Workaround: None required. No error is seen on the config sync job. Maximum results limit is now applied per Access Zone instead of per cluster. The Runbook Robot SyncIQ Reports log incorrectly repeats the Failover log information instead of showing the associated SyncIQ Job reports. If on the Source and Target cluster for an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job the “Default Settings” say for SMB are not the same, each replication cycle will perform an update operation even though the shares are already synced and identical. There are extraneous postfailover script provided that are not runnable:,, script3.js . T4289  Delete Share or Export may result in temporary Audit error, After a share or export is deleted as part of Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job, the next Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job Audit task may incorrectly expect that the object is not deleted resulting in a alarm such as “, Replication job audit failed" - "objects not found on source or target cluster, hence audit fails”. Failover API to retrieve Policy Readiness information returns the incorrect Access Zone for environments with multiple Access Zones. This policy can be ignored in the System Access Zone as in this configuration the System Access Zone cannot be failed over. May affect other releases as well. Eyeglass API now can be used to retrieve DR readiness information - please refer to documentation here. If an PowerScale node is unreachable when Eyeglass is searching for open files there is no error message for the unreachable PowerScale nodes. Contact for assistance. Workaround: Each group that requires automated group quota creation must be explicitly added to the relevant share permissions. The failover log indicates success. ** Inter-version capabilities: In the case of inter-version operation, the capabilities of the lower OneFS API version will be applied across both OneFS versions. T2046  Access Zone Replication limitation when all user mapping rules are deleted, T2241  Incorrect missing SPN alarm issued when PowerScale cluster joined to multiple Domains, T2779 - Eyeglass Configuration Replication “Full Sync Mode” always updates when Default Settings on Source and Target cluster are not the same, T2780  Same host moved to different NFS Export Client list not updated on target. 2. Workaround: Reset Eyeglass to pick up IP address changes for Jobs on the new active cluster. This could also affect mirror policy jobs that are created by PowerScale OneFS as part of failover where PowerScale has selected SSIP as target host. As of 2.5.6 Eyeglass can manage custom SPN creation based on Eyeglass configuration - additional information available here. Limited preview release. For Pool Failover, the Failover Log Summary displays the Client Redirection step as not having run: Workaround: Check this section in the Failover Log to determine the status of the Client Redirection steps: INFO *************** Networking updates during failover Job STARTED ***************. Make a record of the state of all Configuration Replication Jobs in the Eyeglass Jobs window - these states will NOT be preserved on the reset: Jobs which are Configuration Replication type, SSH to Eyeglass appliance using admin: sudo -s enter (must use root)  then use admin password (default password: 3y3gl4ss), set the initial state for all Eyeglass Job types to User disabled,, Once reset completes, go to the chrome browser and refresh the browser and login with the credentials. Workaround: None Available. Search for Isilon Drive Firmware Package; Download the latest package (1.9 as of 02/2015) Review the release notes of this package; Copy this package onto the Isilon cluster; Determine how the firmware upgrade will be applied Serial – This is the recommended method. Impact: Allow Writes step of failover will fail. Workaround: Use fully qualified domain name for SyncIQ Policy target host and in the pool SmartConnect Zone name. If the fingerprint file is deleted or otherwise removed while rehearsal mode is active, rehearsal status is lost and there is no way to revert rehearsal mode. Isilon Reviews by Dell EMC in Distributed File Systems and Object Storage. We also responded to requests to add patch and hardware compatibility information. Filter User Reviews By: Displayed Reviews. Workaround: None required - summary has required information. Workaround: None required. CAUTION: A CAUTION indicates either potential damage to hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid the Policies configured for pool failover are blocked from being failed over in DFS or SyncIQ mode except for period of time between when pool to policy mapping for Pool Failover has been completed and next Configuration Replication cycle has completed. Your answers to this brief survey will help us improve OneFS release notes. Check running jobs windows for the initial inventory job to show completed. r readiness warning or error are not sent. When you delete an Access Zone in OneFS, the following issues occur in Eyeglass: corresponding Eyeglass Zone Configuration Replication Job is not deleted. When you have an unreachable cluster, Access Zone Readiness may take a long time. Quota workflow features have been removed. For the case where Eyeglass is managing more than 2 clusters, it may occur that the Edit Configuration view incorrect. Workaround: None required, this is a logging issue only. In maintenance release notes, the Enhancements and Resolved issues topics are cumulative and organized by maintenance release number. This export configuration is not supported for DR as it would not allow per policy failover and is an unsupported configuration for Eyeglass. Work around:  Before failover ensure a cluster report has been generated (cluster reports icon), or an existing emailed cluster report exists. Workaround: When failing over multiple pools, execute concurrent failover with 1 pool per failover job. Thereby losing the original expiry offset  and extending the expire time by a new offset from the API error. When Rehearsal Mode is enabled for an Access which has DFS policies or enabled with multiple pools which also have DFS, the failover log summary shows an interim summary after data access steps and a final summary at end. The pending quota request will appear in the Quota Requests History in Error state. Any Snapshot Schedule where the path is at or below the Job source path will be included in the Job. The User role for User Storage will be removed from the RBAC roles list. Message displayed says "No open session....". Address the replication issues. The igls app report command to create a dr health summary file does not exit on completion of execution. If a policy, dfs, zone or pool readiness alarm occurs multiple times, the Alarm time will not be updated with each occurrence. Workaround: For multi-site failover manual verification for AD delegation can be done as documented here and the DR Dashboard AD Delegation validation can be disabled following documentation here. While this increases the failover time to include completion of multiple post failover inventories, the critical failover steps for client redirection, make writeable and preparation for failback are completed prior to this step. Workaround: Run concurrent failover for multiple pools. This may cause an issue if there are multiple pools on target side which match. For more information about Isilon for vCenter, see the following documents: Isilon for vCenter Release Notes. Please contact for assistance. For additional information on use of AD groups for share security vs quota creation please read, T11807 Alarm for quota synchronization error does not contain error details, T9652 Unlock My Files inconsistent handling for unreachable PowerScale cluster, T13390 DR Testing (Disaster Recovery Testing) Job initially always in User Disabled state, T14956 No Recovery when DR Test Mode in Entering DR Testing or Exiting DR Testing, T14962 DR Test Mode Configuration Replication step does not run configuration replication for the DR Test mode job itelf, T15215 Data Config (Zone) Migration Job can not be created where Migration or Destination Path contains special characters, T15311 Data Config (Zone) Migration Job fails for existing policy when "Migrate only configuration" is checked, 924: Inventory View shows + beside component when there are no more children, 2155: Access Zone Networking info does not display in Inventory View, 2628/T15193: Job Definitions window does not sort properly, 2366: EyeGlass does not support special characters in email recipient address, 2385: Refresh Now does not refresh the Failover History window, 2744: Failed to Retrieve Inventory Alarm missing information, 2978: Syslog Log Viewer freezes Eyeglass web page, T971: Eyeglass End User Interface Tree View Expanders do not collapse, T1514:  Eyeglass Archive cannot be downloaded when Eyeglass is deployed on Redhat or Centos, T3137 - Eyeglass daily backup not working for RHEL/CentOS Deployments, T12370 Network Visualization does not display Pool Readiness, T15310 REST API / Widgets creates empty html file, T15493 Extraneous Post Failover placeholder scripts, T15511 Historical failover logs may lose formatting after a backup & restore, sh: /opt/superna/java/jre1.8.0_05/bin/java: No such file or directory, T17530 Backup and Restore does not properly set location for Eyeglass log files, T17408 Role Based Access Control doesn't handle user names with special characters, Known Limitations for PowerScale OneFS 8.0.0.x with Eyeglass, T507 Cluster Report for OneFS 8.0 missing information, T939  Eyeglass Access Zone Replication Job in Error after failover, T1785  Cannot set ignore flag on subnet pool after failback, T2479: Access Zone Failover fails between OneFS 7.2 clusters if Eyeglass also managing OneFS 7.1, T3258: Cannot start failover while Eyeglass initial inventory is running, For the case where Eyeglass has been restarted and the initial inventory is running for initial discovery, while the initial inventory is running a failover cannot be started. Quotas associated with a Local Group (for example wheel) are not displayed in the Quota self serve portal when logged in as a Local Group User for that group. If Eyeglass has no access to reach the groupnet DNS due to firewall option is provided to use local Eyeglass DNS. DR Failover Status of Warning does not block failover. Search. Workaround: Do not provision email recipients or Email Server user with email address that has special characters. 3) vi /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json and write "" as a value in the "plain_text" field and then save it.4) Copy and paste the following commands: str=$(sudo cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z' | fold -w 12 | head -n 1), echo -e "$str\n$str" | passwd screenshots, sed -i "s//$str/" /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json. The Failover logs are contained in the backup archive in the folder failover_logs. Target cluster client list must be updated manually. Some fixes and known issues that affect OneFS code under-the-hood, and don’t have a known customer impact, aren’t included in the release notes. without displaying results for reachable cluster or may provide results for reachable clusters without providing the error. Path to the file share located on a EMC Isilon with event log files (e.g., \\srv\netwrix_audit$\logs\). The change in NFS client list is not replicated to the target cluster. Workaround: None required. After an upgrade from 1.5.4 to 1.9 or greater, in the DR Assistant -> Failover History list the link to open SyncIQ Job Reports opens the Failover Log due to fact that prior to this release Failover Log and SyncIQ Job Report log were combined. When an Access Zone contains a SyncIQ Policy which has a Target Host configured which cannot be resolved by Eyeglass, the Access Zone does not appear in the DR Dashboard Zone Readiness tab. Article 483840, ETA 483840: Isilon OneFS: Isilon OneFS: Non-UTF-8 encoded files or directories may be inaccessible to NFSv3 and NFSv4 clients after upgrading OneFS clusters from version 7.1.x or earlier to or later 4) Copy and paste the following commands: T12034 Eyeglass appliance rediscover does not preserve Eyeglass Job state unless Configuration Replication has run, T16137 Anyrelease restore does not restore all Ransomware Defender and Easy Auditor settings, Support Removed in Eyeglass Release 2.5.6, New: T16949 DR Rehearsal Mode available for OneFS 9.0, 9.1, T15111 DR Rehearsal Enable incorrectly results in REHEARSAL_ERROR status when failover includes AUTOSKIPCONFIG type jobs, T9621, T14813: Unable to break lock for filenames/path with special characters, T15280 Web widgets: Embeddable Widgets functionality Deprecated, T15504 Threshold for SCA0075 Disk Space Consumption Alarm Increased, T5808: Inconsistent Zone Readiness Status between DR Dashboard and Eyeglass API, T7881, T7893: Missing Validations for SPN readiness, T11083 Restore from backup does not preserve failover scripts, T1712: Zone Readiness missing Zone when pool has no SmartConnect Zone - OneFS 7, T1716: Eyeglass Runbook Robot NFS mount not functioning for RHEL and Centos deployments, T1482: Zone Readiness SyncIQ Readiness not updated after Access Zone associated to a pool, T3742: No Policy Hostname Validation error if SyncIQ Policy Target Host is fully qualified and uses short name on target cluster pool that has a Superna Eyeglass mapping hint applied, T3848: SPNs not updated during failover for OneFS8 non-default groupnet AD provider, T4009: SPNs creation case sensitive to AD provider name, T4320: Access Zone not assigned to any Subnet Pools results in many Zone Readiness Errors, T4316: Runbook Robot Policy Job does not display SyncIQ Job Reports, T4857: Failed SmartConnect Zone Rename step is not displayed in Failover Log, T4878: Pool Failover - Non Runbook Robot SyncIQ policies can be mapped to Robot pool, T4968: Zone missing from DR Dashboard Zone Readiness tab if a SyncIQ Policy has a target host that cannot be resolved, T5092, T4490: Access Zone Pre and Post Failover Scripting Issues, T5473: Zone/Pool Readiness Pool Mapping Hint Matching Issue, T5961: Failover Log shows Incorrect Final Steps, T5897: Post Failover Inventory step may fail during multiple concurrent failovers, T5941: Pool Failover Failover Log Summary incorrectly displayed Client Redirection step not run, T5967: Failover where Quota Sync is disabled has extra lines in Failover Log, T5934: Access Zone Readiness shows OK for DFS only failed over Access Zone, T6289: SyncIQ policy with no shares or exports is associated with the System Access Zone for failover, T6311: Selecting the DR Failover Status link on the DR Assistant Summary page may result in an Error, T6402: Access Zone Failover Post Failover Inventory step runs multiple times, T6842: Zone Readiness: Zone does not display Failover Over state for Access Zones where custom SmartConnect Zone prefix is being used, T7184: Pool Readiness: Pool to SyncIQ Policy Mapping is not displayed in DR Dashboard until Readiness task is run, T8824: User Quota creation fails on failover for multiple disjointed AD Domain environment, T10363 Overlapping Access Zone Failover blocked for System Access Zone, T10912 Quota Sync fails for quotas where quota container property set to true, T14965 Failover readinessSyncIQ File Pattern Validation has WARNING state instead of ERROR, 1683: Export sync where source is 7.1.1.x and target 8.x.x.x, T2757: Access Zone is not replicated from OneFS 8 to OneFS 7.2, T2920: Access Zone Authentication Provider is not replicated to the target cluster, T3629: Renamed Snapshot Schedule leaves original Snapshot Schedule on the target, T1515: Eyeglass Shell feature not functioning for RHEL and Centos deployments, T3119: Access Zone Migration Preview does not always display Configuration information, T3170: Quota Requests History shows Status of Error for processed requests after failover, T4280: User Storage View may show all quotas instead of only the User Quotas, T4432: DR Test Mode action on multiple policies do not display in Running Jobs, T4968: SyncIQ Job Report Troubleshooting section missing information when report is generated on demand, T5173: Quota Modification Request window does not close after Submit, T6389: Built-In AD Groups cannot be used with the Cluster Storage Monitor Active Directory Managed Quota feature, T8716: Upgrade issues for Cluster Storage Monitor Quota or Data Recovery requests, T8834: Storage Monitor Report missing user information when friendly name cannot be resolved, T9561: Unlock my files incorrectly displays directories, T1514: Eyeglass Archive cannot be downloaded when Eyeglass is deployed on Redhat or Centos, T939 Eyeglass Access Zone Replication Job in Error after failover, T1785 Cannot set ignore flag on subnet pool after failback, T1359 Update NFS Multi-Path Export path(s) may cause transient Configuration Replication Error, T1743 Multiple export with same path and same client do not show Configuration Replication Error, T1847 OneFS 8 Overlapping Access Zone Replication has error, T1972 Snapshot schedule replicated with offset, T2046 Access Zone Replication limitation when all user mapping rules are deleted, T2241 Incorrect missing SPN alarm issued when PowerScale cluster joined to multiple Domains, T2780 Same host moved to different NFS Export Client list not updated on target. For OneFS 8.0, if an Access Zone has multiple authentication providers not all providers will be replicated for the Access Zone on the target cluster. By default a 1 second time skew tolerance between Isilon nodes is now taken into account when executing the Date-Time Validation for failover readiness. Quota Search window continues to have Quota Search and bulk Quota Modify capabilities. When source cluster is not reachable uncontrolled failover should be used. When doing concurrent Access Zone or Pool Failover where the Access Zone or Pool have associated jobs in Eyeglass DFS mode the share renaming step may happen in parallel and depending on the OneFS release an PowerScale OneFS API defect may incorrectly handle the request causing the share rename to be in error. Not Required on lower releases than below but note the bug is present and does not affect Eyeglass, OneFS (Fixed does not require change below), OneFS (Fixed does not require change below), Elevate to root user by using command below and entering admin password, true, false, Overlapping Access Zone with System (/ifs), Overlapping Access Zone - non System Zones, No (only cluster pairs with no common cluster). Workaround: Review shares/exports/quota paths manually to determine which configuration data will be migrated for the selected source path. Workaround: Monitor email for Access Zone replication errors. When a SyncIQ Policy is renamed, Eyeglass considers it to be a new SyncIQ Policy. Workaround: To recover from this REHEARSAL_ERROR open a support ticket at for assistance. Zone Readiness and Pool Readiness SPN validations do not check for the conditions below. Dell EMC’s recent update to its OneFS scale-out NAS has a rather long version number – 8.2.2 – but that masks some major enhancements to the Isilon operating system. The Failover Readiness Alarm for Warning state SCA0081 has been updated to include additional information on the details of the warning state in the Alarm info. Eyeglass Assisted Access Zone Failover Requirements are documented in the Access Zone Failover Guide here. Reviewed in Last 12 Months; Products. DNS Dual Delegation Failover Readiness validation is only supported by design for Microsoft DNS server. In Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.5.6 for DR can be found here. Manually check read/write status of filesystem. Resolution: DR Dashboard now displays the correct SSIP. A Data Config Migration Job will fail when there is an existing SyncIQ policy on the migration path and "Migrate only configuration: is not checked. Transfer pool mapping step are incorrectly displayed for non-pool based failovers. For Robot Job which is disabled - Run Now not blocked, Job is initiated and then fails. We provide information about fixed and known issues that Isilon customers have reported or might encounter. The Jobs run successfully with the message “, The job has no data to replicate; skipping it.”, T2193 - Export max_file_size setting not replicated correctly, Workaround:  None available. In an environment where the PowerScale cluster is joined to multiple Domains, the OneFS SPN check command for a specified domain returns list of SPNs from other domains and lists them as missing. Resolution: Target is populated for SyncIQ and DFS failover. Resolution:  None, export is created correctly after config sync job completes. If Eyeglass is deployed on a Redhat or Centos operating system the Eyeglass Shell feature does not work. All OneFS release notes are available in PDF format from the EMC Online Support site. Workaround: Provision Smartconnect Zone Mapping according to requirements documented here. 51 Reviews. To view which version of OneFS is running on a node, run the following command: uname -r 2. Embeddable widgets functionality is no longer be available. 1580: Delete and Create export within same replication cycle orphans deleted export on the target with OneFS 7.1.1.x, 1625: Custom QUOTA Jobs require extra replication cycle to be deleted, 1639: Able to manually Run Now disabled Custom Job, 1641: Custom Job does not include shares/export when source or destination path configured with a trailing /, 1788: Delete of unlinked user quota on source may not delete matching quota on the target, 1789: Able to select shares/exports/quotas outside job path after deselected, 1887, T3727: Multiple SyncIQ policies associated with same Zone will result in transient error on Eyeglass Zone replication creation. If the pool on the target cluster which contains the SmartConnect Zone which is configured on the source cluster as the SyncIQ policy target host is configured as “short” name instead of fully qualified name AND that pool has a Superna Eyeglass mapping hint defined instead of the required igls-ignore hint, Zone Readiness INCORRECTLY does not show an error. For the case where an SMB share has been manually created on the target cluster with a different setting for the SMB share property inheritable_path_acl, the Supena Eyeglass compare of the source and target share does not identify the difference and therefore does not update the target share to match the source share. Job is empty. UPDATE: Resolution for this OneFS issue is available in OneFS Resolution:  None unsupported sync, upgrade to 7.2.x.x. With OneFS 9.0, IPMI is fully supported on both Isilon Gen6 and PowerScale platforms. Workaround: Contact Support to assist in determining the rename operation which caused the error. This URL is used to get configuration details about your Isilon cluster via OneFS API. 649: Export sync where source and target path on each cluster is different is deleted and recreated in each config cycle (affects onefs 7 to 8 or 8 to 7 replication), 1462 - Export max_file_size cannot be replicated. Workaround: Zone must be created manually or already exist on the target cluster in order for Eyeglass configuration replication to succeed. When you have an unreachable cluster, Configuration Replication may take a long time. The share export report CSV will be removed along with the AD group and user CSV report. After an Eyeglass restore to a new appliance using the --anyrelease option, print screen functionality may no longer be working due to a incorrect permission setting. T3774: Failover relies on policy naming: and , T4808: SPNs not updated for new authentication providers after Access Zone settings changed to “Use all authentication providers” (OneFS 7.2), T6229: Existing Failover Logs cannot be reviewed after upgrade to Eyeglass R2.0, T14321 Zone/Pool Failover Readiness for AD Delegation validation, SPN Readiness validation not supported for Multi-Site failover configuration, Workaround: For multi-site failover manual verification for AD delegation can be done as documented, T15611 Pool Readiness Alarms are reported per Zone, DNS Dual Delegation Failover Readiness Validation Supported DNS servers.
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