On 26 August 2009, smallcarBIGCITY launched in London to provide sightseeing tours of the capital in a fleet of restored Mini Coopers. This department played a key role in ensuring the Mini's huge success in motorsport throughout the 1960s, in particular, winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967, the 1000 Lakes Rally in 1965, 1966 and 1967, and dominating all of the first 9 positions in the 1966 Gallaher 500 at Bathurst. By April 2000, the range consisted of four versions: the Mini Classic Seven, the Mini Classic Cooper, the Mini Classic Cooper Sport and—for overseas European markets—the Mini Knightsbridge. Every car drives, but not every car is for the drive. Like the van, the Pick-up was renamed as the Mini 95 in 1978. The Mini's 25th anniversary fell in 1984 and British Leyland produced a 'Mini 25' limited-edition model, both to mark the occasion and to publicise the recent upgrades to the model. The MINI name, model names and logo are registered trademarks. With Lord's dictum to produce a bubble car competitor and his revised design requirements being laid down in October 1956, work on XC9001 stopped and XC9003 became the priority. [52] It was seen there as a retro-cool icon, and inspired many imitators. The ERA Mini Turbo was particularly popular with Japanese buyers. [69] The Australian van thus became the only Clubman Van produced anywhere in the world. [10] A total of 5,387,862 cars had been manufactured, nearly 1.6 million of which were sold in Britain, although the majority of these were sold at least 20 years before the Mini's demise, meaning that the majority of those sold had been scrapped before the end of the original Mini's production life.[37]. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car. The 1,275 cc Cooper S models continued in production until 1971. Feel inspired, dominate every experience, and enjoy yourself while you do it. magazine listed the Mini City in its "Ten worst cars for safety (since 1983)" list, alongside other economical, lightweight, fuel-efficient cars like the Hyundai Pony 1.2L, Fiat Panda 900 Super, Suzuki Alto GL, Daihatsu Domino, Citroën AX 11 RE, Yugo 45 and 55, Peugeot 205 GL, and the Citroën 2CV6. [45] The reason for the fibreglass body was to enable Leyland to meet very strict requirements for local sourcing, increasing to 70.22% in 1971. The new suspension gave a softer ride, but it also increased weight and production cost. While the UK-built 1275 GT was not nearly as quick as a 1275 Mini Cooper S, it was cheaper to buy, run, and insure. The modal begins with a heading called, Closing this window will return you back to the main page. The full-width dashboard was a differentiator between the Elf and Hornet. It had a front rubber-mounted subframe with single tower bolts and the rear frame had some larger bushings introduced, all intended to improve the car's mechanical refinement and to reduce noise levels. The team that designed the Mini was remarkably small; in addition to Issigonis, Jack Daniels (who had worked with him on the Morris Minor), Chris Kingham (who had been with him at Alvis), two engineering students, and four draughtsmen worked on the project. The Pickup was basic, although the factory brochure described a "fully equipped Mini Pick-up is also available which includes a recirculatory heater." BMW retained the Mini name and the planned new model, granting Rover temporary rights to the brand and allowing it to manufacture and sell the run-out model of the old Mini. September 1968: Manual four speed gear box with synchromesh on all four forward ratios introduced. [10][11][12][13] Its space-saving transverse engine and front-wheel drive layout – allowing 80% of the area of the car's floorpan to be used for passengers and luggage – influenced a generation of car makers. A small round sticker with a kangaroo logo was placed on the triangular panel between the door and the front body seam. We offer plenty of options, including 2- and 4-door MINI Hardtops, as well as the MINI Cooper … The producer, Facorca, intended to sell the car in the Caribbean and Central America, and also had plans for Brazilian assembly.[52]. Austin Mini range as follows: 850, 1000, Cooper 998 and Cooper 1275 S 2-door saloons and 1000 Countryman 3-door estate. A pick-up truck (technically a coupé utility by definition[citation needed]), 11 ft (3.4 m) in total length was built on the longer Mini Van platform, with an open-top rear cargo area and a tailgate. This distinctive two-door car was designed for BMC by Sir Alec Issigonis. From 1977 onwards, the rear light clusters included reversing lights. At the end of Clubman and 1275 GT production, 275,583 Clubman saloons, 197,606 Clubman Estates and 110,673 1275 GTs had been made. [56] The single-engined front-wheel-drive Moke enjoyed some popularity in civilian production. [10] Leonard Lord approved the car for production on 19 July and XC9003 became project ADO15. [20][21] In 1980, it once again became the Austin Mini, and in 1988, just "Mini" (although the "Rover" badge was applied on some models exported to Japan). As originally built, all the structural body panels were welded to the top of the single floor pressing, but this caused major problems with water entering the cabin and was quickly changed in the first months of production. These included models that were created to commemorate racing victories or to celebrate an anniversary of the Mini marque. Approximately 108,000 Austin Mini Countrymans and 99,000 Morris Mini Travellers were built. In the same competition, run by the prestigious Global Automotive Elections Foundation, the Mini was selected "European Car of the Century". Stay tuned and be MINI. [78] Minis also won the 1965 Lowood 4 Hour endurance race, and the final Finnish Grand Prix in 1963. The car was damaged by a storage container falling on it and had been left without an engine or gearbox for around 30 years before being recovered during work to infill the tunnels. Production ended in August 1996 as the Mark VII replaced it. The Mini Clubman was intended to replace the upmarket Riley and Wolseley versions. Today the U.S. Government exempts cars older than 25 years from all import laws, so older Minis can be freely imported. Ten-inch (254 mm) wheels were specified, so new tyres had to be developed, the initial contract going to Dunlop. Issigonis' friend John Cooper, owner of the Cooper Car Company and designer and builder of Formula One cars, saw the potential of the Mini for competition. The electric evolution combined with legendary MINI handling and iconic design. Issigonis was initially reluctant to see the Mini in the role of a performance car, but after John Cooper appealed to BMC management, the two men collaborated to create the Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper was relaunched in 1990, 20 years after the demise of the original model. During the early 1980s, the Mini received many mechanical upgrades which were shared with the Metro, such as the A-Plus engine, 12-inch wheels with front disc brakes, improved soundproofing and quieter, stronger transmissions. The original Mini started production in the late ‘50s and quickly became one of the best … Range reduced to: 850, 1000, Clubman, Cooper S and 1275 GT 2-door saloon and Clubman 3-door estate. The suspension reverted from hydrolastic to rubber cones[46] as a cost-saving measure. In 1971, the 1,275 cc Mini Cooper S was discontinued in the UK, leaving the Mini 1275 GT as the only sporting Mini on sale for the rest of the decade. An internal bonnet release was fitted from 1992. The 1,000,000th Mini came off the production line in 1965,[91] with the 2,000,000th in 1969. The wheelbase of the Elf and Hornet remained at 2.036 m (6.68 ft), whereas the overall length was increased to 3.27 m (10.7 ft). [108] Safety improved in 1996, with the introduction of airbags and side-impact bars. Initially, they used the 848 cc (51.7 cu in) 34 bhp (25 kW) engine (engine type 8WR)[53] with a single HS2 carburettor, changing to a single HS2 carburettor 38 bhp (28 kW) version of the Cooper's 998 cc (60.9 cu in) power unit (engine type 9WR)[53] in the Mark II in 1963. As part of the process of deciding how to replace the Mini, a vehicle representing what the current Mini could have become, if it had been developed further over its production history, was commissioned. Buyers of small cars now wanted modern and practical designs, usually with a hatchback. A Mini was used to set a record at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb.[89]. This feature was later discontinued after it was discovered that exhaust gases could leak into the cockpit when the boot was open. BMC insisted that the way company overheads were shared out, the Mini always made money. The last Mini (a red Cooper Sport) was built on 4 October 2000 and presented to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust in December of that year. Who knew sustainable driving could be so much fun. On 13 January 2009, the Royal Mail released a limited edition of stamps entitled "British Design Classics", featuring an original, egg-shell blue, MK1 Mini, registration XAA 274. A family business, based in between Nottingham, Derby & Leicester, we try to provide the most friendly and transparent process, whether you’ve come to buy a MINI or have one fixed. It also made the ADO15 very easy to assemble from complete knock-down kits in overseas markets with only basic industry. It was introduced in Australia as Morris 850 only (not "Austin"), and then later as Morris Cooper and Morris Cooper S versions, as well. [37][43][44] A total of 429,000 Mk II Minis were produced. With benefits like One Rate, Zero Pressure, and No Nonsense—turns out, buying a MINI can be as enjoyable as driving one. Featuring a 1071 cc engine with a 70.61 mm bore and nitrided steel crankshaft and strengthened bottom end to allow further tuning; and larger servo-assisted disc brakes, 4,030 Cooper S cars were produced and sold until the model was updated in August 1964. Cooper also produced two S models specifically for circuit racing in the under 1,000 cc and under 1,300 cc classes respectively, rated at 970 cc (59 cu in) and a 1,275 cc (77.8 cu in), both had a 70.61 mm (2.780 in) bore and both were also offered to the public. The long-nose Clubman and 1275 GT offered better crash safety, were better equipped, and had better under-bonnet access, but they were more expensive and aerodynamically inferior to the original 1959 design. Those that ran from the base of the A-pillar to the wheel well were described as 'everted' (lit., 'turned outward') to provide more room for the front seat occupants[citation needed]. Almost all small front-wheel drive cars developed since have used a similar configuration, except with the transmission usually separately enclosed rather than using the engine oil. MINI Cooper was bought out by BMW in 2000. It is a common confusion caused by mixing the name of legendary Cooper Car Company with MINI Cooper brand that refers to racing and performance variations of MINI cars originally made in collaboration between the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and the Cooper Car Company. Ford determined that the BMC must have been losing around £30 per car, so decided to produce a larger car – the Cortina, launched in 1962 – as its competitor in the budget market. Automatic transmission available as an option for the 998 cc Austin Mini-Cooper 998 and 1275 S. Previous Mini-Cooper 997 and 1071 S models dropped. The most obvious changes were larger doors with concealed hinges. The Riley was the more expensive of the two cars. In 1966, the first-placed Mini (along with nine other cars) was disqualified after the finish, under a controversial decision that the car's headlights were against the rules.[18]. Get the keys to a classic by opting for a MINI Cooper Convertible, or explore our new MINI … This seems to have been a play on words: the Morris Minor was a larger, well known, and successful car that continued in production, and minor is Latin for "lesser", so an abbreviation of the Latin word for "least" – minimus – was used for the new even smaller car. The Clubman Estate replaced the Countryman and Traveller. [81] The driver of the Citroën, Pauli Toivonen, felt that he had not really "won" the rally. There were no Mark III Coopers and 1,570 Mark III Cooper S. An agreement between BMC and Innocenti was announced in 1959 to assemble manufacture BMC cars for the Italian market. The Mini Van was a commercial panel van (in US English, a sedan delivery) rated at ¼-ton load capacity. VALUE PACKED EDITIONS SPOTTED AT THE CORNER OF AFFORDABLE AND FUN. Options may be limited due to product availability at time of sale. In 1964, the suspension of the cars was replaced by another Moulton design, the hydrolastic system. With the confidence of a comprehensive CPO Protection Plan, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, and all the distinctive design and legendary fun of a new MINI, the road is yours for the taking. Since the year 1994 Mini Cooper is a … The disqualification related to the use of a variable resistance headlamp dimming circuit in place of a dual-filament lamp. On its introduction in August 1959, the Mini was marketed under the Austin and Morris names, as the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor. View Details . †Rover, Land Rover, and Triumph were not part of British Motor Holdings but became part of British Leyland in 1968. The Origin of MINI Cooper… [38] Larger profits came from the popular De Luxe models and from optional extras such as seat belts, door mirrors, a heater, and a radio, which would be considered necessities on modern cars, as well as the various Cooper and Cooper S models. [37] Production of both models ceased in late 1969. The restyled version was called the Mini Clubman, and has a squarer frontal look, using the same indicator/sidelight assembly as the Austin Maxi. Even so, the ADO15 had a top speed of 75 mph, which was better than many other economy cars of the time. In 1969, under the ownership of British Leyland, the Mini was given a facelift by stylist Roy Haynes, who had previously worked for Ford. Slow at the outset, Mark I sales strengthened across most of the model lines in the 1960s, and production totalled 1,190,000. MINI OF ALEXANDRIA Visit Our Dealership Today. The smaller-engine model was not well received, and only 963 had been built when the model was discontinued in 1965. Body Service Parts List, Riley Elf, Wolseley Hornet, British Leyland Motor Corporation Limited, BMC Service division, Cowley, Oxford, England. A further title was the 1971 Sun-7 Chesterfield Series. BMC operated a Competition Department at Abingdon, Oxfordshire, under the control of Stuart Turner, which built specially prepared Minis (mostly based on Cooper and Cooper S versions) to compete in international rallies and other motorsport. The design was changed to use steel subframes to carry the drivetrain and suspension for the front and rear. The radiator was mounted at the left side of the car so that the engine-mounted fan could be retained, but with reversed pitch so that it blew air into the natural low pressure area under the front wing. The Mini Mark I had three major UK updates – the Mark II, the Clubman, and the Mark III. [116], This article is about the 1959–2000 Mini. [94], The highest price ever paid for a Mini was at a Bonhams auction in 2007, when a works rally-prepared Mini (DJB 93B) sold for £100,500 ($196,980).[95]. Production of the Clubman and 1275 GT got off to a slow start because the cars incorporated "lots of production changes" including the relocation of tooling from the manufacturer's Cowley plant to the Longbridge plant: very few cars were handed over to customers before the early months of 1970. Cars could be assembled with minimal use of jigs as the external seams made the panels largely 'self-aligning'. The Mini Clubman and 1275 GT were replaced in 1980 by the new hatchback Austin Metro, while production of the original "round-front" Mini design continued for another 20 years. Credit cannot be applied toward tax, title, registration, destination, handling, or other dealership fees. [30] The Mini was officially announced to the public on 26 August 1959.
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