Made my own handles too so better in the wet. Emma also helps with customer service enquiries and you may have spoken with her if you’ve ever needed to supply extra identification whilst purchasing knives or bladed tools online. What is the best bushcraft knife? I also use it for fishing, and unlike most staff that work here I only own a couple of knives and this is my multi-purpose tool, so if it’s cutting up fishing baits or pointing a stick or even chopping a block of wood it is the Gerber Moment that I use, and it’s never let me down”, Ted – Picking, Packing and Paracord Cutter extraordinaireFavourite Knife: Budget Bushcraft Sheath Knife. Cudeman Bushcraft Knife with Böhler N695 blade and brown micarta 148-X . “I may be cheating a little with my pick, because it’s not really what you’d call a traditional bushcraft knife per se, but I’m coming at things from a slightly different perspective in that I want a general high-quality folding knife, and my choice is the Gerber DMF because it offered exactly what I required in a knife. The handle is comfortable, and at the same time provides excellent grip. This is a question that we receive a lot, and it’s understandable given the amount of bushcraft knives that are available today. Mk II TBS Timberwolf Camp Knife … Join the UK's leading Expert of Bushcraft courses, survival courses, wilderness weekend, foraging courses, family bushcraft weekends, bushcraft equipment and outdoor survival skills training course. It's always best to use the right knife for the job. Kris is also an author of over 500 articles in magazines and books. Sign up to our mailing list for occasional product launch and special offer announcements. And see your own written work on our popular blog? Versatile Tools . In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, and in particular climbing. He holds a degree in conservation management and environmental sciences. The Endura 4 is predominantly considered to be a tactical knife but we would argue that due to the steel used, the overall design and the full flat grind, it's uses reach far further afield. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Gerber Truss Multi-Tool. Bushgear does not share any personal  information with any third parties. It is also easy to sharpen and maintain. Gerber Gator Bush Machete. But regardless, they are fantastic cutting tools and anyone reading this should consider one of these knives because believe you me, they perform every bit as well as knives costing a lot more!”, Kris – Jack of all trades Favourite Knife: Mora Garberg. It is no surprise therefore, that we had to include another of their great designs. Woodland Ways operates multi award winning bushcraft course and Survival School in the UK. This may very well be true - as an axe can do many bushcraft and survival skill tasks - far more than a knife can. If you’re looking for a low cost but high performance knife that is a little more in keeping with the bushcraft theme i.e. Opinel knives feature a unique locking system which is reliable and safe and which can also be used to keep the blade in the closed position. So in the spirit of fun and learning, here are my recommendations for 12 knives you should own. A good quality well-maintained axe will last you a lifetime. All in all it’s a lovely survival knife and suits me perfectly.”, Mike - Operations Manager Favourite Knife: Gerber DMF. Bushcraft & Survival Knives If you like camping and being in the outdoors then these are the knives for you. It’s a hugely multi-purpose knife and I use it for all my carving outdoors as well as preparation for outdoor meals when I’m teaching once in a while. Ultimately, most knives will do many useful jobs, but are some better than others - of course they are! “I see, and handle, possibly in excess of ten thousand knives a week and whilst I’ve not used each and every model, I have at least seen them and handled them to some degree or another. Today's Deals Warehouse Deals Outlet Subscribe & Save Vouchers Amazon Family Amazon Prime Prime Video Prime Student Mobile Apps Amazon Pickup Locations Amazon Assistant 1-16 of 534 results for "bushcraft knife" Thanks to Pip you fine folks know about us! In this section we have knives made by renowned manufacturers in the bushcraft knife and outdoor industry such as Mora Of Sweden , Hultafors , Victorinox , EKA , … What differences are there with cutting edges? Instead, we will explore different types of knives that can help you grow your bushcraft skills. The Buck Knives Selkirk Fixed Blade Knife is the best bushcraft knife we’ve found at the most affordable price. I tend not to treat my knives very well (I’m often told off for this!) Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Tool (Mini Multi-Tool) Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Tool (Mini Multi-Tool) Bear Grylls Sold Out £26.95. My main reason being that it costs so little, and yet the quality is so high that I can never truly work out how they can be sold for such a low cost. Pip works hard on arranging our adverts and liaising with Paul to help create the graphics for such adverts, and oversees some of our Social Media work. Whether it is for personal or professional use, Mora of Sweden has you covered – they have a style of outdoor knife for everyone – even mushroom pickers. The last of our best bushcraft knives is this big boy from Esse. The blade is made from very high-quality steel and keeps its sharpness a lot longer than many other knives. The Best Bushcraft Knife Spyderco Bushcraft G-10. If it’s dropped outdoors then the colour illuminates so much that they are very hard to lose and being in charge of counting the knives back in at the end of the session these knives have saved me a lot of time on countless occasions!”, Stephen – Processing, Picking and PackingFavourite Knife: Hultafors Craftsman. no plastic handles or blade serrations then this is a good choice, especially if on a budget, wanting a back-up knife or simply want to dip your toe in the water before making a larger purchase.”, Christopher – Self-proclaimed “Geek” and deals with web-design and networkingFavourite Knife: Karesuando Northern Lights Bushcraft Knife. So, with regards to bush craft and choosing a bush craft knife, it is important to think about what type of tasks you may need to complete with the knife. Also, the best bushcraft knife should be able to perform most if not all outdoor or bushcraft tasks. Obviously we are biased but our own TBS range always ranks the highest. or Best Offer. Paul – Feature Writer and Graphic Design Favourite Bushcraft Knife: Helle Temagami. Q.2- How Thick Should a Bushcraft Knife Be? This particular knife is available in both carbon and stainless steel types. Andy keeps our Chelmsford warehouse in check – from arranging incoming shipments to keeping everything in an orderly manner. Kris has done everything from running our outdoor courses and taking care of our corporate sales, to personally delivering goods to our local customer base – sometimes within a few minutes of an order being placed! They’re basic, but very good quality and offer a really good edge straight out of the box. 11) The Ray Mears Woodlore - Generally thought of as the pinnacle of bush craft knives, the Woodlore was designed by Ray Mears and British knife maker Stephen Wade Cox. “I prefer the more modern looking outdoor knives, from brands such as Gerber, Buck and Fallkniven. Fallkniven F1 Bushcraft Knife. It has been specifically designed for the art of bush craft and is an ideal companion for the woods, valleys and moors. They are available is many different sizes with a choice of premium stainless or carbon steel. And you should consider that when selecting a bushcraft knife. Most, but not all Scandinavian knives/blades offer a Stick-Tang, and there is nothing wrong with this at all. I can not see past my Mora Knife. The handle is fashioned from canvas micarta and provides a comfortable, dependable grip. I can't fault my mora knives. The Woodlore has now been replaced by the "Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife". This one is a friend for life. We are all different. If you want something that’s going to be the most widely useful and versatile, we suggest picking up one of the 10 best bushcraft knives that appear on the following list. This knife is ideal for all manner of bush crafting tasks including light batoning (wood splitting). The best knife is the one you know how to use and have with you. First up on our list of the best bushcraft knives is the Bushcraft Survival Knife of Morakniv. View our large range of fixed blade bushcraft knives, from carbon to stainless and from full tang to rat tail tang we've got them all. Top 10 Best Bushcraft Knives For Survival & Outdoor Are you looking for the best bushcraft knife for survival & outdoor of 2019? The blade offers a thicker spine than most Mora knives and it feels absolutely bombproof. The main reason why we added this product to our list is because of the quality of its blade, which is impressive! Bushgear is a UK online retailer selling really good outdoor clothing and equipment. We should point out that we have purposely excluded our own-brand Greenman Bushcraft Knives from the list here for obvious reasons. Another job that Ted is very proficient at is cutting paracord to your desired length – he’s the fastest one of the lot of us that works in the paracord warehouse cutting and spooling our vast range of paracord. Very high attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout. It probably won’t last for long! My favourite bushcraft knife is the Hultafors Craftsman. Impeccable made quality from high end European materials. As mentioned, there is a very wide variety of knife types around — and that doesn’t change when you narrow it down to fixed blades, either. Add to Cart. Mora Bushcraft Forest Knife Mora Knives Sold Out £38.99. 8) Spyderco Endura 4 - A rather left field choice for the average bush crafter. In this article, we will discuss the different types of axes available and some points to consider when picking the right bushcraft axe for you.
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