After transfer, it’s up to mother nature to run its course. Some people have breast tenderness, mood swings, and more, and some people feel nothing – it’s best to continue the supportive medications and take the test when your clinic recommends. The anticipation and waiting for the outcome can be tough, but remind yourself that you’re doing everything you can, and no matter what the outcome, you’ll be okay – just take it all one day at a time. You may be prescribed Valium for the procedure – taking it makes a full bladder more comfortable and theoretically relaxes the uterus, but it has not been proven to increase success rates. A full bladder helps change the angle of the uterus to make the transfer easier and helps your provider see the catheter clearly with trans-abdominal ultrasound to perfect placement of the embryo. Stay Hydrated. The embryo cannot fall out! Just be a couch potato. Once the prep catheter is ready, the embryologist will load the embryo(s) into a smaller catheter, and the patients can watch! Embryos that look healthy in a lab may have … On one hand, you’re finished with the painful injections, the agonising wait to see how your embryos develop and most importantly, you’re almost at the end of the entire IVF process. This happy chunk turned 9 months old two days ago! Your reproductive system may need time to recover after your eggs are extracted, so waiting 1-2 months for implantation may increase your chances of success. It’s actually an enzyme that helps aid with digestion. Here is a list of 11 things to do to prepare and make your life easier during this hectic time.. Now, keep in mind, I’m not a doctor and nothing on this list will guarantee a successful transfer. Embryo transfer is one of the stressful milestones in the journey of fertility treatment. Take Rest but not Exactly: Lying on the bed all the time in the name of bed-rest is something not to do after embryo transfer. If you have cold feet, your body is focusing on blood flow to just your feet… taking away the focus on your uterus. Many clinics give a photo of the embryo taken the day of the transfer. My husband and I have been battling infertility for 10 years and I wanted to document our TTC Journey. GOOD LUCK! Coconut water is also allowed and is healthy for you! Truth is, there is no scientific proof that shows bed rest improves implantation rates. There’s no hard evidence that being home alone helps – but research isn’t everything. Take it easy, take care of yourself, and use the days after a transfer to NOT do anything you don’t want to like housework, laundry, etc. These can be thawed and transferred to the uterus. The physician will review the procedure and answer any further questions you have before the procedure begins. My thought process behind this is, if bed rest guaranteed embryo transfer success, don’t you think doctors would be telling us all to do it? Follow us on our journey! Meet the ultrasonographer, who will do a trans-abdominal ultrasound to confirm excellent visualization. Those are the IVF superstitions and traditions that I did after our embryo transfer! I’m not sure what exactly started this tradition, but I’m not complaining about it! Anything to increase the odds of success should be done, especially if the steps are easy. If you had a day-3 transfer, your implantation window is 6 to 10 days after egg retrieval. I ordered mine “extra hot” so they’re nice and fresh. Husband and I did this after our transfer. In the transfer room, expect to get undressed waist down, cover up with a sheet or warm blanket, and lie down on an exam table. The green leafy vegetable rank high in the diet requirement after the embryo transfer. Embryo transfers are exciting yet nerve-wracking! At clinic, doctors review medications and instructions, and then give the patient or couple a few minutes alone to reflect on the transfer it’s such a special day. Statistics show that in 2012, IVF success rate with fresh embryos for women under 35 was 47.1%. Before transfer, I would walk to get 10,000 steps on my fitbit.
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