Blade is smooth and easy to deploy, thanks to fiber washers. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good all around EDC option and great pricing also. Good weight, sharp blade, opens easily! Solid liner-lock. Others have noted the clip has broken but mine is still connected after easily removing it from my belt no less than 500 times. Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for $5.99 . FOR SALE! 3-teiliges Schleifpaket bestehend aus einem Skerper Basic Keramik-Schleifstab, Skerper Basic Kombi-Schleifstein Körnung 180 / 600 und einem Skerper Basic Kombi-Scheifstein Körnung 1.000 / 3.000. If you have a more efficient way of sharpening knives than I would recommend this knife, if not, look for something that comes a little sharper out of the box. KNIFECENTER CYBER WEEK EVENT | OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! Great blade design. Because they are that perfect. IN THESE DAYS OF UNCERTAINTY, THIS IS A TOOL WORTH WEARING!!! The glass breaker works just fine. Won't be buying another S&W knife again. Blade Material, Overall Quality, Lock Ease of Use, Handle Feel, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness. 5201 Lad Land Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 - 800.338.6799 (Phone Orders Welcome), Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops First Response Rescue Folding Knife 3.3" Black Tanto Combo Blade, Rubber Coated Aluminum Handles, Blade Material, Overall Quality, Pocket Clip, Handle Feel, Weight, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Ease of Opening, Lock Type, Lock Ease of Use, None, I'm on the street. Despite the clip, as a lefty, even I can open it. Nice handle and grip, has a very nice rubberized feel to it. Great knife, great everything except that it came to me Dull...really dull. Overall Quality, Blade Sharpness, Handle Feel, Weight, Blade Material, Lock Type. Handle Feel, Lock Type, Weight, Pocket Clip, Handle Material, Blade Material, Handle Feel, Weight, Overall Quality, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness. there were only two problums 1. when i receved it in the mail there were several small chips in the protective coting in the bodie (none in the blade) as my new EDC, i dnt mind about the chips but i could have made a big deal about it if i wanted too. So sind Deine Finger auch während der Benutzung sicher. Handle Material, Handle Feel, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Ease of Opening, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Overall Quality. My fellow officers are jealous! Das Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWFR2S ist ein preiswertes Rettungsmesser. I'm buying another! I can highly recommend it for EDC. Ease of Opening, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Sharpness. it is compact, light weight, and overall, a truly excellent folding pocket knife with loads of utility. This knife came sharp out of the box. It seems like a great knife for the price. This knife is great because it's small enough to carry in a pocket for everyday use. This is a great carry knife.. 29,81 € Smith & Wesson Erwachsene CK105HD Smith & Wesson S&W Extreme Ops Desert, 0 4,5 von 5 Sternen 5. The knife features a push-button locking mechanism but is not an assisted open. I don't like the lock, but my husband and cousin seemed to think it was fine. Buy SMITH AND WESSON SWFR2S for $21.95 - Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops First Response Rescue Folding Knife 3.3 inch Black Tanto Combo Blade, Rubber Coated Aluminum Handles at … I can tell the tip is getting worn down a little, but nothing a fine file can't fix. It has a smooth opening action (made super smooth with a drop of Super-Lube) and the rubber coated handle feels solid in the hand. Newsletter. I use this knife at work for cutting rope, plastic, boxes, paper, and more. $21.99. special coated aluminum handle that is great … Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWFR2S black, rescue knife: uses cookies and similar techniques to make sure we can help you even better. Never had a problem with it but lost it on a call one time. I bought one a while ago (I think 2015) and it still works amazingly, it was my first pocket knife and still works just like when I first got it. $14.95 Save 32% . These knifes can be used for many different situations that fireman face everday. It does not open automatically, but has a good sized blade with good sharpness. It is hefty but not heavy. The combo straight and serrated edge completes the knife's utility. 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel blade with 4.5 in. In Stock. The glass breaker works perfectly and isn't intrusive on the knife. i will say the pocket clips a little hard to use, the body of this knife is rubber, and causes too much friction when attempting to place in your pocket and makes it difficult. I'm also a firefighter so I wear it at all times. Kompakter Stoßriemen für unterwegs. $9.00 + $7.99 shipping . He has said this it easy to work with as in being comfortable in his hand and easy to open and close. The black aluminum handle comes with jimping and a pocket clip. I was looking for a good EDC knife that would fit my general uses and our local laws. 67. Main and only gripe is that it's blade (the plain section) required sharpening from the beginning. Good liner-lock. The release performs efficiently and effectively. Feels good knowing it has all the safety features. Dieses Rettungsmesser ist ein praktisches und preiswertes Werkzeug für Notsituationen. I think thumb studs are far better than thumb holes. After a fair bit of use I'm still really happy with it. You get more than you expect foor what you pay and will not mind if you loose it. Love the fact it will cut a seat belt and break a car window. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Linerlock 3.5" Black Drop Point Blade,… $19.95. The knife arrived sharp. This "first response" folder is everything I was looking for. the poket clip sits high alowing for great CC on an EDC. It also great that is has emergency features (seat belt cutter, window breaker), Lock Type, Pocket Clip, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Handle Material, Handle Feel, Ease of Opening, Overall Quality. Lock is not great, needs to be forced sometimes. I showed it to my guys at work and they promptly ordered five for themselves. This is the second time I bought this exact knife. Blade Material, Blade Sharpness, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Handle Material. Extremely sharpened from the factory, I have large hands and like the weight of the knife as well. Es hat eine Tanto-Klinge, einen Glasbrecher und einen Gürtelschneider. The knife is great. I love using the tanto blade to remove labels and stickers. It's amazing quality, sharpness, durability and feel, I'm so happy with this purchase and I kind of want to get another just because it truly is that amazing. I use it everyday for cutting string/rope. Smith & Wesson SWFR2S 8in High Carbon S.S. Folding Knife with 3.3in Tanto Point Serrated Blade and Aluminum Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,600. It locks very well and could not close without deliberate unlocking. It seems well made. Excellent Knife, i used this in everyday operations as a firefighter and loved it. I was worried that smith and wesson didn't care about the quality of their knives and that they were just out to make a buck, but I am pleasantly surprised. Only probelm is that the finsh will rub off easily. Smith & Wesson® SWFR2S Extreme Ops Drop Point Folding Knife. Bought this knife for general day to day use two years ago, nothing I use it for is life or death dependent given its credentials but having the seatbelt cutter and glass breaker is a nice extra. SMITH & WESSON Extreme Ops Tactical Knife SWFR2S Emergency Escape Tool Tanto - $13.29. My only complaint is that I can't figure out how to close it. I was looking for an escape item to put in my truck. Im geöffneten Zustand wird es von einem Liner-Lock gesichert. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Folding Knife 3.2" Black Combo Tanto B… $21.99. Purchased 2, one for my son. Condition is Used. The built in seat belt cutter and the tip on the end to break the car windows is a great advantage as well. belt cutter and center smasher are very nice tools. Feels really solid and easy to open, and although I havent tried it on a seatbelt but instead on backpack straps, I'm not sure the seatbelt cutter would really cut a seatbelt. The seat belt cutter and glass breaker is a HUGE plus, I tried the glass breaker out on a few planes of glass, a couple beer bottles and a mirror. But other than that this knife is great. The only drawback is that it's not spring loaded and the blade is black which will show scratches. This one is comfortable to grip, easy to open one hand and has a good strong blade. It seems to hold the sharp the cutting edge very well. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWFR2S Tanto Pocket Knife Partially Serrated Blade The rubberized aluminum handle is easy on the hands and extremely comfortable, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Smith and Wesson Messer Extreme Ops Rainbow, schwarz, 42866 4,1 von 5 Sternen 2. -great lines and look -easy opener -sturdy, sharp blade -solid construction -truly a perfect knife, no downside, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness, Handle Feel, Weight, Lock Ease of Use. I would rate this knife a 3.5. so now im back to get another one as a replacement. Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, Handle Feel, Ease of Opening, Blade Material, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Overall Quality, All around use full knife around the job site, Lock Type, Pocket Clip, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Handle Material, Weight, Ease of Opening, Overall Quality. Unfortunately, I would have had to pay S&H to return it, so I just keep it in my truck. I could not discern the opening type in the illustration. Excellent grip. would recomend for haveing in the vehicle at all times. Du kannst das Messer einhändig mithilfe des Daumenpins öffnen. over all good knive. Blade Material, Overall Quality, Ease of Opening, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Sharpness, Pocket Clip, None. +421 948 340 558 . Smith & Wesson S&W SWFR2S Extreme Ops Serrated Tactical Folding Pocket Knife. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Title: Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Knife with Coated Tanto Blade and Rubber Coated Handle, Black, Author: Rania Gold, Name: Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Knife … Buy It Now. In Stock. Blade Sharpness, Ease of Opening, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Material. Mit diesem Pocket Keramischen Schleifsystem erhalten auch Ihre Messer einen „messerscharfen“ Schliff. Looks like it could break a car window & cut a seat belt, although I have not tried these tools.

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