SCAR Bungee Sling – Tactical Link One or Two Point Bungee Sling with rear QD Connector. My SCAR 17 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. I’ve taken the ugly duckling of the original SCAR and upgraded it to the point where it actually looks like a sexy beast, and at the same time I’ve kept the FN action and accuracy that I loved about my SCAR 16 while I was on their competition team. Needing a new can for the gun, I first looked at the Liberty Chaotic. I talked with the guy who designed the can and he confirmed that it would probably be OK for shooting on a 13-inch .308 Winchester rifle despite it being mainly designed for .300 AAC Blackout usage. just got my PMM SCAR QD Mounts in yesterday.. i like them a lot especially since it uses the existing sling hooks.. looks and functions great.. It was genius and I immediately slapped it on my gun. I use a Magpul MS3 sling hooked to para cord in the rear and a RSA on the bottom rail toward the maxwell. Add to the fact that your standard mag loadout on the Blackout is 50% greater than the SCAR and I’m not sure your SCAR is a winner in any category. It does a great job and fits aesthetically with the rest of the rifle, so I regret nothing about the pile of cash I slid their way in exchange for it. My method of gun collecting goes more like this. I’m close. Still battling with the question: what’s the point? The SCAR’s stock makes it look clunky, but the other reason it looks like a bloated fish are the rail sections on the front of the gun. In this current configuration (with this scope) I’m getting 100 yard groups that I can cover with a quarter and that’s before I’ve even touched the trigger. The second thing I did (and what SHOULD be the first for ALL SCAR owners) is drop in a Geissele trigger pack. The final piece of this puzzle is still in flux. Anyways, I wouldn’t consider a 13″ .308 to be a 500 yard hunting rig for anything bigger than varmints. I have killed quite a few whitetail with the 165gr Nosler ballistic tip (longest was ~375yds), however out of my rifle it drops below the recommended 1800fps for expansion/tissue disruption at ~450-500yds, and I am pushing 2815fps avg at the muzzle out of a 26″ barrel. No other sling on the market is built with the same pains-taking manufacturing process. Rossi 461 .357 mag. A quick aside: the Ching sling is a two-point sling with a short slider. It just didn’t flow with the rest of the gun the way I wanted it to. There’s just too much velocity loss. “The first thing that any good SCAR owner should do is immediately remove the Ugg boot of a stock and chuck it.”. I decided to add another couple .22 plinkers and a $129 Marlin 795 and a used Mossberg bolt action ($115) showed up. Nice gun, but way too much. On the other hand, the wife and I were completely debt free (house and everything) before my 40th birthday, and have substantial funds in the bank. That still puts you in fine shape. Last year I finished off my ideal 300 AAC Blackout build with a new Noveske upper, but there’s something else I’ve been working on for hunting season that is on the other end of the 30 caliber spectrum. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. -Aimless. SCAR Bungee Sling. I'm running a viking tactics 2pt with a DD qd on the left rail and a GG&G rear QD. And a far cry from Nicks awesome SCAR! Oh, I don’t know. There are some extended rail sections out there, but by far the best of these is produced by Kinetic Development Group. Their Dead Air Sandman silencer uses a slick fast attach system that makes installation and removal a snap, and the internals turn a barking-loud SBR’ed .308 rifle into a stealthy pussycat. Since they don’t have to survive 1500 degree temps from 100 round mag dumps, they can be made light. Lefty's! Accessories Tactical Link Gen 2 Picatinny Rail QD Sling Mount $ 45.95. Fully-ambidextrous operating controls instantly adapt the FN SCAR® 17S to any user or any shooting position. Different strokes, I guess. It makes it look like a shoebox cavalier with mismatching colored body panels. I just finished building my 20″ barrel LR308. So not… super mini. I am working on a load currently using a 185gr Berger Hybrid that may stretch that range out to 600yds, but it will be on the warm end of things and may no longer mag feed to get the velocity I am looking for. Ha, funny I wanted to ask the same question. Accessories Magpul SSG SCAR Selector $ 19.95. I’ve got no good reason to buy a Handl or X-Products lower. Ow… Almost $7k for a 308 SSAS? My suppressed PSG 1 still requires ear pro. It filled that position perfectly, almost as if it had been designed for the SCAR series of rifles instead of the ACR. Picked up a good sling and I’m pretty well set. That’s great for the military, but it sucks when you’re trying to show off on the range. When you dump several thousand dollars of mods into it, that advantage goes away real quick. For me, a .308 is a distance weapon, not a CQB one. The diameter was a little big for my taste, and while it kept the gun short, it was also a bit of a pain to install and remove. It needs to be perfect. Every gun in my collection has a purpose. Although I’d be interested if anyone gave me the name of a MFG making AR-10 lowers that take SCAR mags. It is one of those quickly switchable one-point to two-point designs. It functioned, but it wasn’t perfect. How’s 9.7 ounces for the 7 inch version? ARCHIVED; Armory » FN Herstal. Scar 17 delivers the experience a long-range shooter can appreciate. CNC'd in-house out of 6061 aluminum then hardcoated per military standards in either Black or FDE these Sling mounts are a low cost simple way to improve your operating functions for your SCAR rifle. Same exact setup. The point where velocity starts to really drop off for 308win is about 18-20″. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. It also includes the gas block and a few other things. ... Scar 17s Sling (anyone have recommendations?) No, I take that back. A suppressor would be nice but then it would be way to long. I start with a concept of what I want the gun to do and then I build something that is absolutely perfect for that role. FN Herstal FNH SCAR 16, 17, 16S, 17S; Items compatible with a FNH SCAR 16, 17, 16S, 17S. True story. The FNH tactical 2-pt sling is fantastic for the price. Here is a good article about 308 barrel lengths they were getting own to the 2300-2600fps range depending on bullet weight and they only went down to 16.5″. It’s not a particularly good hobby gun, but it doesn’t have to be. That meant changing the stock, the handguards, the barrel length (to an NFA regulated 13 inches), and adding a silencer at some point. You sir have a lot of disposable income. The original version was great, but one day a package arrived with something even better. I believe my 165 grain GMX SuperPerformance .308 is at 2,700 FPS, but I’ll have to double check my notes. Almost $7,000 in, and none of it spent on hookers and blow. It runs really well and I have finally got to shoot in the .6-.7 inch territory at 100 yards with the rifle. When attached to the SCAR’s left-side sling mounting points, the Paraclips don’t lay flat, and stick out about 45 degrees from the rifle. Not my thing. Kel-Tec P3AT $200. Examine them. I’m less and less interested in changing the buttstock as time goes on. In my mind a beautiful rifle in the 30 caliber range good for hunting out to 500 yards looks an awful lot like an M1A or a very well smithed and re-parkerized M1 Garand (smithed to take M14 magazines). Expanding rounds certainly have an operational threshold. I would have swapped out lowers to accept sr25 mags, but that’s my opinion. Once you dumped a few hundred dollars in mags for it the Handi defense lower is nice but not necessary. Marlin 60 for $97. I have tricked out a couple of Mosins and went all Mall Ninja on an AR, but that’s about it. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. And all this work, and no updated Giessele or Timney trigger to make it a nice crisp 4#? After posting the article about the SCAR 17S magazine by Moses Mag, Moses Mag reached out to me to see if I would like to review their magazine.Of course I would, I love my SCAR 17S and I am always eager to find new and interesting upgrades. I put the magpul rail covers on the rails and the magpul safety levels to replace the drums. The Tactical Link 2pt bungee is basically the same thing, with a quick release buckle and two bungee sections – you’ll want to replace the mash hooks w/HK hooks and possibly use a seam ripper to remove the logo (if you’re under 5’7″ or so). All of our SOP mounting adapters (If applicable) are set up with right and left hand mounting points. I wanted something with a fast-attach mount that was lighter and thinner, and the Dead Air Armament Sandman S was the perfect tool for the job. Long-term, I’ll be going with a 13″ bbl, and have to decide between Handl and KDG handguards. Do the HK clips on the FN two-point sling solve this? Another change is the ability for this sling to be set up for left or right handed operators. The scope caps are covered to prevent them from being accidentally turned, the magnification range is ideal for the distances I’m targeting, and the size is ideal for this kind of gun. According to Ballistic, my current setup (26″ barrel 2815fps muzzle velocity) max effective range per the 1800fps minimum velocity for full expansion from Nosler, is somewhere around 550yds depending on atmospheric conditions. Accessories Holosun 510C $ 364.69 – $ 399.99. Building my first AR now, lower is done ~$230, upper is gonna cost me about $400. I talked to a rep from PMM and these were just released and I will probably order them when the black friday deal goes live.. it uses the existing sling hooks on the scar and looks pretty good.. Lighter, yes. I’m cheap, but have built up a pretty fun collection of toys. GG&G quick detach for the front. Heck $7000 is more than I spent on my car! Nothing to the extent of that SCAR though. Nick, you are so much classier a gun owner than I am. Which is the same size as a the 5.56 RC2. Went to my LGS one fine day with some overtime in my pocket. Good point, the trigger was the first thing I changed out. Ten years later, I want a “modern sporting rifle” and pick up a Saiga 7.62X39 for $310. $80 M44 Mosin. A Caldwell bipod? I wanted a .22 plinking handgun, and bought a used NEF .22 revolver ($115). Exactly! Hk clips on the sling going to paracord loops. Quick View. Even the 13″ 5.56 barrel is over a grand for the SCAR. Unifying Ceracote job clearly needed. What does it cost for a rifle with shotgun slug range, runs quiet and looks cool at the same time? A good friend of mine that works for Blue Force just brought me one of these for my SCAR last night. Kinetic Development Group, LLC, SCAR Rear QD Sling Swivel Adapter, Fits All 7.62 and 5.56 SCAR Models, Black Finish Product details Product Dimensions : 6.75 x 0.25 x 3.25 inches; 0.85 Ounces Quick View. I just think it’s silly when you can build an AR10 platform to do the same thing just as well for half the cost. Rough transcript is as follows: B:“Howdy K, what’re you looking for today?”, B: “You want Thermold, right?” (Hearty laughter), B: “Let me see… “ (Clicks across 2-3 wholesaler websites.) This is from a Remington 700 LTR (don’t worry, I fixed the trigger) with a 20″ stock chromoly barrel. I can’t find the posts right now but I’ll come back and link them later when I get a chance, or you could search Leonidas .308 sbr ballistics and find some yourself. I like the idea behind the KDG stock, but I’d rather put $300 in ammunition through the gun first, then upgrade the stock (if I still feel the need) later. Finding the perfect replacement, though, can be a bit of an issue.”. You give up a fair amount of power knocking 5 inches off the barrel. $31.95. KDG’s SCAR MREX Rail slims down the profile of the gun and extends the rails giving the SCAR a more slender appearance while also providing more mounting options for lights and bipods. I appreciate cool stuff – like Nick’s rifle here. The Front / 2 Point Ambidextrous QD Sling Mount from Kinetic Development Group solves this problem and is a deceivingly simple solution for any SCAR owner. Quick View. Quick detach strap for the rear. Then, I decided to get into handguns and picked up a milsurp CZ82 for $220. If so what QD socket adapters would you use to plug the sling into? I’m also not sure how you define “perfect”. And maybe a Chuck Taylor sticker. The 308 takes a pretty significant hit on muzzle velocity when you drop below a 18″ barrel. I wanted a 12 gauge pump. I currently use the GG&G SCAR QD mount in the rear and a Gear Sector QD mount in the front.. It is one of those quickly switchable one-point to two-point designs. The T2 is on an absolute co-witness Scalarworks mount since the receiver on the SCAR is a bit taller than a standard AR.

scar 17 sling setup

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