What a treat to find this site. I myself have cared for these birds from baby’s and have eventually released them back into the wild when they themselves have decided they want to go. Feeding was so hard, he wouldn’t eat by himself for 2 months. I have some canary bird mix, but i might try some other bird food too. I’ve only reared mammals, so it was odd to me that his beak opened upwards. But he got a respiratory infection and died on Saturday just as I was putting him in the car to take him to the vet. Update: This article was edited and updated in July 2015. . I have no experience with birds but I spotted this one as a cat was playing with it in my back yard. As far as I understand it, each state of Australia has its own regulations. I will keep in mind the medicines that you used just in case I get another pigeon. Sometimes if they aren’t fed the right stuff when they’re young it can affect their development, but it sounds like you fed this one properly Sarah. Canary or budgie food was the best.Sorry I cant help you further. She is even more affectionate than ever, although she hates my two boys with a passion. I won’t be able to feed it every hour as I work and can not take it to work. I can’t let mine go because only one of its eyes properly works. He was very tame and loving as well. Hey Justin The pigeon is at home sitting on a finger, arm or shoulder and doesn’t like being put in a cage. I love reading the stories about the crested pigeons. At boths houses he decided to go for a fly and both times he came back to the right house. If anyone can help please let me know. But we moved twice. Seeing they were probably hand raised you might be able to get away with a smaller cage – I have no experience in keeping pigeons. I hope not. She finally flew away one day and have not seen here since sadly, so am hoping she is ok. Just wanted to share my experience with raising one of these lovely birds. Damit Verizon Media und unsere Partner Ihre personenbezogenen Daten verarbeiten können, wählen Sie bitte 'Ich stimme zu.' This site is about Australian birds I see in the natural environment. Also, I would much prefer to return her to the wild. It got disturbingly bigger over 2 months, and finally fell off, leaving a hole in his face in front of his eye. I hope that is the case too. is she still alive. i would say that it is very young n has possibly fallen out of the nest as its been pretty windy today. If you have the time to look back through many of the posts here on this site, it is a common thread I am promoting, namely, the protection of our birds (and animals). Hi Macy Ali It cannot fly and has mostly down around its neck he looks pretty alert and not injured. Hi Edith, Hi, I have just found a crested pigeon in the garden outside, and couldnt not see any other pigeons around or a nest. Photo: John Spiers. This morning we found a baby crested pigeon in our front yard hiding behind a fence post as my small dog was trying to attack it. We picked it up and brought it inside. He is doing fine at the moment and no longer has diarrhea. Characteristics thank you again. I dont understand how they can sell cockatoos etc but they can not sell crested pigeons. Long story short, he made it through and started eating on his own (budgie seed with a canary tonic mix from the pet store, which is linseed and wild grass seed mix). I’m not talking about integrating with other native birds & animals, like any other wild bird has to deal with, but the risks of dieing from garden poisons, cats, or the fact that we, as humans, have taken most of their feed growing areas away from them. i cant believe i didnt see you message sooner thank you for your advise , Hello! Anyways I went to remove it of the road. Just leaving it to its own devices might be the easiest as it is possibly used to caring for itself. We are not sure how old the bird is or what its sex is but it is making a squarking noise alot of the time we feed it and it still does it after it has been nursed and played with and sometimes it still does it. I’m sure he will miss you just as much as you miss him/her. Let him go or try nurse him back to health? She is now bringing one of her babies here to feed along with all the other wild birds we feed. Thank you. We have found a tame crested pigeon in coffs harbour whilst on holiday. High quality Crested Pigeon gifts and merchandise. Thankfully, the cat isn’t a very good hunter and had not caused the pigeon any harm. I think your pigion is very sick, birds feathers stay fluffed up when they are not well. I left her there with water & a wild bird seed mix for her to eat, till I could see she was eating on her own & would be OK. God bless Titchy. My email address is greatape@virginbroadband.com.au. She still recognises us as family but when I take some seed out to her as a treat, (I do spoil her a bit) she attacks my hand as I pour it out, as though I’m another bird steeling her food. Young Topknot Pigeons might be confused with young White-headed Pigeons, but have a darker face, a banded tail and lack the greenish-black back.

crested pigeon baby

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