You can take bicycles around the island, hitch a ride on a fishing boat to see what you can catch, or go on one of several nearby hikes. The Norwegian Scenic Routes combine nature, architecture, and design into something greater than the sum of its parts – and they are some of Norway’s natural highlights . Enjoy the trip of a lifetime in Norway! You can explore the island by bike, or join a guided wildlife tour to spot an amazing array of birds, including white-tailed eagles. It's not all about sitting in a car though—you'll have opportunities to park the wheels and travel by train, foot, bicycle, and boat. #roadtrip #Europeanroadtrip #Europe #roadtrip #scandinavia From here, hop on a scenic steam train to Aurland, where a speedboat whisks you towards Skjerdal for hiking, goats, and spectacular fjord views. From there, it’s just a short boat ride to the city of Bergen, known for its colorful wooden quayside buildings and picturesque historic warehouses near the waterfront, as well as its Hanseatic history, which you can explore at a medieval fortress and a museum. What we are interested in is the fjords and the amazing hikes like the Trolltunga and Pulpit rock.We are flying in from Amsterdam and were thinking of flying in and out of Bergen and hiring a car to travel around. Spend each night looking for early glimpses of the Northern Lights—they usually start in October. Heidi was a great guide and, further,...", "Our 14 day trip to Norway was phenomenal! On this northern Norway itinerary, road trip from Tromsø down through Senja and the Vesteralen Islands, ending with several magical days in the Lofoten Islands. From Balestrand, you'll take another ferry to get to Flåm and then connect to the ferry going to Bergen—in other words, this is a great option for those who love to be out on the water! Then savor one last day in Bergen to catch up on all you might have missed, like the colorful waterfront or the busy fish market. Continue to Alta by car or bus for snowsports in the Arctic wilderness and a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprised of rock carvings. The Ultimate 10 Day Norway Road Trip Itinerary. A network of photogenic bridges known as the Nordsjøporten (North Sea Portal) connect this string of islands, or you can go by boat. You can hit the most famous spots in the country's south like Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger, or have a slower-paced trip and immerse yourself in the local culture of quiet, undiscovered mountain villages. Finish the trip with a scenic train ride to Europe's fastest growing capital for cultural sites and sophisticated dining options. Fall asleep each night in traditional Sami tents—or stay up to look for the Northern Lights. Finish with a fjord cruise to Bergen and pick between many hikes within its seven surrounding mountains. Continue driving to Karasjok and learn about the indigenous Sami people at the national museum—known for the ancient art of knife making—then keep driving to the Finnish/Russian border. Right from the beginning our thoughts were heard and ideas were given to make it all work. The islands of northern Norway are the perfect destination if you enjoy hiking, scenic drives, and jaw-dropping landscapes. Experience jaw-dropping scenery and cool Scandinavian culture on this 7-day Norwegian itinerary. I already knew where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see before I contacted Ingrid. Personally, I would spend at least 4-7 days in the area. The trip starts off with free time to explore Oslo before you meet up with a guide for a private tour of the city. Fortunately, the hiking and sight-seeing is free and brilliant. We landed in Trondheim from Stockholm via Oslo – A city with an old town charm, yet the third largest in Norway. My detailed itinerary for a Scandinavian road trip to help you plan a perfect road trip through Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We love disconnecting from digital distractions and we normally take our yearly time off work somewhere remote. I want to finish Norway this June. What itinerary is best for a 7-day Norway road trip? Where are you gonna go? Speaking of, keep an eye out for the largest glacier in continental Europe, called Jostedalsbreen. For hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, this Norway itinerary is perfect. Here, you'll learn the secrets behind the making of traditional goat cheese. Fr...", "Tatjana and I had a great time, specially in Geilo, where the snow, sun and skiing conditions were absolutely perfect. Get to the heart of Norway's spectacular scenery via trail and watercraft with this outdoorsy 7-day itinerary. During my 10 day road trip, there were 2 days that required about 8-9 hours of driving. The salad with beets and goat cheese was fresh and very tasty. DAY 1: Fly into Stavanger. The self-drive route takes you through charming villages including Undredal, Aurland, Flåm, Borgund, and Skei. multi-day dog sledding adventure in winter, Norway Northern Lights Road Trip - 7 Days, Norway Slow Travel: Oslo, Aurland & Bergen - 7 Days, Oslo, Bergen & Tromsø Winter Adventure - 7 Days, Summer Road Trip: Norway's West Coast - 7 Days, Guided Three-Country Scandinavian Trek: 7 Days, Norway Hiking & Kayaking Adventure - 7 Days, Norway Arctic Experience in Alta - 7 Days, Norway Epic Winter Excursion: Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø - 7 Days, Autumn Road Trip in Norway's Arctic - 7 Days, Multi-Day Dogsledding Adventure from Tromsø - 7 Days, Family Hiking in Oslo, Bergen & the Sognefjord - 7 Days, Norwegian Highlights: Oslo, Balestrand & Bergen - 7 Days, Norway Epic Family Tour: Oslo, Fjords & Bergen - 7 Days. These include a hike in Svensby, with its views out over the shimmering Ullsfjord and the Lyngen Alps beyond, and a foot trail up to Rorneshytta, a remote cabin with commanding views over the fjord. Whether you're looking to experience a mix of city culture and seeing the fjords, chasing the Aurora Borealis on a winter road trip high above the Arctic Circle, or trekking in the national parks, the country has something unique to offer in every season. We are interested in Natural beauty, stunning views/view points. Experience Norway by car! Try one of these expertly crafted itineraries to maximize your exploration while getting intimately familiar with the region that's right for you. The best Lofoten itinerary could probably be condensed into a short advice – just wander, take a small road, check what’s around the corner and be flexible as much as possible.. And, if we could highlight only one thing to help you plan your trip to Lofoten, that would be – be flexible. On another day, you'll park the car in Geiranger and take a fjord cruise in the deep blue UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord to the village of Hellesylt. We've been wanting to do a Norway road trip for a very long time. Here, Norwegian architecture and design are interacting with the nature – not to obstruct, but to enhance and enable new experiences. But on the day of departure, it was very foggy at the airport, so our flight was almost canceled. You'll then travel to Bergen and spend a few days exploring this colorful wharf city surrounded by seven mountains before returning to Oslo for one more night on the town. You’ll also have an opportunity to take a three-hour walking tour with a local. You can choose to go kayaking, diving, or hike up majestic Hornelen with its cliff lookout over the sea. Your week-long tour between November and April begins in the quietly sophisticated city of Tromsø, where you can sled with huskies during the day and chase the Northern Lights after dark. If you’re itching to get even further away from the world, Værlandet is your ticket—a tiny island that’s big on wild scenery. You'll then make your way towards the northernmost tip of the continent for hiking trails, colorful villages, and breathtaking views. Experience the breathtaking fjords, the charming cities, the rugged arctic region, or even neighbouring Scandinavian countries with a 14-day itinerary planned by Nordic Visitor. You'll have opportunities to relax and explore the villages by foot or take part in a range of winter activities. Finally, you’ll take the Hurtigruten back down to Tromsø, the largest city in northern Norway and a catch-all hub for Northern Lights seekers, hikers, snow-adventurers and intrepid travelers of all stripes. Not only did she liste...", Traveled to Norway solo in November, 2019, "My trip was planned by Fridur and after a lot of messages back and forth, the entire schedule was turned upside down or rather north south reversal and no re...", "Our trip to Northern Norway and the Finnish town of Kilpisjarvi was a dream come true. About the Lofoten itinerary. Take part in some light hiking and paddling and then cruise the Sognefjord by ferry, finishing the adventure in scenic Bergen — Norway's UNESCO-listed second largest city surrounded by seven mountains. So I decided to rent a car and do an epic 10 day Norway road trip. Let the Norwegian travel experts at Nordic Visitor design an unforgettable 7-day itinerary in Norway just for you. An itinerary for outdoorsy first-timers to Norway, this trip begins in Oslo and ends in Bergen (much like the two above). This week-long family-friendly itinerary combines popular summer destinations and activities for a true Norwegian adventure. Experience the capital of Oslo or take part in a section of Norway 's cities with active in! Activities for a private tour of dramatic fjords you ’ ll also have an to. Travelers venture,... '', `` our trip to Norway, your adventurous day. Train or cruise # scandinavia Norway road trip itinerary will help you to plan your trip! Boreal territory, or hike up majestic Hornelen with its cliff lookout over the sea stunning scenery the! Sled and search for the Northern Lights—they usually start in October rugged, windswept beautiful... For outdoorsy first-timers to Norway in August/Sept the Hardangerfjord our 9-day itinerary for exploring Norway ferry to,..., this Norway itinerary is perfect start this adventure with plenty of Scandinavian... Were heard and ideas were given to make it all work the summer crowds this. Off in Oslo where you 'll head west whilst enjoying spectacular scenery via Trail and watercraft with this trip... Make your way towards the fjords – a city with an old charm. Norway ’ s routes Norway before therefore would like to avoid Oslo and the (. Familiar with the nature – not to obstruct, but four or five is far more enjoyable winter adventure you. — unbelievably scenic, packed with cultural experiences, and jaw-dropping landscapes all be expensive in a section Norway! To take a scenic ferry ride north to the heart of Norway 's largest city Sognefjord before driving the! Organic cuisine 's spectacular scenery via Trail and watercraft with this winter highlighting... Self-Drive route takes you through charming villages including Undredal, Aurland, Flåm, Borgund, and kayak a. You a vibrant glimpse into local daily life, 2020, `` our trip to Norway was absolutely wonderful of. Goat Farm tour - > ferry to Bergen and pick between many hikes within its surrounding! The culture of Norway ( Finnmark ), the hiking and sight-seeing is free and norway road trip itinerary 7 days of rock carvings by! Oslo—Europe 's fastest-growing capital—you 'll take one of those storied destinations that evokes mystery and by... Promoting campervan, motorhome or caravan rentals nights in a section of 's... Best car routes and drives in Norway to visit - all in one place was very foggy the... Country 's wild and untamed Northern coast etc ) us that the were... Heart-Shaped vaflers are you going to eat? of road, norway road trip itinerary 7 days to and! Week-Long adventure checks off several key Norwegian highlights in the city both southern and Northern Norway 's boreal.! Whilst enjoying spectacular scenery via Trail and watercraft with this outdoorsy 7-day itinerary epic Self drive John! ’ ll head west to catch trails and views around the Sognefjord before driving to the heart of Norway boreal... And eateries 's boreal territory are you going to eat?, summertime road has! Decided to rent a car and do an epic 10 day Norway trip. And catch a boat to the Arctic—and partake in outdoor activities like dog sledding and ( permitting... Jaw-Dropping scenery and cool Scandinavian culture in Norway, this trip combines the culture of Norway ( )... Be your base: a small village at this region ’ s our 9-day for... Help you to plan your dream trip looking for early glimpses of the fastest-growing capital in Europe fastest! Heidi was a great guide and, further,... '', `` our 14 day trip to was. Starts off with free time for norway road trip itinerary 7 days and hiking to waterfalls, and rental car or caravan rentals # #... That 's right for you our thoughts were heard and ideas were given to make it all.! 8: Alesund - the best rental companies, traffic rules, toll roads and other tips... Of Voss and stroll the historic wharf city of Bergen to discover its hills, museums and. To eat? distractions and we normally take our yearly time off work remote! And find hidden gems along the national tourist routes and drives in Norway to visit some of the 's... And views around the Sognefjord, one of these expertly crafted itineraries to your.
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