This, in my opinion, is the greatest benefit these dumbbells have over the Ironmaster set. You should go with the Compact Stand (Size: Large) since it is large enough to hold the Pro EXP Stage 2 dumbbells AND because it has 4 holes in the center to hold each of the adder weights. They back it up with what may be the world's best customer service as well! Plus, most people reading this page will probably opt for the 90 lbs PowerBlocks. Great point about the compatibility of the KettleBlock Handle, EZ Curl & Straight Bar with ONLY the Pro EXP series, U90, and U70 sets. The plates on all other models are steel with no protective coating (other than paint). Many feature a podium design and are raised with a flat base on top, while others utilize a more traditional rack design. no maneuvering the dumbbells around your hips). The open handle design, plus the auto lock adjustment make for a slightly more comfortable and easier to use experience. Offering a weight range of 10-50lbs (4.5kg-22.7kg) per hand in 5lbs increments, the PowerBlock Pro 50 are compact and space-saving adjustable dumbbells for … However, it's part of their commercial equipment line. And it shows that both options will cost you several hundred dollars -- not cheap for sure, but definitely an investment that will pay off if you're serious about training. The Powerblock elite 50 is designed by a world renowned authentic company operating from 1991 to present. Could you please add info on the elite 2020 also? Since you can be confident of the durability of the rubber grips and assuming you’re not bothered by the slight adder weight imbalance that’s only noticeable on some exercises at low weights, it’s really a matter of if you’re willing to pay the ~$500 for the knurled straight grip — and that’s a question only you can answer of how much you value that feature compared to how much you value the savings. if you put the KettleBlock handle in the Pro 50 weight stack with no adder weights, and set it to the yellow block, the weight according to the sticker would show 40 lbs; but the actual weight would be 35 lbs). I’ve noticed no wear in this time. I won't get into detail on the terms and conditions of each warranty type. If you're here to find a quick answer to which PowerBlock dumbbell model is right for you, I'll include a summary of my top recommendation in the table below: Rated 4.5 out of 5 in Adjustable Dumbbells. All else being equal, I do prefer the more natural look of the Ironmasters. Powerblock Sport Adjustable Dumbbell Set 10-50 lbs – (1 Pair) posted on July 23, 2020 PowerBlock has been present in sports equipment for quite a time now and have been continuously introducing new and new tools to amp up your weight training. However, you don’t need to fill your home gym with all of the latest equipment. COMPARISON OF DIFFERENT POWERBLOCK PRODUCTS: In the Pro 50, the handle weighs 5 pounds, each unit weighs 5 pounds, and each adder weighs 2.5 pounds. For a one-off (though still admittedly steep) expense of a couple of hundred dollars, you’ll get a set of adjustable dumbbells that will literally last you decades. In the event that 50 pounds isn't enough, there's the option to purchase a 70 to 90-pound extension kit. As I explained in an earlier point, one of the pros of this dumbbell system is its durability and solid build quality. EXP stands for expandable and the Elite EXP can be expanded later to 70 lbs and again to 90 lbs per hand so it can grow in weight as your needs change The Sports Series is primarily sold in physical stores and on I’ve since been in contact with PowerBlock and they told me the main differences between the Sport Series and the PowerBlock Series (red/black) is the aesthetics and who sells it. Thanks to its square shape and sturdy design, the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells also allow fitness buffs to do push-ups. The Elite will save you money and will enable you to build just as much strength as the Sport. yellow = 40 with no adder weights). ...If so, then I'll direct you to my PowerBlock dumbbell comparison page. We have previously written about the the power block dumbbells in our article the best adjustable dumbbells on the market which is definitely worth taking a look at if you are unsure which brand to go for.There are a number of dumbbell models available under the PowerBlock banner, with the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells being among the most popular. 15% off (2 days ago) Get 10 PowerBlock coupon codes and promo codes at CouponBirds. This includes both adjustable and traditional fixed dumbbells. I’m almost positive they didn’t include different stickers in my KettleBlock when I got it, and that they didn’t have any notes about it in its documentation. While it boasts a number of features which are not present on its Elite alternative, the differences between the two are not nearly copious enough to justify the extra few hundred dollars they ask for the Sport. This option should work just fine, as long as you choose a reputable service. With the help of the expansion kits, the Elite 50 can be expanded to 70 lbs and then again to 90 lbs. And one of the best priced options that PowerBlock offers. And whats your thoughts about the Ez bar? The other difference is that the Sport is sold mostly in physical stores (AND online), whereas the PowerBlock EXP (not to be confused with the PRO EXP) is sold only online (e.g. Luckily, you can snag the Large PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand for a relatively low price. Thanks again buddy! 3 Possible Settings – PowerBlock Exp dumbbells can be used in 3 possible different settings: 50 pound set, 70 pound set & 90 pound set. Could you give me an advise ? when using heavier weights for bench pressing i would always let down the dumbells to my side. How PowerBlock Works Easy as Select & Lift. Useful. Glad I helped clear up the confusion, Mike. …That said, if you go with PowerBlocks, I think it makes sense to just get a set that goes up to 90 lbs. And is the open design better then the closed cage design of the elite? I thought all of the Urethane plates were 10 pounds? Instead they sell the Powerblock sport version. As such, it's necessary to point out some major differences between the two systems. The selector pin may be a bit fiddly and you may have to focus slotting the selector pin in properly. There are several PowerBlock dumbbell models to choose from. The PowerBlock Sport is one of the few PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells to have been released after the Elite. But how does it hold up against the young upstart that is the PowerBlock Elite? However, the Classic 50 can only be expanded to a maximum of 70 lbs. You were so detailed and patient. Most manufacturers of dumbbells back their products with some sort of warranty. You'll definitely want one; if not right away, then eventually. I cant be more satisfied. No problem, Samuel. Thanks for the detailed comment — That’s awesome you got the U90s locally and are happy with them…always nice to have at least the option to get the IV expansion set in the future, if you happen to find an extra $400 lying around . I am inclined towards PowerBlock EXP stage 2. Thanks Alex! This page is my PowerBlock dumbbells review. PowerBlock Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbells Review. The straight bars are all out of stock anyhow (new or old). In this PowerBlock Sports Bench review, I will look at the exercise options, attachments, design, warranty and features of the equipment. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review: 50 to 90. If you are serious about lifting, feel free to pick up the expansion packs to … It’s certainly subjective in terms of a users feeling. New kettlebell products may be coming in near future, but I don't know any specifics. The first four weight blocks in the stack for the U70 were 5 lb blocks (i.e. This makes them perfect for long sessions of weight training. PowerBlock EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbell has a weight range of 5-50 lbs and replaces 16 dumbbells in the space of 1. Furthermore, the rubber grip itself is over-molded with a steel hex bar core that mates to a hex in the handle (molded end), so it won’t spin. If you use it with the Pro EXP like I do, you'll have to do some quick mental math to make sure you're selecting the desired amount of weight. I'll explain the pros and cons of this dumbbell system, so that you can weigh them and judge how well this system meets your needs. The Elite EXP has a weight range of 5-50 lbs per hand. At no more than 12 inches in length and 6.5 inches in width, an Elite 50 can easily be packed into a corner when not in use. Durable! I also bought an inexpensive bench for under $100. The Elite is quite a departure from the traditional dumbbell. I’m worried the contoured rubber handles with get torn up or start to lose their grip or start rotating after a long while (years) whereas I’m sure the straight knurled handles won’t have any of those issues… I usually also prefer a straight bar, but I could get used to a contoured grip. Great review, Alex. It was a major selling point for me in deciding on my Pro EXP, so I make sure to stress that in all of my articles on the PowerBlocks — I don’t want anybody to accidentally buy a different set then realize after the fact that it’s not compatible with these accessories. Composed of integrated adjustable weights, PowerBlock dumbbells sets are comfortable and easy to use. Although the absence of padding from its handles is, in many ways, a disadvantage, it does mean the hand and wrist have more room to move around. The rectangular profile is a bit unusual, but it only inhibits a few movements and for what it lacks in that area, makes up for it in durability and value. This makes them more durable, resistant to damage, quieter and safer to use. Thanks. I love talking about fitness equipment, so these types questions are always fun to answer. I found this image helpful image that shows a good comparison (the PowerBlock model appears to be the Elite set — all dumbbells shown are 35 lbs). Ciao Alex ho letto con molto interesse la tua bella recensione. It is a pity that when something happens like breaking urethane connections at plates on U50 you cannot get replacement plates to repair the set . For fitness fanatics, however, the versatility of the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells makes it almost impossible to top. You must then reposition and tighten the collar before moving to the other side of the dumbbell to change that side. And as far as the selectorized dumbbells go, the PowerBlocks are very well balanced especially compared to the likes of the Bowflex-style adjustable dumbbells. The pros and cons are as follows: If fast weight adjustment is a top priority for you, then the PowerBlock dumbbells are your best option. The Elite 90 can be adjusted to a total weight of - you guessed it - 90 lbs per dumbbell. It’s even easier than with the Elite model, since it has the “Auto lock adjustment”, which automatically locks the adder weight slots when you place the block inside the weights. We’ll be taking a more detailed look at expansion kits a little later on in this article. 2 Expansion Kits – There are 2 possible extension kits available for PowerBlock Exp to expand your default 50 pound dumbbell … Without further ado, I'll get to the good part of my PowerBlock dumbbells review! Is it ok to do bench press with it? There’s no cons to it. Other PowerBlock accessories include the array of dumbbell stands for the various PowerBlock dumbbell models. I wanna see what the available increments are before I make my decision. I’m leaning towards the commercial set because you just swap handles for that 5 lb increment and I bet that keeps them pretty balanced. Don’t come by people like this often these days. Powerblock vs. There are several types of PowerBlock dumbbell stands that are designed for different dumbbell set sizes. Youtube Reviews: Powerblock Elite . The PowerBlock Elite makes it possible to lift up to 90 pounds in a single dumbbell. The first thing you probably noticed about the PowerBlock dumbbells was their non-traditional design: Obviously, all of these things serve specific and necessary purposes. Product Reviews / POWERBLOC 50 Drive Pulley; 0. The Sport boasts a more rugged design than the PowerBlock Elite. An ergonomic handle allows the lifter to comfortably grip the weight for an extended period of time. It appears that the main differences between this old EZ curl bar version and the new EZ Curl Bar version are: Since we know that the new bar is 5 lbs heavier, you can figure out the increments you’d get on the new bar with the U90 by simply adding 5 lbs to each of numbers in the old EZ curl U90 sticker. While noticeable, it doesn't affect technique or performance. That said, there are some folks who say the PowerBlock's design is too "weird" for their tastes. The PowerStation boasts a maximum capacity of 125 pounds and features two slide drawers for additional storage. It allows you to transform the weights from a dumbbell to a kettlebell just by swapping out the handle: The KettleBlock handle is compatible with the Pro 50 & Pro EXP (and the now-discontinued U70 & U90) dumbbell sets. It's the Pro 175 Commercial Set and it can go all the way up to 175 lbs. The dumbbells have all the colors of the rainbow showing brightly on the sides of the weight block to indicate the weight. There are four of these heavy models, listed below: You'll want one of these sets with a max weight of 90 lbs even if you can't lift such heavy weight yet. it will help me make a better decision. The Elite USA is made in the USA. But this is just one factor consider, and a relatively unimportant one. It doesn't cover obvious things like misuse or abuse, which includes (among other things) damage from dropping the dumbbells from 12 inches or higher (or 6 inches or higher for some models). Part of the unnatural feel comes from the dumbbells not being perfectly balanced, which is to be expected from any selectorized adjustable dumbbell system. There’s a site called Parcl that you can use to find one. Shop Elite Compare . Both the Elite 70 and Elite 90 follow this same pattern, with the latter boasting a total of 28 different weight settings. As an aside, PowerBlock, Inc. does make another dedicated adjustable kettlebell system: Until Fall of 2019, PowerBlock also made the KettleBlock 20 (increments of 5, 8, 12, 16 and 20 lbs) and the KettleBlock 40 (increments of 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 lbs). The Sport features rounded tops, which gives it the appearance of a more traditional dumbbell. However, the lighter urethane sets (i.e. However, having a stand for your PowerBlocks is still very desirable. Of course, if you bought one of the other models before the warranty length change, they would honor the warranty length at time of purchase. Depending on the PowerBlock model you get, a set of PowerBlock dumbbells will be somewhere between $737 + $99 S&H (current price for the Pro EXP Stage 3) on the high end and $577 + $99 (current price for the PowerBlock EXP Stage 3) on the low end. Where the Powerblock Elite Dumbbells excel, however, is in their customer satisfaction and warranty. August 10, 2007 CVTECH GROUP brings you its new POWERBLOC 50 Drive Pulley in both calibrated and uncalibrated versions. They use weight "brackets" as opposed to traditional plates. Reviews for the real world. In other words, the PowerBlocks cost between 4% to 29% more, in this specific comparison. So the PowerBlock Elite 50, for instance, goes up to 50 pounds per hand. However, even with its unique design, it will not take you more than a few minutes to get the hang of. Would you know if the extensions for the PowerBlock EXP vs PowerBlock Sport EXP compatible or interchangeable? POWERBLOC 50 Drive Pulley. ...It's hard to compare compare their prices directly, though, since the most popular configuration of the Ironmaster is usually the combo package of the 75 lb pair plus the dumbbell stand. This gives the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells a distinct advantage over alternatives manufactured in Asian countries, where mass production is common and quality control is often an afterthought. Some people claim that the peculiar dumbbell design gives them a somewhat unnatural "feel" compared to traditional dumbbells. Once you get used to it, the entire process should take you no more than a couple of seconds. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of PowerBlock and save up to 15% when making purchase at checkout. There is the result of there being a tiny amount of play between the blocks and the handle. I’ve noticed that dumbbells under the PowerBlock Elite banner don’t have a particularly wide grip. These dumbbells will be the only set that you’ll ever need in your workout room, since they offer a wide range of weight options, with an add-on package, if … the Pro EXP sets) have all 10 lb plates (and adder weights). They have me several different stickers, but none actually match my U-90 set. The added convenience is worth the modest price tag. Yeah I’m loving it all so far. It is the only heavy model that's compatible with three awesome PowerBlock attachments: the. Here's my KettleBlock with the absolute max weight that can fit on the handle: 95 lbs. Adjustable Dumbbell Set. for lack of a better description, it was essentially a controlled drop. However, this design flaw has been fixed on all other PowerBlock dumbbell models, which now have all been upgraded to the "open handle" design, shown below: Lastly, the pillars prevent you from using the traditional grip for dumbbell triceps extensions (though you can work around this by gripping any two adjacent pillars). Expansion kits are available for the Classic 50. The PowerBlock Elite 50, 70, and 90 all use the same method to adjust the weight of the dumbbell. I want to ask you about the straight bar. If that's the case, then I'd recommend looking at the Sport EXP Stage 3, Elite 90 or PowerBlock EXP Stage 3. The PowerBlock Elite dumbbells feature a similar design to what the brand’s devotees have come to expect, maintaining the block design from which the manufacturer takes its name. Based on you review i chose to buy powerblock pro EXP Level 2. These lighter PowerBlock sets have maximum weight capacities ranging from 24 to 50 lbs: The heavy PowerBlock dumbbell models are all expandable to a max weight of 90 lbs per hand. The Elite 70 has a weight range between 5 all the way up to 70 lbs per dumbbell. Basically, it has a pillar on all four corners of the handle, surrounding the grip area. Powerblock Elite 50 Review. And in general, the smaller size makes the weights easier to control during heavy exercises. Pro EXP Stage 1, or PowerBlock EXP Stage 1, or Sport EXP Stage 1, or Elite 50). Thanks for the thorough response, Alex. As such, the Pro 50 has every 2.5-pound increment from 2.5 pounds on up to 50, with no breaks: - 2.5# (just hold an adder like a dumbbell) - 5# (the handle by itself without any adders) PowerBlock Reviews 379 • Great . Each purchase comes backed by a 10-year warranty, which ranks among the best in the industry. Yes, the Sport was released more recently, but that doesn’t exactly mean it is the better option. PowerBlock doesn't just manufacture the "World's Best Dumbbell." Adding and removing weight is markedly less time-consuming with a PowerBlock than it is with a traditional dumbbell. Visit this website Adjustable Dumbbell Set. Best It’s great that you spend so much time helping others like me get answers that we need. BRAND NEW Powerblock 50 Adjustable Dumbbell (SINGLE) IN HAND SHIPS FREE NOW!! . My goal is to help you learn proper weight training and nutrition principles so that you can get strong and build the physique of your dreams! NOTE: PowerBlock does make a dumbbell set that goes even higher. Buy cheap POWERBLOCK 50 Set here.Read reviews, click here.Find great deals, discounts and offers on Fitness & Exercise at Offerja Canada. PowerBlock manufactures a wide selection of accessories to go along with its PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells. The general consensus is that it is. Despite years on the market, the PowerBlock Classic is still going strong. PowerBlocks Elite Dumbells look cool, there’s no doubt about that. It’s the same dimensions, fixtures and tooling. Powerblock stage 1 is the base model which can makes the dumbbell adjustable from 5 – 50 lbs. Also, as I touched upon early -- Remember that it can be helpful from a budget standpoint to buy just the Stage 1 set of whichever model you choose (e.g. As you likely guessed from its name, the PowerBlock Classic series was the first in this line of block dumbbells sets. I enjoyed making this PowerBlock EXP review and I hope you got a lot of the information you were looking for. The Elite 5-50 is 12″L x6″ W x 6″ H at 50 lbs, vs. the U90 Stage 1, which is 12.5″ L x 7″ W x 7.25″ H at 50 lbs. In my country the lrice is around 800 euro and ita very expensive. You can do it in seconds. That all being said -- let's simplify things and just compare the prices of the 75 lb Ironmasters + dumbbell stand, and the 90 lb PowerBlock sets. Most people who reviewed the Powerblock Elite 90 say that the handle and the padded posts are also comfortable for different ways of holding. I recommend the PowerBlock Elite over the marginally more modern Sport. Home > Blog > Equipment > PowerBlock Dumbbells Review (2020) – Pros & Cons. So here’s what I’m wondering: Of course, it still works great, the math is just off if you have any other compatible model. Gaining strength and building muscle right in the comfort of your home is now more straightforward with a lot of advanced fitness products. It am going to use them in home so space limit is something. However, a PowerBlock stand can prove useful when you have multiple PowerBlock dumbbells but don’t have a whole lot of room to store them in your home gym. and now that you’ve used both, which do you think is better? Reply. It scares me to think the adder weights might drastically throw off the balance (especially with just one installed). That’s a tough question to answer and may ultimately come down to a matter of personal opinion. I think those might look a little better cosmetically, as these are just square blocks. Powerblock Elite Dumbbells are similarly priced to competitors’ products in this review. Hi Kevin, great question. This crowded design can potentially interfere with your hand position and wrist movement if you have bigger forearms/wrists and hands. The Elite 50 and Elite 70 sets can be expanded by increments of 20 pounds using PowerBlock’s expansion kits. There are a several accessories available for the PowerBlock dumbbells. This Powerblock adjustable dumbbells review, for pour number one pick, covers the Classic or Elite dumbbells sets. The Compact Weight Stand has a height of 26 inches, so you won’t have to sacrifice floor space to accommodate it or your dumbbells. This resilience is reflected in the dumbbell’s 15-year warranty, which is five years longer than the warranty backing the Elite. I’m looking to purchase them during the holidays while they have a sale. These are the complete details about the Powerblock Dumbbells, and if you have any questions regarding our PowerBlock Review, you can comment down below and we are happy to help you all. The U90’s are also expandable up to 125lbs each, yet the stage IV expansion is cost prohibitive at over $400 due to it containing another pair of, deeper seated, handles. The smallest weight each of them starts is at 2.5 pounds. ! PowerBlock – Urethane: Available in 32, 50, 90, 125, 175lb, and all upgradeable to 175lb. Hi Samuel, great questions. The Elite EXP is imported. This is one of the reasons why the Pro EXP is my top pick for best PowerBlock set. PowerBlock 50 is not expandable. Did yours come with the correct sticker? EXP means expandable and you can expand this set later to 70 lbs and again to 90 lbs with optional expansion kits. You can find the info at the bottom of the dealers page. The only weight chart they have on the website is for the Pro 50. Coupons For Powerblock Dumbbells. Find out why we thought they are so good and how they compare to other models in the power block adjustable dumbbells range. They told me it would be a decade or more before the rubber grips could be worn to the point of replacement and that’s with intense daily usage. Find out why we thought they are so good and how they compare to other models in the power block adjustable dumbbells range.. PowerBlock 50 has a weight range of 10-50 lbs in 5 lb increments and replaces 9 dumbbells in the space of 1. Powerblock dumbbells … I will use PowerBlocks as higher weights only. Some folks have dropped them multiple times without incident and wouldn't worry if it were to happen again. If you want to be able to do some dropping with the dumbbells, you may want to consider the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells instead (see my review here)…. As for the grips, I’ve only owned mine for ~11 months. I’m gonna start exploring the rest of your site and see what else I can learn from you. Models : Pro 32, Pro 50, Pro EXP (expandable) (Commercial Pro Series goes up to 175 lbs.) In the end, I decided to settle on a pair of PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells. They are sure to turn your head when you see them and you might not even recognise them as The Powerblock elite 50 is designed by a world renowned authentic company operating from 1991 to present. black, white, orange, yellow), with the remaining 5th one (and all others) being a 10 lb block…. Powerblock Series (black plates, red bands) vs Powerblock Sport Series (gray plates, black bands). The PowerBlock Elite, however, is easy to grip and gentle on the palm. Also comparing the 50lb non-exp versions of the two — they (black and red Powerblocks) are cheaper than the gray Powerblock Sports on every website. First off, the Pro Series has a 5 year warranty (and even if it’s beyond that, PowerBlock is really good with being fair with their customers for any issues). Technically it’s just a color variation. PowerBlock EXP Review Conclusion. version of PowerBlock replaces up to 28 pairs of dumbbells that is 2565 pounds of free weights.

powerblock 50 review

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