At 775 mm, this is higher that most other scooters and if you are anything under 5’9″ or thereabouts, resting your feet firmly on the ground could be an issue. This type of immediacy is not a trait for those who preach serenity. Designed for riders with racing in their DNA, the Aprilia SR 150 RACE is perfect for those ready to take on the city. The Aprilia SR 150 Race marks a special edition of the entry-level model from Aprilia in India. Balancing this out to a large extent, are the brakes. If you ride the SR 150 in a gentle manner, expect it to deliver over 40 kmpl. I thought as much but till last week. It is a very clean transparent background image and its resolution is … Aprilia SR 150 Race is an updated version of the SR 150. The filling area is too narrow and no matter which fuel dispenser I used, even the auto-cut off nozzles ended up spilling out petrol. Various online reports suggest the Race edition to be about 0.3 to 0.5 seconds quicker to 60 km/h as well. That’s a difference of less than 4% of the scooters’s cost and needless to say, is a better deal. It's honest and non-pretentious, with a very loveable character attached to it. For a scooter, yes! Ergonomics are definitely on the aggressive side but you'd soon forgive that when you realise how well it also holds you in your seat when flinging the scooter into a corner. And they cannot turn heads like the SR can. The SR 150 Race comes in less than six months after the regular SR150 scooter was launched in India and comes with Aprilia's RS-GP inspired body colour and graphics. The sporty styling should make the SR 150 scooter a hit among the youngsters. The engine feels smooth and stress-free at an indicated 80-90km/h which enough in reserve. Note that the SR 150 Race edition has the same ride, handling and braking characteristics as the standard version. Aprilia today launched the SR150 Race Edition at a price of Rs 70,288, ex-showroom, Mumbai. This is the biggest grouse in the otherwise brilliant package. Worth of a mention is the saddle height of the SR150. It flies. When the Aprilia SR 150 was launched back in 2016, it was touted as the most fun-to-ride scooter in the country by a country mile. The scooter gets mostly cosmetic updates, such as a new grey colour with red & green body graphics, a gold-coloured front brake caliper, red alloy wheels and a red spring for the rear shock absorber. Power and torque figures of the Race version remain similar to that of the standard version. I have been using it for my office commute, 40km one side, and can safely say that the handle bar-foot board-seat combination works well. Aprilia Sr 150 Race - Aprilia Sr 150 Race Edition is a high-resolution transparent PNG image. Aprilia has launched a new special edition of its 150 cc scooter in India called Aprilia SR 150 Race Edition. Aprilia has fettled with the CVT gearbox, improved gear ratios in order to favour faster acceleration as compared to outright speed. These are decent figures given my tendency to use the right wrist a lot and the fact that the run-in is still not complete. ... Aprilia SR 150 Video Review Lack of funds also meant I wouldn’t be able to spend much and that is when I decided to look into the world of scooters, a segment that is ruled by the Honda Activa and the Suzuki Access. Aprilia SR 150 Race Edition first ride review When Aprilia showcased the SR 150 at the last Auto Expo, not many people expected the power-scooter to be launched so soon and be so well priced. But given my height, weight and frame, these scooters wouldn’t really make me look cool at all. Only now the  passer-by's eyes will open wider, tongues roll-out further and spine tingles last a wee bit longer. After my short stint with the hospitality industry in the North Indian hill-station of Manali, I shifted back to Delhi permanently and was looking around for a new set of wheels, something that would be easy to ride, practical and give me a few grinning moments from time to time. At the same time, for this price, you have the option to purchase motorcycles like the Honda Unicorn 160 or the Yamaha SZ-RR and still have enough left over money for a party. The SR 150 will feel at home as a paddock scooter for the Aprilia Racing Team during race weekends! The SR uses a carburetor and not fuel injection and though there are vibrations at idle and upto about 15km/h, these ease out completely as revs rise. As a result, its displacement went up from 154.8cc to 160.03cc. The ride is firm, yes, but flick this birdie through slow moving traffic and you will be grinning inside the helmet. Aprilia SR 150 Race is a race oriented variant of the standard sports crossover SR 150. Aprilia SR 150 Standard Engine remains same. As stated above, I have a larger than average build and have stayed away from scooters due to lack of good ergonomics for riders like me. The SR is also the first scooter in India to ride on 14-inch wheels. It was aimed at providing maximum Thrill of Riding owing to its firm ride and sharp handling and the motor could hit speeds as high as 100kmph. Likewise, there is no under-seat light which is very much a norm in other scooters. One fine day, the boffins over at Aprilia decided they needed to give the scooter market in India a shakedown. It was fast, an exception handler, most definitely an edgy looker and scoffed at the first thought fuel frugality. Stefano Pele, head of Piaggio India, said that the company is working on a sportier scooter back then. Wanting to bring even more excitement into the mix, Aprilia has given us the SR 150 Race. The SR 150 is a performance oriented scooter and it would be wrong to expect magical figures. The SR 150 Race Edition is a scooter manufactured by a popular Italian four-wheeler manufacturer Aprilia. Its Italian design and technology brings the spirit of the great Aprilia Supermotard to a street near you. Aprilia SR 150 Race is special MotoGP edition scooter from the Italian origin two-wheeler brand Aprilia. The seat however is not very generous and if you intend to use this scooter with a pillion, the one sitting behind you will not be very happy. The sticker work is done on the base grey color and the end result is fantastic. As soon as starter is thumbed, the engine fires up with a throaty burble, immediately wanting to start a fight with the next helpless soul it sees. If you notice closely, the Race edition also gets a golden color for the brake caliper. The Race Edition is painted with maze grey […] The only parameter that needs to be seen now is the after sales service and support. Costing just Rs 3,000 over the price of the standard SR 150, the Race variants makes a whole lot of sense in my books. In real world riding, the Race definitely feels ‘racy’ enough and as per my experience of red-light GPs, can safely say that this little thing stay ahead of most other commuter motorcycles. The new Aprilia SR 150 Race Edition will be a more performance-focused version of the already power-packed scooter. There is no provision for charging your mobile and the same will cost approximately Rs 1000 extra. Aprilia has launched a new special edition of its 150 cc scooter in India called Aprilia SR 150 Race Edition. The front is dominated by the huge (for a scooter) 14-inch alloy wheel and the twin headlamps – these do not turn ON together but yet illumination is perfect for dark roads. The new scooter is more aggressive not only in terms of design and style, but also in performance and dynamic. The amount of hooliganism it allows is unrivalled and my unhappy photographer will a be a testament to that fact. Contributing to the sassiness are alloys and rear suspension spring finished in Fluo Rosso red. Its been over a week now and with 500 km on the odometer, here’s my opinion on India’s fastest scooter. 288,900. The under-seat storage space is average and cannot accommodate a proper full face helmet. Power and torque figures of the Race version remain similar to that of the standard version. Road Test Review Aprilia SR 150 Race First Ride Review 17 February 2017 Pratheek Kunder The Aprilia SR150 is good, but luckily for us enthusiasts of the brand, it wanted to have the quickest scooter around, in line with the badge on it and all it stands for. From sharp lines and contours which the SR 150  brought to the table, the Race version furthers that by really accentuating those design creases. It was aimed at providing maximum Thrill of Riding owing to its firm ride and sharp handling and the motor could hit speeds as high as 100kmph.
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