chile, check out our guide to create the best chile itinerary for a two week itinerary or a three week itinerary of chile. As they’re located at 4,320 meters (14,173 feet) above sea level, you may well be struggling for breath, so take things slowly as you admire jets of steam that erupt from the earth’s crust. Haha perfect! ─ 1 year ago. The formula though is this: Buenos Aires, Iguazu, and at least one stop in Patagonia. I know I sound like Cruella de Vil but it’s weird there. Updated 09/21/20. Devote an hour or so to the Museo del Meteorito (Meteorite Museum) and their collection of more than 3,200 meteorites that have landed in the surrounding desert, some of which are a remarkable 4.5 million years old. Finish the day back in Puerto Natales ahead of your flight back to Santiago. There was a cat sitting on an elevated stage behind us, watching the whole thing go down. If you’re looking for an easy, rewarding, delicious, and physically beautiful trip to take, I whole-heartedly suggest a week in Chile. A friend and I (both of us 30-something-year-old men, first time in Country) will be attending a wedding in Santiago first week March. You could’ve told me it was the place to get fricasseed crickets and I’d have been all up in that. Between the dusty streets and the adobe-walled buildings, you’ll feel like you are strolling through a Moroccan desert village, rather than an Andean Chilean town. Devote an afternoon to hiking San Cristobal Hill for amazing views of the city with the Andes as a … The Tours 4 Tips team run two tours in Valparaíso. Begin your trip flying or bussing into the cosmopolitan Chilean capital. A ramshackle town hugging the depressingly-named—yet enchantingly picturesque—Last Hope Sound, Puerto Natales is deep in cowboy country. Your first stop is the Plaza de Armas, Santiago’s cavernous main square. So obviously we were in Chile during an even-numbered month and visited the palace twice… on odd-numbered days. Nearby, the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino (Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art) is a wealth of Indigenous artifacts, including funerary statues used by the Mapuche people. 2. Natural Wonders of Chile - Desert, Glaciers, and Coast. (is not good). Like would you spend a few days in Washington DC and not walk by the White House to see what kind of crazy is brewing over there today? Includes hotel pickup and dropoff, a guided tour through the Maipo Canyon, small towns and local restaurants. On the top of Cerro San Cristóbal sits a sanctuary dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, complete with a super huge statue of the Virgin Mary, a chapel, and an amphitheater.

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