Follow me on TikTok: Check out my HYDE VEST! When I fillet bass I end up with a skinless, boneless piece of meat. Repeat procedure with remaining fillets, flour mixture, egg white mixture, and breadcrumb mixture. Brandon Jordan P.O. He had two bass to cook that day- one about 3.5 pounds or so and a larger bass of about 5.5 pounds that had to be cut in half to fit in his smoker. Gear. Working with 1 fillet at a time, place fish in bag; seal and shake to coat. I don’t remember when I caught my first small mouth bass and I certainly don’t remember the first one that I ate. Cleaning a bass is simple and consistent with the process required for cleaning most fish. F illeting a fish can look difficult but, like everything, it’s a matter of practice and good technique. The largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) is a carnivorous freshwater gamefish in the Centrarchidae family, a species of black bass generally native to eastern and central North America, in Canada, United States and northern Mexico, but widely introduced elsewhere. Latest. Cajun Baked Fillet of Largemouth Bass is simple to prepare and can become a very delicious alternative to the same old humdrum way of preparing fresh water fish -- like frying. See more at: Straight forward video on how to clean a largemouth bass. Definitely not the great firm, flaky white meat like on perch and walleye. The largemouth bass is one of the species of black bass usually known to be […] Grilled Largemouth Bass Fillet Recipes. How to Prep and Cook Largemouth Bass Fillets for Fried Deliciousness. The best way I have found is, while the fish is laying on it's side, run the point of the fillet knife to about even with the top of the eye and back about half and inch. This video shows how to fillet a Largemouth Bass. Removing the fillets is the most efficient and clean option. Equipment. Send all fanmail and stuff here!! Related Videos. This method is fast, easy to learn, and will save you time. I should mention a stouter knife makes it easier to get through the ribs on larger fish. Anyone who’s into fishing for sports or eating wonders whether they can eat the largemouth bass. Here I will step you through filleting a bass and removing the skin and all bones, including that small strip that was right above the top ridge of the rib-cage. Posted By: MathGeek How to Fillet Largemouth and Spotted Bass Quickly - 07/19/19 03:28 PM. Bass or small trout would be best suited to a 7.5-inch blade, whereas pike, salmon and larger fish will require a 9-inch blade. The bottom line. June 8, 2020. Season both sides with Paprika, salt & pepper (to taste). Today, we’ll see how to fillet a sea bass, which is among the most popular fish to cook. Subscribe here!! Posted By: MathGeek Re: How to Fillet Largemouth and Spotted Bass Quickly - 07/20/19 06:03 PM. 1 Place the largemouth bass on the cutting board lengthwise with its dorsal side facing away from you. If the bass you have is particularly large, such as a large striped bass, you may require a larger knife than the one you might use for smaller sized fish. An "all-around knife" would consist of a 7.5-inch blade — this model will allow you to fillet small and large fish quite satisfactory, and with the least amount of struggle and effort. The largemouth bass is an excellent fighter when caught. A great example on how to fillet a fish. The normal range of blade fillet knife should have is 8-10 inches. The only difference you may notice will tend to be the size of the fish. Merch!! This same technique also works for bluegill, and crappie. Next day, dry fillets on paper towels. You can cook the entire bass or remove the fillets to isolate the meat. Check out the fishing tips and find more information about panfish, bass, perch and crappie fishing at Bass Pro 1Source. Click here to see a larger view of the panfish fillet guide or print out the How to fillet panfish, bass, perch & crappie graphic here. They don't reside anywhere else other than South Florida, But there's a difference between the two flakes that is a large mouth bass that is a peacock bass. I wash them off and put them into plastic zip-closure bags, dividing them into meal-size packages. Posted by randman011 December 10, 2019. How to Clean & Fillet Smallmouth Bass. Remove the fish from the pan. Place the bass fillets in a single layer on the grill. How to Fish for Bass. Cover with milk and seal bag. Wash the scales away with cold water from the sink or from an outdoor hose. How To Fillet A Largemouth Bass – Oh So Easy! However, a few times a year bass get kept. Spotted bass or striped bass I insert the knife at the top of the head and follow the spine. You are now viewing video How to fillet a Largemouth Bass that we added on March 18, 2016 in category How To Clean Filet A Fish. Dredge the bass fillets in the flour and shake off any excess. Published on Jul 4, 2015. Dip in egg white mixture, and dredge in breadcrumb mixture. Baked foods are healthier than fried foods and that's a fact. USGS Releases Western Big-Game Migration Maps. Fillet Knife; The knife should have a flexible blade with a grip of some hard material. In this video I head to my backyard pond only to find my 10lb pet largemouth bass floating and being eaten by turtles.. New? See best Thermal Underwear for 2020! For Business […] Refrigerate overnight. Coat each fillet with Wondra Flour. Push the blade quickly straight through and then rock it down and out the top of the back. But they’re not prepping their fish properly. Use a fillet knife to remove the scales by gently scraping from the fish's tail to its head. Now that you know which bass you are dealing with, we are to the next step how to fillet a largemouth and smallmouth bass. All pan fish are much better too, including rock bass. How to fillet a largemouth bass in just a few easy steps. Whether you're a competitive sports fisher or just want to spend a fun afternoon with your family on the lake, bass fishing is a difficult pastime if you aren't properly equipped. 0:43 Place the fillets in the pan and pan fry about 3 minutes per side, until golden brown. After the fish go into the bag I put about a tablespoon of salt in the bag and fill it with water, then squeeze out any air and seal it. You must remove the entrails, clean and prepare the meat for cooking. Plenty of folks argue that largemouth bass taste like mud. By Hank Shaw. I release them. The preparation for this was amazingly, ridiculously simple. Hunting. Place the knife at the top of the fishes back, as close as possible to the top fin bones, make the cut keeping it flush with the fin bones, slowly work your way into the fish with the knife and pulling the fillet back as you go to see what you are doing. Season the top of the bass with lemon juice and the herbs and spices of your choice. Cook the fillets for 5 minutes per inch of thickness; for fillets that are 1/2 inch thick, cook them for 2 … How to Fillet Fish: Largemouth Bass by admin | Posted on August 30, 2019 There are many ways to prepare fresh largemouth bass for the dinner table, and this video shows how to fillet them. Be sure to check out more great fishing videos on the Florida Fishing Videos website. This is very simple, and only requires a sharp fillet knife. Box 5330 Lakeland, FL 33807 Follow My Instagram! IMHO once bass get to about 1.5#s the meat starts getting mushy and tasteless. It depends on what you’re calling a bass. If it is a largemouth bass i don’t at all. Scientifically called Micropterus Salmoides, it is a cannibalistic freshwater sport-fish, which belongs to the family Centrarchidae. Sea bass is a versatile saltwater fish that can be baked whole, grilled, braised and more. After he scaled and gutted the fish (which you don’t have to worry about if you buy your fish from a market) he was ready to proceed. An electric fillet knife can make filleting much easier, especially if you have a large number of fish to fillet, such as when you catch a haul of bluegill, perch, small bass or trout. Now lets fillet the bass. The largemouth bass is the official fish of Florida and Alabama, the state fish of Mississippi and Georgia, and the official gamefish of Tennessee. What you need to know when cooking largemouth bass tasteful e whole grilled bass with olives onion and artichoke recipe easy largemouth bass recipe yum you roasted whole black bass recipes cooking channel recipe. We have hundreds of cool fishing videos here and we be continuously adding more each week. Gut hooked / dying fish never get wasted if I think they're definitely not going to make it. More Fishing. How to Fillet Fish: Largemouth Bass. Most types of bass fish, including smallmouth, largemouth and striped bass can be filleted the same way. Whether you call them “smallies”, “bronze backs” or some other name, fresh-water small mouth bass are incredibly fun to catch; they are amazing fighters! Chili powder and cumin work well with bass, as do almost all spices. Place cleaned & deboned bass fillets (preferably small-mouth bass - but works with large-mouth & bluegill fillets too -- ) in a large zip-lock bag. you can see it's got almost like a pink orange tint to it, and this guy's got a lot of more like a snow white color to it. The most common methods for fishing largemouth bass include baitcasting/bottom casting and fly-fishing. How to Fillet Largemouth and Spotted Bass Quickly. Start by cutting vertically just behind the gills, down to the ribs and backbone.

how to fillet a largemouth bass

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