Use of pair programming practice has been demonstrated to improve the productivity and quality of software products. But unlike the XP method, the Lean approach is focused on delivering small pieces of production upon the request of the customer whenever he wants. The programmers must be able to sit side-by-side and program, simultaneously viewing the computer screen and sharing the keyboard and the mouse. Extreme programming (XP) is one of the most important software development framework of Agile models. Extreme Programming involves − Writing unit tests before programming and keeping all of the tests running at all times. Extreme Programming vs. It forces one to concentrate fully on the problem at hand. You can help improve each other’s skills. Pair Programming - also known as Peer Programming - is an extreme programming technique in which programmers work in a pair at one workstation. One of the key features of Extreme Programming, pair programming does not work well in many cases. Communicating with others on a regular basis is the key for leading a balanced life. And, surprisingly, your team's overall efficiency will improve, too. Having a partner to review design and coding continuously and objectively is a very beneficial aspect of pair programming. Extreme programming is about getting feedback earlier in the process. Extreme programmers have a “slide the keyboard/don't move the chairs” rule. In pair programming, you need to ensure that you work without excess ego or too little ego. While the person who is driving is thinking about implementation, the other continuously reviews code, thinks about a possible simpler design that is possible, how the current development fits in the overall system as of date. Extreme programming is one of the most productive software development methodologies. However, when they rejoin, they have to either review the independent work before incorporating it or flush and rewrite the independent work along with continuous review of the work, which identifies additional defects. By contrast, the Scrum product owner prioritizes the product backlog but the team determines the sequence in which they will develop the backlog items. Extreme Programming The origin of extreme programming (XP) started in 1990s when Kent Black tried to find a better way of doing software development when he was handling a project at DaimlerChrysler [9]. To understand, consider that pair programming comes from the extreme programming movement. Together as a pair, you can solve problems that you could not solve alone. During the meeting, you’ll review your previous work and... Quarterly Cycle Amongst the twelve primary practices of XP comes Quarterly Cycle. Both of these methods are aimed at providing a high-quality product to the customer as fast as it is possible. The pairing establishes a symbiotic relationship as the expert is questioned and checked by the novice who in turns learns from the expert. Will it impact the team’s capacity and velocity? Being defensive can cause a programmer not to receive constructive criticism or to view this criticism as mistrust. In Extreme Programming, they speak of the Truck Number: the number of team members that would need to be hit by a truck to kill the project. Programmers also benefit from overhearing other conversations to which they can have vital contributions. The idea is similar to a pilot of a rally car - one is... Weekly-Cycle is one of the primary practices of Extreme Programming. Extreme Programming projects strive to keep the Truck Number as close as possible to the total team size. The project ends up with multiple people understanding each piece of the system. This is commonly used in the university and learning environments so that both learners can develop better if paired together than if they are allowed to study alone. eXtreme Programming (XP) eXtreme Programming (XP) is one of the best-known agile processes. Extreme Programming (XP) is a new, Agile programming methodology (for constructing and maintaining programs) that is becoming quite popular for medium-size programming projects. Once a team begins to jell, the probability of success goes up dramatically. By frequently rotating partners throughout the team, Extreme Programming promotes better communication and team-building. To ensure effective communication, both within a collaborative pair and with other collaborative pairs, without much effort, programmers need to see each other, ask each other questions and make decisions on things such as integration issues. This lets the customer see if the requirements were understood right early. The pairing of two experts is commonly used because it implies that the efficiency of the team would be near perfect. Don Wells published the first XP rules in 1999 to counter claims that extreme programming doesn’t support activities that are necessary to software development, such as planning, managing, and designing.

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