Thread Starter. FG-0069_Bluegill_0.jpg. Please Read Before Registering. Refer to the pages listed in red at the bottom of this page to see exceptions to the statewide regulations. Jul 22, 2004 #1 . Panfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, yellow perch, white and black crappie) 25 in total: Rock, white, and yellow bass and bullheads: No Limit: Ruffe, white perch, and gobies: 0 but one of each may be killed and possessed for immediate delivery to a DNR Service Center or regional office. I figure they will clean with the rest of what I am catching. That is a bit too small. i ran into some people who were keeping everything they caught i mean … Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 05-27-2020, 05:44 AM #24. And then he caught a keeper ‘gill. I don't bother to cut the head's off etc. The largest bluegill ever caught was four pounds, 12 ounces in 1950. The average adult size is between 5-7 inches long. While males are on the nest, they are aggressive and will strike at any lure or bait that fall into the nest. Posted January 27, 2004. You should be able to clean a bluegill in less than a minute with practice. For a few lakes – Catch and release for bluegills during the bluegill spawn. The best bluegill lake in Indiana as far as large average size is very predator heavy and large at about 800 acres (for Indiana). A good keeper size panfish ? I'll keep bluegill down to about 6 inches, longears down to about 5 (since they are thicker). Don't eat 6" Bluegill. SLABSAUCE Crappie Attractant | Come join the best Family Orientated fishing website on the Internet. Shovelnose sturgeon: 3: Walleye, sauger, and hybrids: 5 in total : Fishing Fishing. And then another. Start new topic; Recommended Posts. In North Carolina, there is an 8" limit on crappie, but no size limit on bream. Share your photo. a medium size chunky 2 lb bass is also possible if its about dinner but most often the fish just get to swim on , we only eat fish once a week at my house . Share Followers 0. 2013 Bob Skinner Memorial Youth Hunt. Posted by Mike Schmidt on June 13, 2014 at 8:00pm in Basic Discussion; View Discussions ; I am a complete newbie to gills. HUNTING. kumma. Help by becoming a Supporting Member. and hybrid sunfish) all other species (except protected native fish), unlimited . This slot limit allows anglers to only retain striped bass measuring at least 28" and less than 35" total length.Striped bass measuring less than 28" or 35" and greater must be immediately released. Youth Forum. Bluegill - 7 Crappie - 12 Perch - 10 Muskie 35 Walleye - 18 Pike - 34 Smallmouth - 14 Largemouth - 16 Saugeye - 17 Gar - 30 50 Panfish including bluegill, redear sunfish (shellcracker), flier, longear sunfish, mud sunfish, shadow bass, spotted sunfish (stumpknocker), ... only in waters where minimum-length or slot-size limits for these fish apply) may not be filleted, nor their head or tail fin removed, until the angler has completed fishing for the day. 2011 Youth Deer Hunt. Keeper size crappie? Male bluegill. Fishing Tips: Earthworms or even corn kernels make good bait. I was up at kent lake checking out some shore fishing spots. Bluegill - Big Bluegill. Forum Rules and Guidelines. I've always wondered about other folks, but I dislike cleaning big bluegill, say those above 9". What is your keeper size? Posted by Mike Schmidt on June 13, 2014 at 8:00pm in Basic Discussion; View Discussions; I am a complete newbie to gills. look at your state laws then make your own decision. Size: Length: to about 9½ inches; weight: usually to 12 ounces. My friend Terry & myself went crazy on keeper size Bluegills..We kept 83 in one day & threw more that that back..This is a once in a time experience.They were all caught on my 1 1/100 oz. Video of bluegill. Minimum Size: 15 inches year round, and during January 1–April 15 the minimum size is 15 inches with a maximum size of 20 inches, in the Potomac River mainstem approximately 0.5 miles upriver from Chain Bridge to the spillway in Cumberland. 2010 Youth Deer Hunt . Several waters have exceptions to these limits.

bluegill keeper size

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