Social network for fishing in Ireland. May 2003, 08:08 PM: Message edited by: Saul ]. Cheers lads, its amazing how carp have spread over the years and how the weights have steadily gone up, we use to chase doubles in the old days, a 10 lb carp was a really big fish then in the Northwest and Scottish carp were unheard of to us, I think I read a report about lanark Loch being netted in the 70s though? So what use private emails ? The only other coarse water of note, Aboyne, has been pretty much poached out now. Tel No. May 10, 2003 in Coarse Fishing. 12ft 3lb Carp Rod by Moray Shore Fisher » 14 Mar 2017, 12:11 4 Replies 1160 Views Last post by billbob 18 Mar 2017, 20:55; Loch Etive 24/01/16 by sultzer » 02 Feb 2016, 14:08 7 Replies 1884 Views Last post by skatenchips 08 Feb 2016, 23:10; Riverside drive , 31/01/16 by sultzer » 05 Feb 2016, 13:07 5 Replies 1113 Views Carp Fishing, Writing, Rallysport, Subaru Impreza’s, Photograpy, Music, and doing up our old Town House. Ok so thats a start please add any more that you can think of. by . The greatest irony when people hear "Scottish National Party" and immediately freak the fuck out. Scottish Carp Group. Hempseed mimics tiny freshwater snails, and carp can become preoccupied on it to the exclusion of all else. Forum Actions: Forum Statistics: Threads: 10,380; Posts: 137,042; Last Post: Condensation. There are waters to suit all abilities with Carp to over twenty pounds in most and various other species of coarse fish to specimen sizes, three of our waters have been the home of Scottish record fish! Membership of the Scottish Carp Group is open and entitles you to fish any of the seven waters which is great value for money by todays standards. Membership of the Scottish Carp Group entitles you to fish any of our five waters listed in. The Scottish Carp Group now have Danskine Loch. It was plastered all over the Scottish Carp group forum between february and march. by . I'm trying to put together a list of all waters that hold carp in Scotland. : Chairman & Fishery Manager, Saul Gardiner, Tel:07831 741092. I hope you find it helpful, enjoyable and informative and I would welcome your feedback on how we can make it … About the Club: Powered by Invision Community. In reply to Post #1 Think yourself lucky it’s only Glasgow mate,I’m moving to Aberdeenshire soon. EMAIL: Visit website for contact information. Cheers. This will help to improve carp fishing in Scotland. I’ll often use just a handful to kick-start a swim that I am baiting with boilies. The oily liquid produced when hemp is soaked is also incredibly attractive to carp and contains amino acids and natural omega oils. Membership Secretary, Malcolm Mackay, Tel: 07884 217538, Chairman & Fishery Manager, Saul Gardiner, Tel:07831 741092. Fish were sold on to an undisclosed party. Rob Brownfield Guest. The Scottish CArp group have close to 200 members now, with around 20 in Grampian, which is pretty good considering we don't really have many carp! Please list the waters that you know of ,any water will do as long as has carp in it fishable or not. Sep 20, 2001 #1 I have just heard that the Scottish carp record has been broken about a month ago. FORUM; Future & Development of the SCG. I would also be interested to see the waters Julian listed to see if im missing any. In the days before the British Record Fish Committee made things a little more official, the record was the fish that was recognised most widely and it does seem that the Wyatt fish, caught from Warren Pond in Epping Forest, achieved that status, but it certainly wasn’t the biggest carp caught up to that point. The Carp Society, 2 FREE 48hr sessions on the famous Horseshoe Lake for Scottish Carp Group Members . © 2020 Sign up for a new account in our community. Read My Blog:Here! The result of this post should end up being a Scottish Carp waters directory. Civic nationalism or benign nationalism can be a thing, even if large parts of the world are more concerned about identity/identitarian nationalism. Ok Saul ,here are a few more...Monklands canal..though I'm not entirely sure on that 1. Carp Fishing - Advanced Tactics by Simon Crow The Crowood Press Ltd 2006 ISBN: 9781861268778 Buy this book from Guide to Carp Baits by Rod Hutchinson Beekay International 1989 The figures -- which group the most farmed carp species of Roho labeo, Wuchang bream, common carp, grass carp, bighead carp, silver carp, black carp and catla -- … Forum Actions: Forum Statistics: Threads: 10,264; Posts: 135,175; Last Post: Auto Top Up. Best Tacos in Carp, Ottawa: Find 1,619 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Tacos and search by price, location, and more. FISHING FORUMS. I’ve searched everywhere over the last few months looking for Scottish carp waters but other than the SCG waters mainly down in southern Scotland i have yet to find anything north of Glasgow and Edinburgh. SCG Member benefit - Free fishing at the famous Carp Society's Horseshoe Lake - Important Update. Scottish Coarse & Predator Angling Forum web ... fishing blogs, guides, angling photos. Duddingston is a bit more specialist and carpy but if thats his thing he could do worse than join Scottish Carp Group. © Scottish Carp Group 2018 All Rights Reserved website : Saul Gardiner Forum: Koi Hospital A+E If you have an emergency you should go straight to the extreme Koi accident and emergency section. A good mixture of easy and challenging scottish carp fisheries. I know of a few that are free to fish, although wether you would want to fish them is another matter. Please note: All Scottish Carp Group members agree to abide by our rules which are available to view on the website & ALL FISH TO BE RETURNED TO THE WATER. List waters even if you cannot fish them. [ 15. Please list the waters that you know of ,any water will do as long as has carp in it fishable or not. 3) Why carp love hemp. Please Give A Try. Due to Covid-19 and lake closures earlier this year the Carp Society are currently changing the process for day tickets and affiliate agreements. About the Club: The Scottish Carp Group was formed in 1988 by five individuals who were keen to promote Carp angling in Scotland, this is … Since those early days the group has grown to around one hundred & … This will help to improve carp fishing in Scotland. Carp on, Come join our member led Carp Forum, Upload your catches to our gallery, look up new fisheries and much more. Members of the Scottish carp group will be sent details of access and special rules that apply to the water. I'm sure I'll remember a few later on.There are a few in Perthshire , but sometimes have no name , are not fishable or want no "publicity". Saul. Saul, The Loch and surrounding woodland are a SSSI. It's easy! ©2011 Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling  |   Site design and development by. Forum: Adults £45 for renewal with a £5 joining fee for new members. Koi Carp Forum. Ruffers22. Koi News and discussion. When the Scottish Carp Group formed back in the 80's, Otters were very rare and up until recently our waters suffered very little with predation from Otters. Trout part staying open! In recent years, there has been an assisted recovery of the Otter population. As Chairman I would like to welcome you to the website of the Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling, the Governing Body for the sport of Coarse angling in Scotland..

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