The female Siberian Husky names on this page were hand chosen to match the beauty of this breed and because we could just see certain names as a better fit on this wonderful pup. You know what every husky is a remarkable dog and their learning ability in any circumstances is staggering. So choose wisely. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to She has a very thick coating. If not, then don’t worry. Siberian huskies are very good with babies too. It will help I promise. You may know from books and movies that Russians have three names. At the end I must tell you to not stress on the name of your beloved husky girl. One of these names may well be the perfect name for your Siberian Husky puppy or dog. Reply. 14. Huskies are very good at doing tough jobs and protecting the sledge owner from other animal attacks. All dogs are special but a husky is out of the world. All rights reserved. I think you must name such a husky girl Ravon, Lili, Sunny, Sky etc. If you have a female Siberian Husky choosing a name that gives you the feeling of beauty, strength and intelligence will be a great fit. Required fields are marked *. c. They are not at all aggressive like many dog breeds of the same size. At the end of the article, I have given you the process of naming your husky based on her special characteristics and the bond between you two. They inspire us to spread love, work hard and be loyal. One who is good at heart and mind, pure, kind, gentle and a nature lover. That's why to pick the best name for her you need to put some extra effort. Look at her facial features. We have two Red Siberian’s their names are Keeonah and Cassiopeia. If you have Siberian husky or Alaskan malamute breed dog, then you will surely love these Alaskan male and female dog names. Female Siberian Husky Dog Names. Bubbles- ‘Bubbles’ is an English name that means liquid filled with gas or air. They are not a fan of small places. In this article, we are going to share with you amazing perfect dog names for a Siberian husky dog. These husky names are the most popular and collected with care. But it’s not the case. Female Husky Names. Husky Dog Names: Are you looking for husky names for girl and boy dog?Do you want husky Alaskan dog names for your new snow dog? 17. They are truly an awe-inspiring breed and that’s why they have captured the imagination of artists, filmmakers, writers and Pet parents like us. Look for any unique characteristics she has. We all know that Siberian Husky is a northern dog, so here’re some ideas for the female names that reflect that heritage: Alaska (name another place that is as cold! The following list includes 90 first names for girls most widely used nowadays in Russia. They love to wander. You can name such a lovely female husky Sophy, Maxi, Rosalina, Bubu, Mary, Jane. Many of the top supermodels of recent years have been from Russia, Ukraine, and other parts of Eastern Europe and have imported their Russian names … 16. This cat originated in Siberia but is now found all over the country. Laika: This is also one of my favorite Husky dog names. Here are 20 unique names for a female husky. names missing pronunciations are excluded from results by default * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation. Some might think, that they cannot be good guard dogs because of their sweet nature. So, among my list of female Siberian husky names, you can name her wolfy, foxy, snowy or maybe snowwhite. That’s why you need to make sure you’re 100% sure and happy with the dog name you’ve picked. No, you won’t find any suggestions that might fit a Poodle or a Pomeranian, or a Shih Tzu, we think this dog deserves ideas chosen just for them. They love big spaces, large fields where they can run to their heart’s content. You can keep a husky with other dogs and she will not throw a fit. Your email address will not be published. / Female Siberian Husky Names Have you met new parents or parents - to - be? For the fluffy kitties out there. Popular Siberian Husky Names. Ice: Can’t get a much cooler Husky dog name that this! Unbeatable, supreme, invincible, indomitable. Tikaani, which means wolf – Tika for short. Sapphire, Anastasia (Stasi for short – pronounced Staw-see), Reply. My aunt gives her female Siberian Husky the name – Diana (on Princess of Wales as she was an independent and strong woman). After all this was where the breed was brought from to Alaska. To survive in … Laika: This is one of my favorite female husky dog names on this list. If your girl is just like that then name her Moana, Judy, Anna, Elsa, or Merida – all of them are brave and smart Disney characters. Then, move onto wolf-inspired and finish off with winter-centric ideas. As they have so many uniqueness and smartness in a single soul, you might right now feel the pressure of choosing the proper name for your female Siberian Husky. She will always be. The Most Popular Pet Names 2020 report was developed by Rover between August and October 2020. These rank among the top names for women in Russia and make excellent Russian cat names for your new kitten. Juneau: This is the name of the capital of Alaska and is a great name for your Alaskan husky. Certainly, they are one of the cleverest dog breeds. Names for Female Siberian Huskies with meanings. In rough weather conditions and tough jobs, they flourish with ease. 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These names are based on names of Siberian Huskies on Rover. Here is a list of male and female Siberian cat names. Juneau: Beautiful and fun this female is a bit feisty at times. Female Siberian Husky Names. a. Female Siberian Husky Names. In this case, I always choose something different and unusual because that, what a husky is right? Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. My husky treats my depression, helps me with my anger issues and keeps me calm. They are affectionate and they love attention but certainly do not always crave for it and make your work-life imbalanced. This is one of my favorite female Husky dog names. This athletic, intelligent dog can be independent and challenging for first-time dog owners. The tribes of Siberia can also provide some great names for your dog: Chuckchi - most Siberians come from this tribe,so it is a great authentic name; Hun; Koryaks-a tribe in the far east, mostly found on the Kamchatka peninsula; Mansi-one of the tribes found in the Ugra region, far north where Siberian Huskies are part of the family. Some names are recognizable versions of classic American names such as Lizabeta for Elizabeth and, Annika for Ann. I hope you have found some of the best female Siberian Husky names from the list. Some huskies also have multicolored eyes and striking facial features. Discover our collection of popular Russian cat names for your kitten. Whether you want to name your female husky based on a season, a famous actress /personality, a beautiful flower, or just something extraordinary, I got you covered. Kremlin: Turkish for “fortress”. Now, let’s move onto our full list of names for Husky dogs male and female. You can choose the best one from the below dog names list for your Siberian husky or an Alaskan malamute. Feminine form of Borislav, meaning famous battle. The second name is a patronymic. I am a husky parent. Let me know the name of your husky in the comment box and why did you picked that name. A husky parent can utilize this ability of them to keep things under control at home. Again, Husky is not just another dog. Female Russian Cat Names. Not to mention there are some badass ones too. They are a year and 5 months old. Naming your Husky on your favorite Disney princess will be a great idea if you are not finding any suitable name for her. Yes, they are. Popular Russian Names For Girls. Please read our Disclaimer. It means resurrection. • Again, we’ll start with the Russian-inspired Siberian Husky dog names for females. This is what makes me really happy. Russian Baby Girl Names Russian baby names for girls, long a style backwater, are coming into their own as a fashionable choice. I know she is special. Also, the name of your female Siberian husky tells a lot about her beauty, uniqueness, intelligence, and cuteness. Look for the things that her breed is famous for. Next week we are getting another female Siberian and we are looking for a name for her. The Siberian Husky is an astonishingly beautiful breed of dogs. 6. An easy jumping-off point for finding husky names is looking up the most popular options. If yes, then this is the article. ); Amaryllis (means sparkling, like snow); 15. I mean your husky is a princess, too right? Looking for the most perfect name for your Siberian Husky girl? Here are some very unique names to give your Siberian Husky Girl. The following names are recommended for female Siberian Huskies: Glace or Glacier – relates to the land in Alaska; Juneau or Juno – The capital city and port of the state of Alaska. An awesome-sounding name for a dog, though. A name of a well-known Siberian Husky can be appealing, particularly if you see some of the same traits in your new friend that were seen in his namesake. In the past, and in some areas at present too, huskies pull sledges. Now that you have picked a beautiful name for your Female Siberian husky, it's time to teach her the name. It’s a privilege to have a husky by your side. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Looking for a not so common name for a female Siberian husky. Female Huskies are no different than their male counterparts and make majestic and wonderful pets. Estonian form of Anastasia. If your mind has gone blank or you just can’t find a name that suits the new addition to your family then don’t fret. We’ve included male Husky names and female Husky names alike. Look no further! So, guarding a house is like a piece of cake to them. One who is very difficult to resist and is relaxing. Similar to naming other popular breeds like the German Shepherd, there are plenty of commonly used names for Siberian Huskies, both male and female.Some people don’t mind if their Siberian Husky’s name is a little more common, especially if it fits their personality. This quality of theirs need praising. Bulgarian version of Anastasia, meaning to resurrect. Once you’ve taught your dog its name, try not to change it! Join in. Furthermore, Husky names are often some of the best you’ll hear. 1. Russian parents believe that giving the best name can offer the baby the best start to her life. Given their naughty nature, teaching a husky pup her name can be a daunting task. . Are you suffering from can’t-name-my-husky-she-is-too-cute syndrome? A good name for a graceful Siberian Husky, or if your family loves Alaska. As I have 5 children in the house my husky is not at all jealous of them. Check the complete list of female husky dog names and male husky dog names. Chinook: This is the Native American name of a warm wind and a species of salmon. These exotic Alaskan names for a husky dog are best of any gender. ", followed by a myriad of suggestions by family and friends. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Annushka – this name is for well-read cats. Hope you will like the list for sure. One of my friends named her Siberian husky girl Eskimo. You can try something like this. I hope among 242+ Siberian Husky Girl names, at least you will find the one that will suit your relationship. Or maybe you want to choose a name with the strength and independence typically associated with Russia and its people. Male Siberian Cat Names Hunter Zeus Boris Joseph Luigi Ezra Kevin Keanu Caesar Scout Flurry Nikita Tiger Simba Duke Lucky Nikolai Maverick Gideon Female Siberian Cat Names Chloe Bubbles Eden Vodka Valentine Anubis Erica Ellie/ Ellen Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Any ideas? 302 Russian Baby Girl Names With Meanings. example: *lee will match names which end with the sound lee (s) will match exactly one syllable in the pronunciation. Because of this quality, they can learn things very fast. From spreading love to feeling jealous, from walking to cuddling there’s no match to their uniqueness. I loved the name. They therefore deserve an equally powerful namesake to match! Kremlin: The name of the historic fortress in Moscow. Hebrew - God was gracious; God has shown favor; Pure; Chaste; Grace; Favor; It is a variation of Anna; A form of Anastasia, meaning resurrection. They are very brave too. Names for Siberian Husky Female: Cool Names and Meanings: Female Siberian Husky Names And Meanings The name can be used as a female one as well. Maria Czaplicka points out that Siberian languages use words for male shamans from diverse roots, but the words for female shaman are almost all from the same root. Written by • • I hope you have enjoyed the 242+ unique Siberian Husky girl names. A name that says a lot about the bond between you and your lovely husky.
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