In this application it has lost its original precise sense, and means only the ruler of part of a divided kingdom, or of a district too unimportant to justify a higher title. ; but its influence, together with that of the Pseudo-Dionysius, had a considerable share in developing the more emotional orthodox mysticism of the 12th and 13th centuries; and Neoplatonism (or Platonism received through a Neoplatonic tradition) remained a distinct element in medieval thought, though obscured in the period of mature scholasticism by the predominant influence of Aristotle. The " animal rights " supporters cannot see how these justify the infliction of physical or emotional distress on MOOS. Even though you weren't prepared for the end of the relationship, you can still look back on the final days of the relationship to justify why it had to end. One may divine in all this an intention to "justify the ways of God" to the Jew, by proving that God in His faithfulness to His ancient people had given them the first opportunity of salvation through Christ, but that now their national privilege had been rightly forfeited. Whether the extra link functionality of XLink is sufficient to justify widespread adoption is still a matter of debate. However, at least one state, California, has observed growing hemoglobin H disease rates that are high enough to justify universal newborn screening for the condition. Example sentences with the word justifying.justifying example sentences. It is possible that he had to go into hiding to avoid the danger of being accused as a real Jacobite, when those with whom he had contracted to assume the character were dead and could no longer justify his attitude. Enactments about the pursuit of thieves, and the calling in of warrantors to justify sales of chattels, are other expressions of the difficulties attending peaceful intercourse. 18 the omission of all reference to the restoration, in 20 B.C., of the standards taken at Carrhae seems to justify the inference that the passage was written before that date. justify doing something He sought to justify taking these measures by citing the threat of a terrorist attack. Had the Austrians attacked on both flanks forthwith, the Prussian central (I.) That, as now constituted, mind does depend on brain, life on body, must be conceded, but that this dependence is so absolute that the function must cease with the organ has not been scientifically demonstrated; the connexion of the soul with the body is as yet too obscure to justify any such dogmatism. The experience of the present generation, however, both in England and other countries, seems to justify some relaxation of that view, as will appear below. 14-33) written to believing Jews in order to justify the Gentile mission and afterwards edited for Gentile readers with the addition of xi. It soon appeared that the intention of that practised debater was to force Luther into some admission which would justify opponents in accusing him of holding the opinions of Huss, who had been condemned by the great German Council of Constance. Read about animatable: Version: CSS3: JavaScript syntax:"inter-word" Browser Support. I've changed documents. Is the discount great enough to justify the purchase? Hemphill; see under Tatian.) What follows is a tense, brutal thriller that leaves you questioning whether Harris 's results justify his means. While the price tag may induce sticker shock, if you are an avid scrapper who uses die cut shapes made from paper frequently, then you can likely justify the cost. The pope immediately summoned Henry to appear at Rome in order to justify his private misconduct, and Henry replied by causing the partisan synod of Worms (1076) to pronounce Gregory's deposition. Examples of Justified in a sentence The judge found that the homeowner was justified in shooting the robber who broke into his home. In support of this decision it was urged that it was no good pursuing people whom it was impossible to catch, that the isolated posts in the interior had not been able to protect the friendly tribes; and that the semi-desert nature of the country did not justify any attempt at economic development. I had reached a time in my life where I was truly happy with the idea that I didn't have to be raising money for a charitable organization or doing a service project in order to justify spending time enjoying the company of friends. 19 justify the rendering in margin of R.V. By the same dialectic Hegel was able to justify the gradual transformation of transcendental into noumenal idealism by Fichte and Schelling. In addition, it would justify the use of powerful sociological theories in IS research. The narrative being constructed by Bowker and Darling to justify the continuation of the existing structure is becoming clear. In the middle ages they were cited to justify the claim of the papacy to be the supreme court of appeal. Tony Blair is arrogantly trying to justify this aggression by appealing to the defense of " civilized values " . He accepted bodily without farther questioning the hedonistic psychology by which the Utilitarians sought to justify their theory while he rejected the theory itself. There was no reason why the bishop of Rome should justify such acts as Innocent himself performed in deposing King John of England and later in annulling Magna Carta; or Gregory IV. To heredity, as an indirect or predisposing cause, has probably been assigned too great importance, and the many facts brought forward of the relative frequency of cancer in members of one family only justify the conclusion that the tissue-resistance of certain families is lowered. I'll set it to justify with last line aligned left but it full justifies it. Others, such as Beauchamp and Childress, justify paternalism not through consent but solely by beneficence. They were wealthier than ever, yet did little to justify their existence; indeed the spirit of the age was so much set against them that they found it hard to keep up the numbers of their inmates. The basis for these estimates was the experience of other countries, which, however, did not justify the expectation that a large increase of business consequent on reduction of rates could be obtained without serious diminution of profit. Standpoint theory can offer a framework within which to justify research which has the aim of effecting this change. Even modest improvements may justify the costs of ECE. pub licensee Tony Love tried to justify his actions by saying: ' It's all to do with the CCTV. The justify list of example sentences with justify. There is nothing to justify us in looking the true Median language either in the cuneiform writings of second class or in Zend. 2. assert that different beliefs are necessarily held in order for antagonists to justify conflicting goals. It seemed as if she had to justify herself. When a man works alone he always has a certain set of reflections which as it seems to him directed his past activity, justify his present activity, and guide him in planning his future actions. One day He will return in judgment, to condemn the wicked and justify the righteous. Mark Nason designs stylin' boots that will justify any rocker suit, although the prices can be somewhat steep. The Polish sympathies of the Church in Germany made him regard it as an anti-German power, and the formation of the Catholic faction in parliament, supported by Poles and Hanoverians, appeared to justify his apprehensions. Even people who plan on staying in their homes for over a decade may find it difficult to justify the cost of purchase and installation, which can easily exceed five figures. 204+11 sentence examples: 1. His Pitt has already been mentioned; his Appreciations and Addresses and his Peel (containing a remarkable comment on the position of an English prime minister) were published in 1899; his Napoleon: the Last Phase - an ingenious, if paradoxical, attempt to justify Napoleon's conduct in exile at St Helena - in woo; his Cromwell in the same year. utilitarian ethic to justify lying to millions. click for more sentences of justify … A careful study of the fragments does not justify Mommsen's glowing account. Externally the most striking feature of the bird is its head, armed with a powerful beak that it well knows how to use, and its face clothed with hairs and elongated feathers that sufficiently resemble the physiognomy of an owl to justify the generic name bestowed upon it. Debt management services are not free, although you can justify the cost of one of these services if they get you a significantly more affordable deal with your creditors. The body charged with the guarding of the constitution was thus brought by Bonaparte to justify its violation; and a way was thus opened for the legalizing of further irregularities. A clause can function as a simple sentence, or it may be joined to other clauses with conjunctions to form complex sentences. "They justify by saying, well, spiders aren't insects ." After the death of the king his opposition became more marked; he denounced the September massacres, but when called upon to justify his attitude confined himself to attacking Marat, who was at the time all-powerful. The gardens and fields produce an abundance of flowers, which justify the city's title of la cittd dei fiori. 5. Ministers must appear before parliament and justify their actions. The Magyars had certainly done much to justify their claim to a special measure of enlightenment. The apparent opposition between the conflicting schools is more acute than the facts justify. 20) explain and justify the common reading. ), and it may possibly be gathered that Nehemiah at once departed to justify himself (Neh. The ' negative ' concept of media freedom prohibits political censorship only to justify economic censorship. Sometimes governments justify their own terrorist acts by labeling any groups that resist their monopoly of violence " terrorist " . justify why certain streets are worth more than others. Ted tried to justify his wife’s death with a claim of self-defense. Disregarding the wishes of the Great Council, and excluding all the more important of the barons and bishops from office, he acted as his own chief minister and never condescended to justify his policy except when he stood in need of subsidies. Examples of 'justify' in a sentence justify. I can't really justify that expense for a handful of comments from a handful of readers. justify by in a sentence - Use "justify by" in a sentence 1. In this instance the merits of the work justify the warmest commendation. Remember: there are no dependent clauses in simple sentences! Example sentences with the word justifying.justifying example sentences. I haven't done enough work today to justify my existence. It is especially those long ages, during which Egypt was an independent centre of culture and government, before its absorption in the Persian empire in the 6th century B.C., that make the most powerful appeal to the imagination and can often justify this appeal by the splendour of the monuments representing them. We may still hold the opinion of Dollinger that it was intended to impress the barbarian Pippin and justify in his eyes the Frank intervention in favour of the pope in Italy; or we may share the view of Loening (rejected by Brunner, Rechtsgeschichte) that the forgery was a pious fraud on the part of a cleric of the Curia, committed under Adrian I., 4 with the idea of giving a legal basis to territorial dominion which that pope had succeeded in establishing in Italy. Apart from those clergy (still the majority) who follow in all essentials the post-Reformation traditions of the English Church, there are three schools among those who justify the use of the ancient "eucharistic" 1 vestments: (I) a small number who affect to ignore the rules of the Prayer Book altogether, on the ground that no local or national Church has the right to alter the doctrines or practice of the Catholic Church, of which they are priests in virtue of their ordination, and whose prescriptions and usages they are in conscience bound to follow; (2) those who maintain that the Ornaments Rubric, in the phrase "second year of King Edward VI.," prescribes the ornaments in use before the first Prayer Book. There are a few reasons for discontinuing certain products, primarily the fact that they aren’t selling well enough to justify producing the product anymore. He endeavoured to justify himself. In Order To Justify This Assumption, The Formation Of The Drop Must Be Sufficiently Slow, And Certain Restrictions Must Be Imposed Upon The Shape Of The Tube. However irregular this sentence may have been from the canonical point of view (for the accusers do not seem to have actually proved the crime of heresy, which was necessary, according to most scholars of the period, to justify the deposition of a sovereign pontiff), the condemned pope was not long in confirming it. But is this alone sufficient to justify us in assigning the widening to increased density? justify in a sentence - Use "justify" in a sentence 1. Taste and elegance are two themes that typically justify a high-end clothing purchase. If you become offended by anything, please read An Attempt to justify gruesome Bible Passages. If the new employee is a marketing professional, he may justify the expense by taking a gamble that a professional in sales and marketing will increase sales. Least of all does the historical evidence at our disposal justify the inference that the civilization of north Galatia, during the 1st century A.D., was Romano-Gallic rather than Hellenic; for, as the coins and inscriptions indicate, the Anatolian culture which predominated throughout the province did not exclude the infusion either of Greek religious conceptions or of the Greek language. Some of the complaints against the companies, however, were exaggerated, and the estimates formed of the possible commercial development of telegraphy were optimistic. Another point to note is the sinisterly continuing propaganda onslaught on Sudan to justify an imperialist blitzkrieg military intervention. to be just or right: The end does not always justify the means. Click on this icon to align or justify text at both the left and right margins. A mythic claim was thus formed to justify the Athenian attack, and Cimon brought back the bones of Theseus to Athens in triumph. Only exceptional circumstances justify starting a claim in the High Court. Synonym Discussion of satisfy. A degree of caution in analysing the figures is certainly justified, but the government's record is not to be sniffed at. Seemed to justify my fears. Little things, almost impalpable, had happened to justify that doubt. disobedience of a reasonable order to justify the dismissal of the men. 31. justify definition is - to prove or show to be just, right, or reasonable. On the whole 64 is the most probable date, but it is very far from certain: the evidence is insufficient to justify any assurance. Consumer groups however expressed some concern that weighing costs and benefits might be used as a pretext to justify inaction. As long as you have the equity and you qualify according to the reverse mortgage standards, you don't have to justify the funds to the lender. sufficient to justify widespread adoption is still a matter of debate. In 1920 he published a memorandum endeavouring to justify his policy during the war, and he followed it with interesting disclosures regarding the attitude of the Vatican in 1917 and the mission of the papal legate in Munich, Pacelli, to Berlin. From henceforth it was Theofan's duty and pleasure to explain the new ideas and justify the most alarming innovations from the pulpit. Once you justify the end of the relationship, it's time to identify what you've learned from it. I can give you several sentences.He tried to think of an excuse to justify his bad behavior.Can you justify that action? The fact that men give different answers to moral problems which seem similar in character, or even the mere fact that men disregard, when they act immorally, the dictates and implicit principles of the moral consciousness is certain sooner or later to produce the desire either, on the one hand, to justify immoral action by casting doubt upon the authority of the moral consciousness and the validity of its principles, or, on the other hand, to justify particular moral judgments either by (the only valid method) an analysis of the moral principle involved in the judgment and a demonstration of its universal acceptation, or by some attempted proof that the particular moral judgment is arrived at by a process of inference from some universal conception of the Supreme Good or the Final End from which all particular duties or virtues may be deduced. Not everyone can justify the thousands of dollars often spent on diamond engagement rings. Although there is not much to justify such a proposition, it may perhaps be conceded that she was in many respects abnormal and that some of her work is characteristic of a process known to modern psychologists as "automatism," or in other words that it is the result of a spasmodic uprush to the surface of sub-conscious mental activities. In order to justify his newly-won laurels, Luynes undertook an expedition against the Protestants, but died of a fever in the midst of the campaign, at Longueville in Guienne, on the 15th of December 1621. Justify definition: To justify a decision , action, or idea means to show or prove that it is reasonable or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Inoculation is harmless, and the results obtained in India justify a favourable opinion of its protective efficacy.'. of the flame are not so decisive as to justify them in omitting to test the steel before removing it from the converter, as a check on the accuracy of their blowing. As Christians it's easy to try and justify our angry outbursts by pointing a finger at God's anger. Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Justify | To Justify Sentence. Without pressing metaphysical formulae in logic proper, he analysed formal;implica tion, grounded implication as a mode of knowledge Summary. One senior insider admitted: " There is tremendous pressure to justify the digital spending increase to people not using the technology. The few and incomplete data which we at present possess as to Palaeozoic Fungi do not as yet justify any inferences as to the evolution of these plants. In other districts lack of water impedes cultivation, though after the rains pasturage is abundant, and resinous plants are so varied and numerous as to justify the ancient name of the region. 3. See more. The collections which Mrs Rylands assembled in the 1890s are of such quality as to justify this relatively modest investment in their future. To justify printed text means to adjust the spaces between the words so that each line of type is exactly the same length. 's abdication in his favour, the king of Rome (as he was then styled) became for a few days titular emperor "by the will of the people," was held by Prince Louis Napoleon to justify his own assumption of the style of Napoleon III. justify something/yourself The senator made an attempt to justify his actions. 26) seeks to justify the Christian neglect of it by the fact, for which he vouches, that among the Romans themselves incense was unknown in the time of Numa, while the Etruscans had always continued to be strangers to it. Sidgwick holds that intuition must justify the claims of the general happiness upon the individual, though everything subsequent is hedonistic calculus. The larger species prey fiercely on other kinds of birds, while the smaller content themselves with a diet of small animals, often insects and worms. Those who maintain that all these forms of synthesis are hasty and superficial stand by the conviction that the right philosophic attitude is to accept provisionally the main distinctions of common sense, above all the distinction of personal and impersonal; but to press forward to the underlying unity so far as experience and reflection justify. Would purely sentimental values justify flying a plane which is dangerous? Severe initial reactions may justify close professional observation for at least 12 hours after testing. : That it is a justified belief cannot be a brute fundamental fact unrelated to the kind of belief it is. Thus we justify, on grounds of instrumentation, laws usually known as laws of harmony and counterpoint. There are old centres of cult which have never lost the veneration of the people; the shrines are known as the tombs of saints or walis (patrons) with such orthodox names as St George, Elijah, &c. Traditions justify the reputation for sanctity, and not only are similar stories told of distinct figures, but there are varying traditions of a single figure. From their own point of view they were orthodox conservatives, so far as they really cared to remain - for whatever reason - within the pale of Jewry and to justify their presence there. Then they demonized the " coloreds " to justify colonialism. The climate of the higher grounds is healthy, and meteorological observation does not justify the reputation for cold and damp often given to the county as a whole. Possession of nuclear weapons may indeed justify an inference of preparedness to use them. seit Kant, § 29, seems to give full references to justify his opinion, and even he, in his later work, Grundriss der Gesch. The Chinese authorities now call the separatists in the western province of Xinjiang " terrorists " to justify repression and shutting down publications. the Palaearctic and the Nearctic. You can rationalize, trying to justify yourself in your own mind, but a violated conscience will not be easily convinced. She was particu­larly adept at suing anyone in the same county as an injured vic­tim, but only after carefully deciding they either had a bankroll or sufficient insurance limits to justify her attention. Granting this is a general truth, it must yet be acknowledged as a special fact, that in fossil birds we have as yet but scanty means of arriving at any precise results which will justify bold generalization in the matter of avine distribution. EARLY in the 19th century it was intellectually respectable to justify one 's belief in God by arguing from design. Our leaders are not asked to justify their complete subservience to American interests. The successful defence of Varna and Silistria seemed to justify the stubbornness of the Porte. A small drop in interest rates does not justify a refinance. The Hearing Officer found such an assertion to be totally insufficient to justify a finding of " bad faith " . The fact that in 1814, by Napoleon I. In order to justify the use of stationary waves we must show that two such trains can move in opposite directions over the same ground without modifying each other so long as the displacement in either is small. plausible pretext to justify interrupting the work. It is unlawful to treat part-timers less favorably than full-timers, unless you can justify the different treatment on objective grounds. My subject is so far novel as to justify a little repetition. Of his other compositions, the most individual are those in which, deeply impressed by the problems of his day, he has sought to reconcile science and religion, especially the fine dialogue between Milton and Galileo, where the former, impressed by Galileo's predictions of the intellectual consequences of scientific progress, resolves "to justify the ways of God to man.". However, to accept macroevolution by extension of the principle is doctrinally very hard to justify. Many users have grown accustomed to features like Caller ID and voicemail, but not all of them use them enough to justify the added cost each month. Items like VS-1 technology, wave technology, and Pro-Flex construction justify the $74.95 price tag on the Watley model. r) does not involve any official tinge, which would justify the deletion of Kai Teµ66Eos 6 65€X00s, uou in that verse, and of r)µwv in vv. How do colleges justify sports scholarships for cheerleaders? These and other characters separate the two forms so widely as quite to justify the establishment of as many orders for their reception. For those homeowners that want to invest in solar energy, but can't justify the cost of solar shingles, there are several options available. The employer must act reasonably in deciding that the reason is sufficient to justify dismissal. Cordaites is an extinct type which in certain respects resembles Ginkgo, cycads and the Araucarieae, but its agreement with true conifers is probably too remote to justify our attri buting much weight to the bearing of the morphology of its female flowers on the interpretation of that of the Coniferae. These pluses we feel amply justify the necessary increase of a pound or two on the ticket price. The text-justify property specifies the justification method of text when text-align is set to "justify". 2. The difficulty of obtaining clear, rich tints was nearly prohibitive, and though success, when achieved, seemed to justify the effort, this class of ware never received much attention in Japan. Cantor held that these transfinite numbers had an actual existence, drawing on his early religious training to justify the assertion. EARLY in the 19th century it was intellectually respectable to justify one's belief in God by arguing from design. During his time the East India Company, which had founded the town of Batavia in Java as their administrative capital, under a succession of able governorgenerals almost monopolized the trade of the entire Orient, made many conquests and established a network of factories and trade posts stretching from the Cape of Good Hope to Japan (see Dutch East India Company). But for the regular Joe Shmoe trying to lose love handles, it's hard to justify the risk. Thus the legends of the Popol-Vuh confirm what is learnt from comparing the culture of Central America and Mexico proper, that, though these districts were not connected by language, the intercourse between them had been sufficient to justify the anthropologist in including both districts in one region. Learn more. With a wry smile, she said, Perhaps I feel that I have to prove myself in order to justify my presence. Doubts have been cast on the legitimacy of Louis Napoleon; for the discord between Louis Bonaparte, who was ill, restless and suspicious, and his pretty and capricious wife was so violent and open as to justify all conjectures. : And here is a GIF image of a typeset version with justified lines, as the author wishes it to be seen. How to use justifying in a sentence. Erigena's contemporaries, and was certainly unorthodox enough to justify the condemnation which it subsequently received from Honorius III. "Don't, Mary Nikolievna!" Mushketov's Turkestan (pp. (transitive) To provide an acceptable explanation for. may justify a conclusion in which the predicate is not, as normally, the major term, but the minor. Ordinarily he'd feel guilty about deception, but in this case the ends did justify the means. Example sentences with the word align. If you become offended by anything, please read An Attempt to Justify Gruesome Bible Passages. The fact that there are discrepancies between the two versions as they appear in the Hank's Book and in the Flatey Book does not justify the overthrow of both as historical evidence. See also left-justify. A critic of intuition- Criticism alism might add that they are its whole strength; of intuitionalism is sound upon the intellectual and moral interests of humanity, but it does little to justify them. This is how designer clothes justify a higher cost, because they are indeed better clothes. at revolt to justify the action of the authorities. Hegel's first performance seemed to justify the rumour. In the campaign he held, in opposition to the wishes of the more radical members of his party, that although secession might be resorted to as a last alternative the circumstances were not yet such as to justify it. army could have reached neither wing in time to avert defeat, and the political consequences of the Austrian victory might have been held to justify the risks involved, for even if unsuccessful the Austrians and Saxons could always retreat into Bavaria and there form a backbone of solid troops for the 95,000 South Germans. fishbowl activity takes place after students have had a chance to consider the documents and prepare to justify their allotted statement. justify who know they are justified by grace, yet seek to be sanctified by works.
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