I ship BFDI(A) objects. scw-064. Negative relationships Most popular Most recent After successfully doing so, Tennis Ball is relieved it went smoothly. Seconds later, Tennis Ball gasps as they approach a tightrope, and Firey tells them he has a fear of heights. He is also cautious, and prefers to think first before making most decisions. Tennis Ball was the 10th contestant created by jacknjellify. Tennis Ball appears as a contestant on Team B in Object Madness. Tennis Ball proposes that they quickly build a trebuchet, however, he is cut off by FreeSmart crashing their van into the trio, causing them to all get eaten by Evil Leafy. Once again up for elimination, Tennis Ball receives 22 votes, which results in him being in the bottom two along with Coiny. No . Team Evil LeafyAnnouncerFlowerPin (BFDI)SnowballCoiny (BFDI)Pencil (on her side)MatchFourX (possibly, on X's side)Firey Jr. (on Firey Jr's side)Rocky (BFDI 3) He is the most amazing contestant ever. tennis ball bfdi < > Most popular. Later, Coiny throws Bomby into Golf Ball's underground factory where he explodes, killing Team No-Name and their Dream Island. Later, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball visit a science museum, but Tennis Ball is hesitant to go in. credit to everyone. As the boat sails away with Leafy, Ice Cube, and Coiny, he attempts to get into the boat, however, it is too far away. Okay but imagine Snowball and Needle as a couple. Golf Ball then shows Tennis Ball her MMR, which can read minds, and Tennis Ball is impressed. Hey i'm Tennis Ball and um i'm glad to see you This dumb box calls me that clumsy tennis ball so um hope you enjoy me. At the beginning of Cake at Stake, Tennis Ball announces that he is scared, however, he only receives 34 votes and is safe. In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", the teams complain to Four that they want the dead contestants recovered. When they reach the forest and lose Leafy, Tennis Ball questions if they are taking this too far. #inanimate insanity #bfdi #bfb tennis ball #ii lightbulb #battle for dream island #fictive #osdd #did #host #we are Japanese btw! Tennis Ball later enters Golf Ball's rocket with the rest of A Better Name Than That when they begin digging for the emeralds. Out of … Tennisball_BFDI. Chat. Coverage . In "It's a Monster", he is recovered after W.O.A.H. Headphones They are the first team to cross the beam and get to the first island. Tennis Ball puts on a headset and begins moving the dial on the MMR. When they reach the final island, they find out the first key they grabbed on the previous island was a fake, so they have to turn around, much to Tennis Ball's dismay. 2. Tennis Ball is a contestant on Battle for dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, and Battle for BFDI. They both do this again as soon as Donut mentions that he has the factor of four within him. Tennis Ball cheers on Golf Ball during the rejoin contest, despite her only getting one loaf before drowning, and Spongy ends up rejoining. The frisbee will not come off no matter what, so Firey grabs another frisbee, and the pair use that to complete the challenge. Duo - A BFDI Fanfiction (Tennis Ball X Golf Ball) Fanfiction. When Golf Ball agrees with Tennis Ball about Flower, Coiny teases her about having a crush on him, but Golf Ball states she only likes Tennis Ball in a platonic way. In BFDI, he was on the Squashy Grapes, as well as Another Name. His main body/felt is a bright yellow, and his stripes are white. OMGOMG! Tennis Ball (BFDI WIki) Edit. Tennis Ball is curious, which is why he's always asking questions. Nicknames In "The Four is Lava", Tennis Ball is stuck in a tree with Blocky and Robot Flower. Inside her shell, she has a light-yellow core. He is recovered, but none of the other contestants care as they still want the others recovered. Pronouns Tennis Ball placed 2nd in the challenge and being named the team captain of the new Eclipsed Survivors. In "Bridge Crossing", he tells Snowball that throwing Golf Ball into the ravine was uncalled for, and in return, Snowball threatens to do the same to him. Book asks them what they are battling for again, to which Tennis Ball responds with shock, asking if she actually doesn't know. Tennis Ball tells the Squashy Grapes that if Coiny stays, all he will do is slap Firey, and the team seems to agree with that. As shown on TV's screen, Tennis Ball has received 359 votes to join the second season, and placed 13th highest overall, allowing him to join. Unique Tennis Ball Bfdi Posters designed and sold by artists. He is placed on team Talented Tacks. Instead of falling in, he hits the posts keeping the bridge held up. Snowball notices that the "dumb sticks" are in the way, so he takes them out and throws Tennis Ball down, causing the bridge to break. Speaker Boxes are divided into two main parts: A body, which is a colorful geometric shape; and a "head", which is semicircle (the head is usually silver, but can be in any color). ", Tennis Ball explains that they only say it when provoked. In "Today's Very Special Episode", when Golf Ball points out that they are wasting time (which was 8-Ball's order), Tennis Ball says that they are just following orders. He ends up being placed on Team No-Name. At the beginning of the series, she was placed on theSquashy Grapes, but inepisode 9, she was placed on the teamAnother Name. He then shows the effects of the magnet in The Glistening when Announcer calls him "clumsy" once more. Golf Ball is very manipulative and often manipulates people into doing what she says. Tennis Ball places second, turning in a red ball that Rocky threw up, and receives 20 points, however, he is still in the danger zone. 4. Tennisball_BFDI. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Tennis Ball jumps first but fails to make it across, and as he is falling, he accidentally activates a contraption that launches Leafy across, eliminating him. In "The Reveal", Announcer announces that the cake this time is knives and that he will throw you a knife if you are safe. During the contest, Golf Ball asks him if he thinks races like this are great. He ranks as the 4th-to-last armless object standing in the first season, after Rocky, Ice Cube, and Spongy. Tennis Ball ("TB") is a male contestant on Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, Battle for BFDI, and of course Object Madness. He then watches Golf Ball with an annoyed expression as she blocks iance from coming out of the ground. 10th (BFDI)Cancelled (BFDIA)TBA (OMN)TBA (BFB) After Golf Ball would not tell her, Basketball asks Tennis Ball what the team's plan is. Tennis Ball suggests that one team should consist of the original contestants from BFDI, and the other should have the "newbies". Bubble votes for him because Ice Cube is in her alliance and Leafy gave her a gift. #bfdi #bfb #tpot #bfdi tennis ball #bfb tennis ball #tpot tennis ball #bfb basketball #tpot basketball. Her main body is light gray, and her dimples and shading are slightly darker light gray. While stuck at the bottom of the rock wall with Golf Ball, he spots a platform off to the right of the wall, where they can walk across. !Memes are found here! Untitled. Add a photo to this gallery. In BFB, he was on A Better Name Than That. They run away from Evil Leafy, but they reach a canyon. #subscribe #like #mikepaul #comment #clickthenotificationbell Subscribe for more videos. New Scratcher Joined 7 years ago United States Minor Outlying Islands. Public Chatrooms . Quote. Shop Tennis Ball Bfdi Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. He starts demagnetizing the Announcer when he calls him "Clumsy Tennis Ball" again but is teleported back into the TLC. He seems happy afterward when he finds out that Rocky cannot vomit anymore. He then switches off the MMR and relays this information to Golf Ball. With the lava gone, Flower, Tennis Ball, and Robot Flower begin racing to Four. He drags her to the incinerator and throws her in, killing her. Tennis Ball is accepted into 8-Ball and Basketball's group, which would be later known as A Better Name Than That because he is a ball. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Eventually, the teams return to Earth (due to Donut bringing Earth right next to the Moon) and Cake at Stake continues. Once Firey falls down, Tennis Ball notices that it's all up to Coiny to win the challenge. Reputation. Moving up sends out a magnetic field to attract opponents or down to send one to repel them. 8-Ball was a male recommended character that could have joined BFDI, but he failed to do so. Tennis; Cycling; Track and field; Search for; Follow. When Two arrives, Tennis Ball isn't sure if they can trust him. Photo. After he tells her, Book claims that she feels well-informed, but Tennis Ball jokes that she means "well-read", and she freezes him. 4 #BFB #bfdi #bfb tennis ball #bfb golf ball #bfdi tennis ball #bfdi golf ball. If you love BFDI, then this is the place for you! "Character Chart" (early concept)"Take the Plunge: Part 1" (final concept) "BFDI: "Reveal Novum"BFDIA: N/ABFB: "The Escape from Four"TPOT: TBA In "Yeah, Who? When revealing the reward they got for finishing 3rd, TB claims it isn't much, but that he'll take it. January 02. 1 About BFDITennisBall 2 Bans 3 Trivia 4 Quotes BFDITennisBall is a well known BFDI Wiki User, usually chilling in the chats or browsing, even nowadays, although he doesn't edit quite often, he still remains active to this day, only taking 2 hiatuses in his entire career of a Wiki user. For other uses, see 8-Ball. His first throw isn't strong enough and doesn't reach Firey, but the second throw does, and Firey catches the frisbee with his tongue. He is voiced by Michael Huang. See BFDI wiki for detailed canon info. Golf Ball tells Tennis Ball to do something about this, and he relies upon that he tried stopping them but they wouldn't listen. The other two are, Though he finds it a little annoying at times, Tennis Ball is the only one that appreciates Rocky's vomiting and finds it cute. by ZoroWarner; Beat Up Yellow drill wisp by shyguy_lucky7 What I'm working on. Golf Ball then points out Rocky is missing, but Coiny spots him in their path. PEAK: #5 in #bfdi Okay. Afterward, Firey makes Tennis Ball angry by slapping him, feeling an emptiness with Coiny gone. Both he and Leafy got two votes causing a tiebreaker. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. Tennis Ball appears to be a furry tennis ball with painted white stripes. When the Announcer asks how he communicates, Rocky vomits on Tennis Ball, choosing him for his team. Tennis Ball then explains that Woody died because of his fear of the color gray caused a heart attack. In the contest, Tennis Ball is saddened by having to pair up but sighs and gives in, pairing with Firey. He lands in a Woody-shaped hole, which contains Woody, Coiny, and Eraser as well, but he is too big to fit, so Pin attempts to shove him down inside the hole. Tennis ball . Tennis Ball is a contestant on Battle for dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, and Battle for BFDI. Comments are turned off. Tennis Ball asks Golf Ball and tells Basketball to dig over there, pointing in a direction. Basketball says that she has been inspecting Robot Flower the last 2 weeks, and upon hearing this, Tennis Ball and Golf Ball start moving their eyebrows again. Every time tennis ball spoke in Bfdi [Evolution of Tennis Ball's voice] - Duration: 8:29. He will be competing in TPOT. Video. Announcer • Firey Speaker Box • Flower Speaker Box • Four • Puffball Speaker Box • X • Two, Blocky • Flower • Ice Cube • Match • Rocky • Snowball • Teardrop • Tennis Ball, Switched: Rocky • Tennis Ball • Golf Ball • Coiny • Firey • Snowball As soon as Golf Ball exited the restroom she and TB climbed onto Puffball and she started flying. High quality Bfdi Tennis Ball gifts and merchandise. However, Tennis Ball was given immunity for winning the challenge. - STC!GolfBall (Ch.2) He responds that he does, but tells her that they don't actually have to capture Leafy. Tennis Ball is a contestant with only two limbs, which can occasionally hamper him, like when he falls down the stairs in bfdi, earning him the “clumsy” title from the announcer speaker box. He used to be a chartreuse yellow but was changed to a lighter shade in IDFB. The Announcer names the team Another Name as a result. Tennis Ball receives 45 votes, enough to put him in the bottom two, but Blocky is eliminated with 112 votes. Pen explains that Golf Balls sink, and Tennis Ball adds that rocks sink too, implying Rocky sunk as well. First off, if you are looking for a "human high school love at first sight omg" type of BFDI fanfiction, this isn't the right place. During the contest, Golf Ball gets poisoned by a bug and turns green, to which Tennis Ball claims she looks like a miniature version of him. Tennis Ball's Magnet is a horseshoe magnet owned by Tennis Ball.It is unknown where he got it from. ", Tennis Ball tells Rocky that he has to learn how to write, explaining that he and Golf Ball know how, stating that "no arms is no excuse". First off, if you are looking for a "human high school love at first sight omg" type of BFDI fanfiction, this isn't the right place. Share via Email Report Story Send. In the stinger, Tennis Ball suggests to Firey that he shouldn't go around setting people he doesn't know on fire, referring to the recommended characters shown directly afterward. The Eclipsed Survivors would ultimately avoid being up for elimination for most of the pre-merge, winning most to all of the challenges, with the only exception to this occurring in Episode 8, where the Eclipsed Survivors lost their first ever challenge, but 5 people who did not do the challenge, including fellow Eclipsed Survivor member Blocky, who was later saved from elimination.
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