Dear Counselor, Finally our parents do not want us to get married until after university, so when we're 21/22 years old is ideal for them. You both will be thrown to hell fire according to the Lord. Regret after rejecting marriages proposal, Marrying my cousin but she had a breast milk from my mother, Parents blackmailing me into marrying someone other than the girl I love. As someone who came from a Christian background and is now an atheist, I don't really see a reason why. You also talk about how if you don't convert you'll end of losing her. In order to have clarity, first profess the faith and officially revert to Islam, then start doing prayers 5 times a day. May Allah Bless you and Guide you, Muhammad Waseem @Asker yep.. your girlfriend will have to dump you.. so sorry for that. Sometimes we take many things for granted for the sake of love but at some point we need to be cautious. I also genuinely want to revert to Islam to be a good Muslim and not just to get married. If you’re looking to talk smack and spew nonsense, keep moving along. If this woman wants convert to Islam… At first, I didn’t take it seriously but she seems to be adamant. In the eyes of Islam, you’re an infidel. Im from canada, originally from nepal and an ex-hindu. Show all posts. I don’t want to lose this woman but she seems determined to let the relationship go if I don’t convert, what can I do? my husband converted a while back, then we got married a traditional islamic marraige, no big deal my family were happy i found someone who is a nice young man for me. My girlfriend showed me all those fake hopes and converted me to islam, i died everyday because of this coz i couldnt take that anymore, i wanted to be a hindu forever . By. However, one thing you should know is that a good and strong family is built on a foundation of a particular religion. I took my shahadah last year and fasted the whole month and kept to my five daily prayers for over 4 months. If you find yourself believing in the teachings of Islam, Muslims welcome you to make a formal declaration of faith. Be respectful. My husband is cheating on me with no remorse, what should I do? Her piousness wouldn't benefit her in the least bit. Have a heart to heart and explain in no uncertain words that you will never convert to Islam for real (assuming you are okay with a paper conversion to fool the parents). If you convert, you are signing away your right to stand against absolutely anything Islamic, no matter how morally wrong, and your right to stand for absolutely anything un-Islamic, no matter how morally respectable. Either shes fine you aren't converting or wants you to convert. She wants me to convert to Islam but I have decided that I could never do that. Showing posts with label should i convert to islam for my girlfriend. She wants me to convert to Islam but I have decided that I could never do that.