The next morning, Laurie is transferred to another hospital. After school, Laurie and her friends were walking home when she spied the same strange shape peering at them from around a corner. "[61], Janet Maslin of The New York Times instead compared the film to other horror sequels and recently released slasher films of the period rather than to its predecessor: "By the standards of most recent horror films, this—like its predecessor—is a class act." Laurie fell out of the van, but he was pinned to a tree by the tumbling vehicle. Halloween Kills is an upcoming American slasher film directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Danny McBride and Scott Teems. While unconscious, Laurie had a dream wherein she saw images of her brother at a young age and she recalled her mother telling her that she was actually adopted. Aliens Theme 19. "[25] Gifford and Alicia played minor supporting roles as head nurse Mrs. Virginia Alves and orderly Janet Marshall. Mint Condition Guaranteed. Rob Zombie’s remakes of the Halloween movies remain controversial outliers in the franchise, but Halloween II raises more red flags than its predecessor, so Zombie shot multiple endings for the film. 2. During their date, she revealed that she was scared that she was losing her son and that she had a horrible background. [6] It is unknown what the Strodes' opinion on Laurie was. Actor Lance Guest played an EMS driver, Jimmy. In 1998, Goodtimes released the film on DVD in a non-anamorphic version. It was the same crew. "[41], The film featured the song "Mr. Sandman" performed by The Chordettes, which would later be featured in the opening scenes of Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. [3], Later that day, she went out with Annie and learned that someone had broken into Nichol's Hardware Store and had stolen a Halloween mask, a rope, and a couple of knives. It was released in Japan in 1979 through Columbia Records and in the USA in 1983 through Varèse Sarabande. When Michael Myers returned to Haddonfield to kill Jamie in 1988, he used these pictures to ensure that the girl he was pursuing was indeed Laurie Strode's daughter.[5]. As the evening wore on, Annie came over to the house with her own charge, Lindsey Wallace, in tow. The police soon arrived and officials came to take Michael away. He began strangling her and Laurie managed to pull his mask away, seeing his face for the first time. When Laurie realized that Michael was still hunting her, she left her hospital room and began shambling down the empty corridors. "[62], David Pirie's review in Time Out magazine gave Rosenthal's film positive marks, stating, "Rosenthal is no Carpenter, but he makes a fair job of emulating the latter's visual style in this sequel." At home, she thought she saw the same strange, masked man in her neighbor's backyard behind a clothesline. However, Michael took advantage of Laurie's failings and grabbed his mask in agony, leading her to hesitate for fear of killing another innocent. They hold hands and Laurie says, "We made it. Aaron approaches Michael and talks to him but fails t… Thomas M. Sipos, for instance, stated, It would be silly, after all, to ban horror films just because Boyer claims to have thought that he was reenacting Halloween II, or to ban cars because Texas housewife Clara Harris intentionally ran down and killed her husband. Once he stood up, Laurie drove right into him, sending the van off the cliff. Phantasm Theme 3. Michael falls down and Laurie walks to the bedroom doorway and sits down. He also commented, "Instead, it tries to outdo all the other violent Halloween rip-offs of the last several years. An expanded 20th Anniversary Edition was released in 1998 through Varèse Sarabande. The scene where Michael stalks Alice is recut to imply that he attacks and kills her neighbor Mrs. Elrod instead. In this continuity, the events after Halloween never happened. She was born in 1961. The television version includes an extended ending where Laurie finds Jimmy alive in the back of the ambulance Laurie then cries and they each hold hands. As Annie and she drove around town, Laurie expressed an interest in going out with a boy named Bennett Tramer. He followed with five more shots, which drove Michael through the bedroom window, out over the balcony and down onto the ground. Jimmy has awakened and he exits the hospital. [18] Charles Cyphers reprised the role of Sheriff Leigh Brackett, though his character disappears from the film when the corpse of his daughter Annie (Nancy Loomis) is discovered. Halloween is a soundtrack album composed and performed by John Carpenter, featuring the score to the 1978 film Halloween. Tearfully, she exited the closet and issued instructions to the children to leave the house. Laurie was then taken into an ambulance. Laurie Strode, who narrowly avoided being killed by Michael earlier in the night, is taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, while Michael's psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis, continues his pursuit of his patient. When she was only two, her six-year-old brother Michael brutally murdered their teenage sister Judith with a butcher knife on Halloween. The incident became known as the "Halloween II Murders" and was featured in a short segment on TNT's Monstervision, hosted by film critic Joe Bob Briggs. Psycho Theme 5. Etchison's novelization was distributed by Kensington Books and became a bestseller. With the realization that Michael is after Laurie and being told that she was taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, Loomis forces the Marshal, at gunpoint, to drive back to Haddonfield. [3], During literature class, Laurie glimpsed a man staring at her across the street. Ghostbusters Theme 32. As Laurie vacated the room, Loomis ignited the ether, causing a massive explosion. The Governor of Illinois kept her records sealed so that no one would further connect Laurie Strode with her psychotic older brother. Laurie eventually forgot about her birth family and the visit she made to her brother. Laurie, John, and Molly escaped from the building and drove to the gates, where Laurie sent the teenagers to the nearby Becker house to call the police. Anyway, that and the head tilt were the things I carried with me into Halloween II. "[41] Another critic saw the inclusion of the song as "inappropriate" and asked, "What was that about? [52] The film grossed $7,446,508 on its opening weekend. It was about as scary as Quincy. Jimmy's discovery of Mrs. Alves dead and his subsequent slipping in the pool of blood has been significantly shortened (or removed altogether in some prints) and moved just prior to the explosion which kills Myers and Loomis. [27] Carvey originally had a bit of a bigger role, including some speaking scenes, before his scenes ultimately got mostly cut. The film is a sequel to Zombie's 2007 remake of 1978's Halloween and the tenth installment in the Halloween franchise. That was a project I got involved in as a result of several different kinds of pressure. [9], Laurie waited three years for Michael to come for her and watched her window constantly. Loomis, Marion, and the Marshal reach the hospital just in time to save Laurie, and Loomis shoots Michael six times once again. I had an influence in the post-production. The 2018 film is a direct sequel to the first film and completely ignores every film since then. "[16] He points specifically to the scene in the film when a young boy in a pirate costume arrives at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital with a razor blade lodged in his mouth, a reference to the urban legend of tainted Halloween candy. Finally, on October 31, 2001, Michael made his appearance and looked up at Laurie in her window, allowing her to know he was coming. "[9] When asked, in a 1982 interview, what happened to Myers and Loomis, Carpenter flatly answered, "The Shape is dead. Michael Kills Again 7. She notes that there "is some variety to the crimes, as there is to the characters, and an audience is more likely to do more screaming at suspenseful moments than at scary ones." He told her that they were going to get away but soon passed out due to a concussion he had suffered earlier. [46] During this editing process, Carpenter realized that an unresolved plot hole was present: It was unclear as to how Michael Myers was able to track Laurie to the hospital. With Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, Jeffrey Kramer. [36] The first scene of the film is presented through a first-person camera format in which a voyeuristic Michael Myers enters an elderly couple's home and steals a knife from the kitchen. Annie decided to take matters into her own hands and surreptitiously contacted Ben without Laurie's approval. For the second, Justin Kerswell, "Slash with Panache? [28] There was discussion of filming Halloween II in 3-D; Hill said, "We investigated a number of 3-D processes ... but they were far too expensive for this particular project. [8], On October 31, 1998, twenty years to the day after the original Haddonfield murder spree, Will and Laurie decided to have lunch together. 1 Afspilning SENEST SPILLET Grafen viser antal afspilninger i DR's radiokanaler pr. Halloween is a 2007 American slasher film written, directed, and produced by Rob Zombie. Upon returning to the school, Laurie and Will found and rescued John and his girlfriend Molly Cartwell from Michael, who had already killed Charlie and their friend Sarah. "[79] [9], With Laurie's death, Michael's life's mission is finally fulfilled. [17] Curtis (then 22), again played the teenage babysitter Laurie Strode, revealed in this film as the younger sister of Myers. Michael discovers Laurie's location after overhearing a news broadcast and makes his way to the hospital. Laurie picked it up and stabbed Michael in the stomach. Halloween Theme Get this album or track at: 3:02 3. [4] Upon receiving the script, Yablans was disappointed as he felt it was "pedestrian and predictable. Addam’s Family Waltz #2 18. Cynthia Myers was the youngest of three children born to Donald and Edith Myers. As Michael staggers around trying to find them, Loomis and Laurie fill the room with gas. 'Halloween' Character Profile: Laurie Strode. Laurie did not like the idea but agreed after Annie told her she would cancel her pending date with Ben Tramer. Donald Pleasence as Doctor Samuel LoomisJamie Lee Curtis as Laurie StrodeNancy Loomis as Annie BrackettP. [76] This Blu-ray release restores the Akkad credit. The screenplay of Halloween II was written by Carpenter and Hill. As he investigates, he discovers clues connecting Michael to Samhain and the occult which might explain his apparent indestructibility, but his colleague, Marion Chambers, arrives to escort him back to Smith's Grove on the governor's orders under the enforcement of a US Marshal. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, - A Beginner's Guide to Halloween. Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and The chief of medicine Frederick Mixter dismissed her concerns and kept Laurie heavily sedated. Halloween is an American slasher franchise that consists of eleven films, as well as novels, comic books, merchandise, and a video game.The films primarily focus on Michael Myers who was committed to a sanitarium as a child for the murder of his sister, Judith Myers.. Laurie Strode is a character and the primary protagonist in the Halloween franchise. The film was a box office success, grossing over $25 million domestically, though it received mixed reviews, with praise for its performances and atmosphere, but drew significant attention from film critics who criticized its overt violence and gore compared to the original film. Laurie worriedly assumed that Lynda's stalker was the same man she had been seeing, and became increasingly paranoid. Rainey was chosen to play Haddonfield Memorial Hospital's drunk resident doctor, Frederick Mixter. Michael appeared before her yet Laurie managed to get back inside the hospital. Taking shelter to recover from his injuries, Michael steals a kitchen knife from the home of an elderly couple, and kills a teenage girl living next door. The film is a sequel to 2018's Halloween and the twelfth installment in the Halloween franchise. I wanted it to feel like a two-parter. Halloween II is a 2009 American slasher film written, directed, and produced by Rob Zombie. It's hard to do that in 3-D."[22] Dean Cundey, the director of photography on the first film, reprised his role as cinematographer, opting out of shooting Tobe Hooper's Poltergeist (1982) as he felt a loyalty to Carpenter and Hill. Michael breaks through. Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 33. While Laurie was watching over Tommy, Michael was killing her friends one at a time, including, Annie, Lynda and Lynda's boyfriend Bob Simms. Meanwhile, Loomis is informed that Michael had broken into the local elementary school. Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and Resurrection ignore the events of Halloween 4, 5, and 6, splitting the series into two separate timelines both originating from the first film and its sequel. Accompanied by Sheriff Leigh Brackett, Loomis mistakes a teenager Ben Tramer for Michael, when Ben gets hit by a squad car which pins him to another vehicle that bursts into flames, killing him. [4] Screaming in horror, Laurie limped back to the Doyle house and called out to the children to let her inside. "[citation needed] Nancy Stephens, who played Loomis's nurse colleague Marion Chambers in the original, also reprised the character and was given a more important role, revealing to Loomis the family connection between Laurie and Michael.[20]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Rosenthal was not pleased with Carpenter's changes. "[37] According to the film's official website, "Carpenter came in and directed a few sequences to clean up some of Rosenthal's work. [3], After taking a shower, Laurie was visited by a frantic Lynda, who claimed that someone had been following her. She had also gone up to the roof several times to set up a trap for Michael, while the doctors thought she went up there to attempt suicide. Laurie stared outside until she was surprised by Jimmy, who sat up behind her in the ambulance. This imagery is described by film historian and sociologist Robert E. Kapsis as "an unmistakable horror motif." Laurie tried to start the car but was unsuccessful and she was forced to get out. Michael got in through the window and attacked Laurie again. After Michael's escape she tries to protect her family (Allyson, and Karen Nelson) and protects them successfully but her son-in-law (Ray Nelson) is strangled with a chain in the process. Directed by Rick Rosenthal. The film is a remake/reimagining of the 1978 horror film of the same name and the ninth installment in the Halloween franchise. She then hid in an unlocked car that happened to belong to Jimmy, who joined her shortly. The effect of this can be seen in the distributor's promotion of the film as horror while at the same time stressing that the sequel, like its predecessor, "was more a quality suspense film than a 'slice and dice' horror film. [11] Carpenter described that his writing of the screenplay "mainly dealt with a lot of beer, sitting in front of a typewriter saying 'What the fuck am I doing? She was also heavily dependent on medication for her emotional condition. Carpenter composed and performed the score with Alan Howarth, who had previously been involved in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), and worked with Carpenter on several projects including Escape from New York (1981), Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982), Christine (1983), and Prince of Darkness (1987). Jamie was left with a shoe box full of pictures of her parents, including one that had been taken of Laurie on Halloween 1978. According to the trial transcript, Boyer's defense was that he suffered from hallucinations in the Harbitz residence brought on by "the movie Halloween II, which defendant had seen under the influence of PCP, marijuana, and alcohol." Italian film producer Dino De Laurentiis assisted in financing the production. "[38] When asked about his role in the directing process, Carpenter told an interviewer: That's a long, long story. After hiding John and Molly in a closet, Laurie and Will moved through the school and spotted a shape in the distance, whom Will shot. She was born in 1961. You have the responsibility and the restraints of the style that's been set. 20. He admitted in an interview that he had never watched Halloween before being cast in the part. [65], In 1982, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA, nominated the film for two Saturn Awards: Best Horror Film and Best Actor for Pleasence. He wanders the halls in search for Laurie, killing security guards, doctors, and nurses that get in his way. Michael drove his knife through Laurie's back. "[33] After Wallace declined, Carpenter chose Rosenthal, a relatively unknown and inexperienced director whose previous credits included episodes of the television series Secrets of Midland Heights (1980–1981). In 1995, Laurie's adoptive cousins John, Debra, Kara, Tim, and Danny Strode moved into the Myers house. "[64], Like the original Halloween, this and other slasher films have come under fire from feminist critics. Check out Laurie's Theme (From the Original Score to "Halloween") (Tribute) by Dominik Hauser on Amazon Music. The third film, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, released a year later, contained a plot that deviated wholly from that of the first two films. [80], This article is about the 1981 slasher film. She first appeared in the original Halloween, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The site's critical consensus reads: "Halloween II picks up where its predecessor left off - and quickly wanders into a dead end that the franchise would spend decades struggling to find its way out of. It also introduces the plot twist of Laurie Strode being the sister of Michael Myers, a feature that would form the narrative arc of the series in subsequent films, including Rob Zombie's remake and its sequel, but was dropped from the 2018 film trilogy. Filming took place in the spring of 1981, primarily at Morningside Hospital in Los Angeles, California, on a budget of $2.5 million. In retrospect, "many critics have come to recognise that it's considerably better than the slew of imitation slashers that swamped the genre in the eighties. She kept him at bay by stabbing him in the neck with a knitting needle then ran upstairs. [3], That evening, Laurie went to the Doyle residence to babysit young Tommy Doyle. You have to try hard to maintain the style of the first movie. [citation needed] Tommy Lee Wallace, who served on the crew of the original film, stated that "no one was all that excited" over the prospect of a sequel, but producer Irwin Yablans was eager to make a second film. Shortly after Steven's birth, Jamie was killed and the defenseless Steven was protected from his great-uncle by his adoptive parents, Tommy Doyle and Kara Strode. "[59] Roman Cooney of the Calgary Herald noted that while the film is "not the bloodbath other movies of its ilk have been, several of the murder scenes are so painfully gruesome as to be tasteless and more than merely distressing," and added that the plot is "convenient rather than complex, relying on a cast of characterless individuals like so many dominoes waiting to be toppled. Jimmy told Laurie the name of the man who had been trying to kill her. Boyer was found guilty and sentenced to death. This proved not to be the case as Laurie had been stuffing the pills the nurses gave her in a rag doll she carried with her. She also revealed to him that despite seeking many recovery methods her past continued to haunt her. "[15], Historian Nicholas Rogers suggests that a portion of the film seems to have drawn inspiration from the "contemporary controversies surrounding the holiday itself. After awakening, Laurie was alarmed to learn that the man who had pursued her was, in fact, Michael Myers and worried when head nurse Virginia Alves told her that her parents could not be contacted. And to come after his tragic death, he's not even around to defend himself. [75], Scream Factory, a subsidiary of Shout! The film was shown in Canada, Australia, the Philippines and Japan. Shop now! At some point when she was very young, she was taken to visit Michael at Smith's Grove Sanitarium.On January 3, 1965, her parents were killed in … Unknown to them all, the resurfaced Michael Myers was following Laurie back to the school. In Halloween II, Kramer played Dr. Graham, a dentist who examines the charred remains of Ben Tramer. Akkad's son, Malek, called the stunt "disgusting. Loomis orders Laurie to run and proceeds to ignite the gas, immolating Michael and himself in an explosion. Later, Laurie learned from Jimmy that Michael had supposedly died in a car accident, although the victim in question was, in fact, Laurie's crush Ben Tramer. [4] Wallace, who went on to direct Halloween III, stated, "It is our intention to create an anthology out of the series, sort of along the lines of Night Gallery, or The Twilight Zone, only on a much larger scale, of course. In the theatrical version his throat is slit, while in the TV version it is softened, with Michael grabbing him and stabbing him from behind (with no detail shown). Laurie's Theme Get this album or track at: 0:44 4. She then saw Dr. Loomis, his assistant Marion Chambers and Marshall Terrence Gummell enter the front doors of the hospital. She brought along a jack-o'-lantern and entertained Tommy by reading him some of his comic books and watching scary movies. Most of the cast previously or later appeared in films or television series by Universal Studios (the distributor for this film). [53] Halloween II was a box office success, becoming the second-highest grossing horror film of 1981 behind An American Werewolf in London. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Nancy Loomis appears as Annie in a cameo role as her father, Sheriff Brackett, closes her eyes as her corpse is being taken out of the house in a stretcher. Maslin applauded the performance of the cast and Rosenthal and concluded, "That may not be much to ask of a horror film, but it's more than many of them offer. Laurie began to cry and took Jimmy's hand, relieved that they had survived.[1]. My philosophy was to do more of a thriller than a slasher movie.[23]. "[10] This would later be retconned and both Michael and Loomis would return for multiple later installments. Laurie returned both boys to Hillcrest and expressed disappointment in Ronald Jones, the security guard at the school. "[50] Use of the tagline More Of The Night HE Came Home—a modified version of the original Halloween tagline—hoped to accomplish the same task. Based on how she referred to John's father as an abusive, chain-smoking methadone addict, it is clear they had a bad relationship. While the theatrical version ends with the deaths of Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis and leaves the audience in a gray area as to whether Jimmy survives, the television cut features an extended ending showing Jimmy alive (with a bandaged head wound from his slip) in the ambulance with Laurie Strode.
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