Fast forward 10 years from then, and now open source software powers most of the web. We have a big collection and publish new products regularly. You’ll miss some of the nuances of exactly why Joomla is so highly rated, but even with no computing experience, it should be an easy platform to navigate. If you want to fix an urgent issue (for example, your website is down), then give us a call at 514 961 2804, this line is at your service 24/7/365! Joomla, on the other hand, ensures the integrity (safety) of your data by. Compatible with nearly all browsers: A Joomla website, by default, is compatible with all browsers. Publishing Blogs on Joomla is as Easy as ABC. Vast collection of templates: Whether you want to create a fishing website that only die hard fans will visit, or whether you want to create a corporate website to serve your international clients, there is a Joomla template for you. Their supporting argument is that anyone (even those with no programming experience whatsoever) can easily create hierarchical menus consisting of various menu items pointing to different locations internally (to the website) and externally. Joomla is among the frequently used CMS that offers a platform for developing website portals and the use of some professional applications. If you want to fix an urgent issue (for example, your website is down), then give us a call at 514 961 2804, this line is at your service 24/7/365! Themes and Templates. Additionally, Joomla is typically hosted on a Linux server and is (also typically) served by an Apache web server – this makes Joomla 100% open source, in its code and its infrastructure. Meaning that Joomla is a perfect solution if you find WordPress lacking in features, but Drupal too complicated for your current technical expertise. Today, around three millions websites are run using Joomla and its popularity is on the rise. The Joomla difference is that it allows users to design and create their own websites simply and quickly, no matter what they might want to use it for, no matter whether it’s for business or personal use. There are more than 8,000 different Joomla extensions with more being created all the time. Access control lists (ACLs): Joomla, since its inception, is blessed with a very powerful ACL component. It stands halfway between WordPress and Drupal. You have a question on Joomla? This is why so many people choose to use it: they don’t need to worry about anything complicated like coding. Joomla allows everyone to design a site be it personal or business websites. Built-in basic SEO functionality: SEF (Search Engine Friendly) urls are built-in in Joomla. Yes, you guessed it, there’s already an extension for that as well! However, the primary benefit of the Joomla content management system is that if you want to create a business website you would need to use the self-hosted website. Once you become familiar with Joomla, you can easily make other types of websites, including blogs and ecommerce websites using Joomla. As you might imagine, it has many features which make it incredibly hard for hackers to break into your website. If you want to know more on how Joomla can help you, or if you just need help on your Joomla website, then all you need to do is to contact us. Perhaps the most important benefit of using Joomla is its security. Project or Open Source Matters, Inc. Use of the Joomla!® name, symbol, logo and related trademarks is permitted under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, Inc.Hosted by | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Affiliate Program, Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon vs. Veterinary Template - The Hot Veterinarian, Hot Swipe Carousel - Touch Friendly Carousel, Responsive Joomla Slider - Hot Image Slider Pro. Not all businesses need an online store, but if you do, or you can use one to create an additional revenue stream, having a Joomla based website is going to be useful for you. Everything is going to be much easier and that includes coding websites. There are 33 categories to choose from, and they include: The extensions are rated out of five stars so you can determine how much use you might get from the one you are thinking of downloading before you even start. (International clients please call +1 514 933 8036), 2 Responses to “20 Benefits of Using Joomla”. Joomla has been chosen as the satisfactory content control machine based on numerous standards, which includes capability, robustness, and value of the device. Today, nearly two million active websites, or about three percent of the entire web, are using Joomla software. Our advice, when it comes to ACL, is not to touch it if you don’t understand how to use it. If you fear you require extensive knowledge of CSS, … This means that you can build a website in English, and create another version of the same site in other languages, such as French and/or Spanish. A lot of security experts believe that Joomla has some of the most secure coding of any CMS, which means that even if somebody is trying to hack into your website, they are unlikely to succeed. It’s a great, fuss-free way to use a lot of software. $3840 *. Huge library of extensions: Do you need to create a custom form in Joomla? You only need to pay for your Joomla website when: You are asking a 3rd party company to do some work on your Joomla website – including debugging it, fixing it, and extending it. Protect your Joomla Site with a Website Firewall. Your Own Site, How to Choose the Best Equipment for Your Company, Tips to Make Your Content Creation Easier, 3 Major Effects of Voice Search on Digital Marketing, How To Install Joomla On CentOS 7 Step by Step, Reasons for a Decrease in WordPress User Traffic After Google Updates. With advancement in technology, there has been steady growth in the rise of ecommerce sites. There must be someone, somewhere who asked the same question before (probably differently – but the essence will still be the same) and there must be someone, somewhere who answered him. Just give us a call if you need help on your website, and you'll be surprised how friendly, efficient, and fast we are! Here are the Benefits of Using Joomla for Creating a Website Open-Source Architecture. Hire for 160 hours & Get 200 hours work Flexible for different content types – Joomla’s components and modules give you a bit more … By. 1486. Joomla! Offering an easy to use interface, there is also the benefit of using joomla templates. ... Benefits of Joomla. 10 Pros and Cons of Joomla. Joomla Advantages and Disadvantages. If 2 million domains are using Joomla then it means that Joomla is worth using – and worth keeping as a CMS for many, many content administrators out there. 1% of the world domains are powered by Joomla. Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and also one of … It also carries a benefit in setting up an e-commerce site quite easily. It is recommended that you should go for the best Joomla template creator. In short, Joomla allows you to do the basic SEO yourself – instead of paying top dollars for a consultant or a 3rd party company to do it for you. That’s quite a feat, and it’s not without reason that Joomla is considered to be an increasingly popular CMS. You can easily break your website if you make a very simply mistake with the ACL. As you can see, the reasons for using Joomla are many, and it’s very clear that any business, whether small or large, can benefit from the power of this CMS. PC vs Mac for Graphic Design: Which One Is Best? One of the major benefits of Joomla is, if you want to build a business website you certainly need to use the self-hosted website and Building websites with Joomla is always a fun. Since Joomla is free and open supply it may be used for any business motive. Read terms, © 2009-2020 HotThemes - Joomla templates and extensions provider. Benefits Of Using Joomla. You download it for free, you use it for free, and you upgrade it for free. Reliable support by 3rd party companies: While Joomla is not directly supported (by directly we mean helping people with their websites – we do not mean introducing updates and upgrades) by Open Source Matters (the organization behind Joomla), there are many high profile 3rd party companies, such as itoctopus, offering reliable Joomla support for Joomla websites. We have served a lot of customers since 2001, and we'll be happy to serve you! A skillful Joomla Developer of Australia has shared a few good reasons to choose this platform.. Joomla was introduced in the year 2003 and since then it has been a preferred choice for many businesses and software development companies till now. These security updates ensure that Joomla websites all over the world run smoothly and securely. This strategic (and old) decision of using PHP and MySQL has made it easier for many developers to support Joomla and to program new Joomla extensions. Many Joomla templates are commercial – meaning you have to pay money for them. You have been warned! It is not as complicated as Drupal, but yet it has far more functions and allows deeper customization than WordPress. Open source means software that is free to use and that can be redistributed and even modified if need be. Do you need to integrate social networking into your Joomla website? This is also the language that was used to create Joomla and that has meant that it is easy for developers to work with it, creating different extensions that users can download and use to make their websites more unique and analytically useful. Here are some of the advantages of Joomla: Advanced user management system – Joomla is a more advanced system as compared to WordPress. Joomla’s community is also very friendly (there are always some exceptions – but we’re talking about the whole community here) and is always eager to help. Additionally, Joomla allows you to explicitly set the meta description and the meta keywords of any page – which also props up your SEO standings. Posted on June 15, 2019 July 15, 2019 by siteweb-admin. Joomla thus will easily give you access to a broader audience. However, there is still a lot of Joomla templates that are free to use. Joomla covers the middle ground. Project™. Note that there are some 3rd party extensions, such as JoomFish, which are used to support multiple languages in older versions of Joomla (<= Joomla 1.5.26) and to complement native multilingual support in newer versions. You can select from the wide variety of options available to choose depending on the theme of your website. There are so many Joomla templates out there that it’s hard for anyone not to find one that suits his business. There are a number of benefits associated with Joomla, some of which we will cover in detail here. Of course, there are always more sophisticated ways to improve your SEO, but as a starter, and especially for those on a small budget or without any knowledge of the system, this function can make a big difference. An easy to use administration panel that can manage large amounts of information A preview of the configuration before the installation starts Not only are you saving money, but you are also using systems that have been thoroughly tested and adapted, meaning that you can be sure it is going to work well (if you’re not sure, just read the reviews and ask questions on forums and you’ll soon get the answer). Currently I use Wordpress for the majority of my sites. There are several benefits of using Joomla for your business. It is a known fact that SEF links bring huge benefits to your SEO rankings. Without it, we would get lost in the millions of other sites that are on the internet; it’s what helps us to be found when people search for specific keywords that relate to whatever it is that’s on our website. Finally, editing content in Joomla is a breeze – this is because it is easier (in most of the cases) to locate content in Joomla than in other CMSs and to edit that content. Joomla is created using PHP, the king of open source Web scripting language; and uses MySQL for data storage, the most powerful open source database. A couple of things to note about Joomla templates: Joomla templates are not compatible across all Joomla versions. is an open-source platform, allowing you to freely use code without worrying about licensing fees. It gives its users the freedom to create their very own websites, ranging from business to personal, and more. That's our promise to you. Oh, and we genuinely care about your business! We know that SEO (search engine optimization) is important for our websites. All you need to do is to enable them for them to work on your Joomla website. What we mean by that is that when you download the latest Joomla zip file and install it onto your website, then your website is secure. Frontend editing: We can’t think of many CMSs that allow frontend editing. Many of the benefits listed in that post are exclusive to Joomla […], Type "itoctopus" (without the quotes) in this field. Senior. […] in that directory) – which stresses our point previously mentioned in our post “20 Benefits of Using Joomla” that Joomla is secure by default. In many cases, Joomla’s extensions are free. here ex site use Wordpress: [ redacted ] Developed in 2003 as a CMS(Content Management System) with a perfection, Joomla presently has around 3 million sites operating on it. Joomla is absolutely free to use. Joomla is created using PHP and (usually) uses MySQL for data storage. Virtual Security Update 10 Benefits Of Using Joomla CMS To Manage The Website. For example, a Joomla 1.5 template will not work on a Joomla 2.5 website (and vice versa). $2560 *. It’s all set out plainly for them to use and get their website off the ground as quickly as possible. You might say it’s a non-profit CMS. When you create a website whether for personal use or a … Any opinions or advice about using Joomla vs Wordpress would be appreciated. Whether you're looking for urgent programming help in the middle of the night, or you need help expanding your website, or you need to claim your projects for R&D, then you're at the right place. Harvard University. All rights reserved. Joomla does. Joomla is a worthwhile solution to the design and development of content management systems (CMS) websites. So, there is no limit to what your Joomla site can do for you, or what it can look like and how it can improve the customer experience. Let us list, in order of no importance, the top 20 benefits of Joomla based on our experience: Of course, one can argue that any CMS can address the above issues – but Joomla does everything better, here’s why: Editing content with a standard CMS is easy, but Joomla makes it even easier, simply because Joomla uses powerful editors that will make the person editing the website feel as if he’s editing a Microsoft Word document, and not content on his website. That ACL allows you to set who views what, who edits what, and who creates what. | itoctopus, A standard CMS does not care about data integrity. Well effective for e-commerce and social networking. Ignoring/Not installing security updates regularly. You never need to worry when using Joomla as there will always be support there for you should you need it. You will also have the ability to change anything you need to such as price, description, or images very quickly without the need to disrupt the rest of the site or learn any coding practices. As of Joomla 1.6, the ACL has been completely revamped to make it more flexible. Note that this feature currently only works for articles – custom modules and other content still need to be edited from the backend. Join a Joomla forum and you’ll quickly see just how many happy users there are. Those who use Joomla must no longer pay any license fees. Scalable engine: Joomla’s engine is scalable, and can be modified to sustain large amounts of traffic – we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. And in the rare case where you need a Joomla template and you can’t find a premade one that works for you, then it’s easy and cheap to get one developed for you. The 3rd party support that Joomla websites enjoy is one of the best among the CMSs. Joomla is a free and open-source content management system that allows you to easily publish content on the Internet. Built-in caching: Joomla’s cache is one of the most important – and yet most dreaded – features of Joomla. The following is a list of 20 benefits of using Joomla from our experience but the list is not ordered in any importance. A Joomla’s website security is compromised mainly because of one of the following: We have discussed before, in depth, the reasons why a Joomla website get hacked. The Benefits of hosting Joomla using cPanel Joomla cPanel hosting is very popular because of cPanel's ability to make common hosting tasks easy. Open source infrastructure: We remember the days where the term “open source” meant “geeks who do not like to use Microsoft products to develop websites”. It can always be a factor of advantage for you as Joomla supports all kinds of social-networking sites. So if you find a template, make sure that it matches your Joomla version before buying it/downloading it. We have worked on Joomla sites from all calibers and we have dealt with many Joomla administrators. View all Joomla Templates. Joomla Advantages More advanced user management – Joomla offers a more advanced system for user access controls and user management out of the box. If you want to do anything other than publish content pretty much as-is, the process is exhausting. Lately I've been considering using Joomla for a few sites so I thought I'd post here to see if the Joomla community might sway me to use Joomla over Wordpress. If you have an MS in computer science the world of computing is completely opened up to you. In fact, it’s not expensive at all. An enormous number of Joomla websites: According to our research nearly a year ago, about 1% of the world domains are powered by Joomla. By adding this index.html file to every directory, Joomla […], […] 2.5 has many, many benefits: Take a look at our post: “20 Benefits of Using Joomla“. We have been working on Joomla for years, many years now! Here is the list of advantages that you can get by developing Joomla based website projects. Joomla makes it incredibly easy to start an eCommerce store and there are many extensions and components you can use that were created especially for this reason. 2. Free to download, to use, free to upgrade: Joomla is free – period. Even after several years of its inception, Joomla has kept its momentum and is still acquiring territory on the web. They will be chatting about the positives (and the negatives) of Joomla, and offering plenty of advice to those who are new to using the platform and those who have used it for a long time but have never really known much about how functional it really can be. Today, around three millions websites are run using Joomla and its popularity is on the rise. Infrastructure versatility: While, in most cases, Joomla is a LAMP web application (LAMP stands for “Linux Apache MySQL PHP” – the 4 cornerstones of open source on the web), Joomla can also run with…. We have 100+ templates in our collection. It explains many key benefits of using Joomla in web design. Mid-level. Smith Big-June 10, 2018. Joomla allows everybody to create their own webpage from personal sites to business sites. Easy, Flexible, And Customizable If you use this CMS tool , it offers thousands of extensions in the Joomla Extensions Directory.
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