This enables our quality and customer service to go unmatched. Pressure-treated wood is wood used specifically for construction purposes that have been infused with preservative chemicals designed to protect the wood from rot and insect infestation. Benefits of a Trex composite deck over wood decks. Firstly, what does “kiln-dried” mean, and is it worth the difference in cost? Specialization – Platinum Decking only builds decks allowing which allows crews to master the art of deck building. Hook up your biggest TV to enjoy the big game. If you are interested in a Patio, please visit our, Deck builder Barrington IL | Deck Builder Lake Zurich IL | Deck Builder Schaumburg IL, What makes Platinum Decking different from the average deck builders Chicago suburbs. Other products and processes can be necessary while installing RainEscape as well. “Deck builder near me” here we come – and only once if you make the right choice. Barrington IL | Schaumburg IL | Lake Zurich IL | Naperville IL | Libertyville IL  | Palatine IL. 84 $22.99 $22.99. A Lake Barrington Deck was a resurfaced and includes Trex Transcend Spiced rum infill, Trex Transcend railings, Trex deck lighting, is a 1 story deck. It seems hard to believe that four months of cold weather can do such a number on your deck. In this case, # 2-grade lumber will be your best option – you will never see its appearance, and the strength difference between #1 and #2 grades will not extend the life of your deck in any meaningful way. Ace Hardware locations like Barrington or Ace Hardware Palatine are great resources for small home improvement projects. Though experiences always vary, the general industry consensus is that Trex Transcend, the top tier line of decking products for Trex, is the most scratch-resistant material on the market. We would highly recommend Platinum and their team to anyone in seeking deck work. Wash and rinse evenly over all areas, and rub the soap into each board with a soft bristle brush to ensure a superb clean. Learn where to buy Trex decking materials and the supplies you need in order to complete your new luxury Trex Deck. Trex Island Mist- Trex Transcend- Naperville-Deck-Builder, Trex Composite Deck Backyard Stoop- Trex Transcend- Mundelein, Trex Composite Deck Spiced Rum and Vintage Lantern- Barrington IL, Trex Foggy Wharf- Volo-Deck-builder-Enhance, Trex Transcend- Deck lighting- Cocktail railing, Deck-Builder-near-me-local-deck-builder_Barrington-il, Trex deck- wood deck skirting- Trex Transcend. A common downfall of pressure-treated deck boards is their requirement for maintenance over time. The use of unique lights and placement can set your space apart from the rest. Generally speaking, a hose wash or power wash each spring or after a “dirty” season is all you need to do to keep your deck looking as good as the day it was installed. Those who answer yes are wise to consider what options they have when considering composite decking. The most important aspect of the pressurizing chemical treatment is the most effective way to avoid harmful rot and insects from affecting the wood but does not prevent weathering and corrosion. This enables you to customize your outdoor living space in many different ways. Wood decks do need a protective coating to last longer. Whether it’s a simple patio to sip coffee on or a grand space for friends and family to love and enjoy, installing RainEscape will give you the ability to add whatever features you want with peace of mind. A stain will soak into the wood and protect it. Ask the best local contractor or local deck builder what design looks best for you, based on your design goals and budget. Use soap in the wash and, if possible, use salt water – hard water minerals may leave residue. Moisture is the main enemy of pressure treated wood decking, as it’s the cause of all mold buildup, causing corrosion. This causes the material being held by the wood fibers to loosen and disintegrate over time and push its way out of the wood, causing peeling and flaking. Came across Platinum decking based on the detailed reviews given by costumers and clearly they were correct ! First, cedar decking is more in need of annual or biannual maintenance than pressure-treated lumber. Build your dream deck with Trex, the world's best high-performance composite decking brand. What type of deck, how large it is, and how well it’s maintained while waiting to close are all factors that can change its added value. When thinking about the look and budget for your new outdoor deck, many homeowners consider cedar decking. It has three different lines of decking products, in addition to many. What matters most is that the integrity of the frame is just as strong as the new Trex composite decking that is laid on top of it. Platinum Decking is one of the only composite deck contractors in the Chicago suburbs who focuses on eco-friendly deck building. . A great option is Trex RainEscape. For example, if you are getting a 1st-story deck built, there is a small likelihood that you will ever see the frame. Check out how EASY it is to keep your new Trex deck looking GREAT for decades! In short: yes, adding a deck will add value to your house. As a Trex Pro Platinum builder, Trex extends a 10-year labor warranty for every Trex deck built by Platinum Decking. Building a deck within your outdoor space not only adds to the value of the home and property, but allows the optimal living space to be expanded. At Platinum Decking, we do not simply want to build you a new deck. Secondly, a flexible material acting as the “trough” is rolled, cut, and laid over each joist. Look for the TrexPro Platinum icon when you’re searching for an official TrexPro® deck installer. The normal building process will be as follows: After the completion of your project, we will do a final walk around register the Trex 25-year warranty. Point is, the more decks someone builds, the higher the quality, know-how, and efficiency going into the project will be. The owners of Platinum Decking have always enjoyed the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

trex decking near me

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